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Omo Sensitive Liquid

White marks


I have sensitive skin so tried this product, purposely bought the liquid to have on powder marks or powder left behind. IT LEFT WHITE MARKS ALL OVER MY BLACK CLOTHES.


CollPerth, WA

Fantastic Furniture Online store

Dalkeith 4 shelf bookcase


Very happy with the quality of this bookcase. It is lighter than what i thought but has a nice wood smell and was super easy to put together for one person. I would only say the rustic markings on the wood looks too clean so it doesn’t feel like a unique piece but it still looks beautiful and i would highly recommend :). It’d be good if there was more in this range to go with it.



Modern Group WA, Wangara Shutters

Do not use Modern Group WA for Plantation Shutters


Do not use Modern Group WA for Plantation Shutters. Zero customer service, no continuity. Installers are incompetent. From the top down the left hand doesn't know what the right hand is doing. I am still waiting on two window shutters and two shutters to be fixed, since installation in February. I have made many phone calls as Modern do not follow up their customers. I have also had to send emails regarding my order. Obviously the company is still taking orders - good luck.

J. Hardy

J. HardyPerth, WA


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Clara V.
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Avleen M.
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Clara V.
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