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ModibodiArchaic returns policy

Purchased 4 pairs of trunks after a radical prostatectomy because of cancer. Unfortunately when I got them they were a bit small. As they didn’t have a bigger size I tried to return the 3 unopened pairs for a refund, less the cost of freight, and with me also being 100% happy paying for them to be freighted back as well, but was advised that they will only offer an exchange not a refund. So all in all don’t trust any sizing and just buy one pair and don’t 100% trust the reviews that I looked at and buy multiple pairs. Can’t believe an internet only company has such a archaic returns policy.

Alan K.
Alan K.South East Queensland, QLD
Torque Pro Car Vacuum CleanerPremium car vacuum

The torque pro has quickly become an essential part of my car care kit. This vacuum's powerful suction and easy manoeuvrability make it simple to keep my car's interior spotless. The battery life is more than adequate for a full clean, and it recharges quickly. The storage case that it comes with is a very nice touch, as well as the accessories and extra filters. The torque pro is a solid, reliable vacuum that I wouldn't hesitate to recommend to anyone looking for an easy and effective way to keep their car clean.

MichellePerth, WA
Petbarn Online storeUnreliable stock

You add items to your cart, go to checkout and the stock is no longer available or you get as far as payment and suddenly not available. The site isnt mobile friendly and quite buggy. I love the 2hr delivery though and, despite the constant need to change the cart, Id still order online again.

MaleficentPerth, WA

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Washing machines do a lot of work, and need some TLC every now and then. They deal with dirt, detergent, and lots of water, so it’s important to properly clean and maintain them to prevent grime, smells, mould and mildew.

Clara V.
Clara V.

What doesn't travel insurance cover?

If you’re going overseas, travel insurance is as important as a passport. We look at some of the most common travel insurance policy exclusions that often aren’t known to many holiday goers, so you know what you may or may not be covered for if the unexpected happens.

Clara V.
Clara V.

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Clara V.
Clara V.

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Clara V.
Clara V.

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Clara V.
Clara V.

Contents insurance for renters: what you need to know

If there’s an accident, natural disaster, or break-in, not having insurance can leave you stressed and take a huge chunk out of your bank account. Contents or renters insurance is designed to protect you in situations like these and help you get back on your feet.

Clara V.
Clara V.