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Madd Gear MGP Deluxe Park

Latest review: i thought it was great people say mgp make very bad bmx bikes but i thought it was great! i loved the pivitol seat i had alot of fun riding it.nice and smooth to jump . i loved it i cant say much

SE Bikes OM Flyer

Latest review: I bought my 2013 black SE OM Flyer bike brand new from Ebay. It arrived in a box which means I had to assemble it. It took me an hour roughly and after a few rides I went through on all bolts to make

Haro Z1

Latest review: I purchased this bike for my son when he was 1 year old and he could only just sit on it. He is now 3 and a half and can ride a 12"BMX without training wheels and has never crashed! He rode the

Redline Proline Expert XL

Latest review: this bike is a very good bike it has a bigger front tier then the back for more support around corners and for strength. The back wheel needs to be thicker because you can really feel it when u do a

Haro 500.1

Latest review: Haro is way under rated if you look at the on line top 10 lists. Love this bike. I'm a large guy at 6'1" and 240 lbs. I ride park and street, i put my bikes through a lot almost daily and so far this

Kink Whip 2011

Latest review: It is great on dirt jumps, skate parks and racing i find it easy to use and it is very strong. It is a very good

Kink Gap XL 2011

Latest review: This bike is great has it's problems but easy to fix I got mine down to 24lbs with out paying for any thing great beginners bmx get 2011 looks great Pretty cheap I got mine for 460$ plus tax I really

Haro 350.1

Latest review: Just got it is great bike good price to. The only think I dot like is the seat and grips but that is an easy and cheap fix cost me 30 buks It's light so you can bunny hop and jump it rely easy u

Redline Romp

Latest review: This bike is great if you are looking to get some air or do tricks. I have bought both of my son's one of these bikes they are very affordable and you would not regret it. I also have one of these it

Eastern Traildigger

Latest review: such an excellent bike to ride good for almost anything i reccomend the red its good at jumps trails paths and skate parks definetly reccomended i like basically everything its

2011 Polygon Rudge Park

Latest review: awesome front end, frisky, alot of character in the rear. responsive to effort, good solid feel, stable in the air, landing is heavy but charming in the run-off. classy look and feel, decent build,

Stowabike City Compact Folding

Latest review: Happy with quality for the price, assembled easily and functions well, with some minor adjustments to brakes and gear change de-railer. Overall build quality good for the price. Liked the mountain

Redline MX20

Latest review: I give this bike five stars for its awesome frame, tyres, brake system, amazing safety features, etc. It's so fun to ride on and I even trust my little sister on it because it's so easy to handle.

Kink Curb 2010

Latest review: The kink curb is a great starter bmx bike. I learned how to 180 roll out with it. It's a Pretty strong bike but it's a little heavy. Working on it can be a pain because it has unsealed bearings and

SE Bikes Bronco

Latest review: It was a good and functional model. Purchased this bike last year and it is still going strong. You won't regret this purchase. You might want to upgrade the wheels though only if you're keen on a

Repco Reboot Black Freestyle BMX

Latest review: This bike is good it is not a heavy and slow it is light and it is how fast you can ride it you probaly arn't a fast rider so no one listen to this person so you should buy it and the brakes are not

Kink Launch 2011

Latest review: I have had the kink launch for a while and had no problems at all it is a strong sturdy bike and would not hesitate getting another. It is one of the best bikes that I have had. I looked at and rode

Diamondback Viper

Avanti Player 1

Kink Barrier 2011

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