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Hotondo Homes NSW, Faulconbridge

Better Home & Experience than we expected


We were told by our friends that we were mad, at our age, to be embarking on a new home, "you know the problems you will have with a builder, everyone does, why don't you just buy an existing home" they said. Well we considered their advice but still decided to go ahead with CS Duncan/Hotondo at Falconbridge. We were impressed and swayed by the Companies "easy to deal with" approach from our very first contact and, this Company culture continued all through the design stage and on to, and through, the construction period till handover. We cannot speak highly enough about the CS Duncan Staff, all of whom, at some point had input into our new home. They were always professional, knowledgeable, considerate, courteous and honest and most importantly, from our view, knew their jobs making our experience most enjoyable. How wrong were our friends on this occasion. Since we had built before, many years before, we knew fairly well what we wanted but the detail was where the CS Duncan Staff excelled, taking responsibility for preliminary and final design drawings, council approval, survey requirements and all that mundane paperwork which is absolutely necessary to arrive at the building commencement day. Immediately the construction started it became evident that the CS Duncan Supervisor had no intention of taking any short cuts, rather it was obvious the Company culture of excellence existed, not only with the Staff, but even permeated through all the trades on site, what a relief. Through the build we were delighted to see the efforts made by the Supervisor and Trades to achieve the best quality home, even better than we initially expected. It was as though CS Duncan had instilled in all how to build "old style" that is, quality first and a product which would last a long, long time. We had regular site meetings to which we commend the Supervisor on always being on time and accurate with his building information and scheduling. He gave us a handover date well in advance allowing us to plan our movements and, as we had now come to expect, achieved that date exactly. With respect the Builders costing, we had done some serious budgeting from the beginning, and adjusted our budget as we requested alterations and or additions but at no time did CS Duncan slip in any surprises, which one hears many builders can do, resulting in the final cost being what we expected and were happy with. CS Duncan's Fixed Price Contract is exactly that. We are so happy with our new home and, delighted to say, so are our good friends. They are all taking turns to stop with us, up here, in the blue Mountains.

Brian S-S Leura

Brian S-S LeuraSydney Surrounds, NSW

Tile Rescue

Excellent outcome!


Jorg from Tile Rescue Manly cleaned my old terracotta tiled terrace which were very moldy & discoloured. Brought them back to life! Very professional, thorough, hard working & courteous. Would highly recommend Jorg for any tile preservation or cleaning job.


DianaSydney, NSW

Victory Blinds

I would thing twice before purchasing any thing of victory blinds


It took them 9 weeks to make two blinds when sale rep said 3 to 4 weeks ,on the day of insulation i was told Glen would be the between 12 to 2 then at 200 pm i ring office up asking if glen is still coming i was told yes at 330 i ran office again ask what is going on was told Glen came at 1230 pm left business card in the fly wire door i miss you i dont understand why he did give me a call saying i at you door most companies will give you text or a phone call saying i be the soon i try to organise another day on the day i received a phone call cant make it it took them 13 weeks before i finally got them install if you look at the review all bad review are about same issues management dont seem to care as the not trying to fix up the issues i would not use this company ever again the worst company l've ever had to deal with


eddieGreater Melbourne (Outer), VIC


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