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  1. Accessibility
  2. Transparency
  3. Quality Moderation

Our core foundations are critical in helping you to
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Curious to know what happens to your review after you submit it?

Combining a sophisticated content algorithm with a highly trained Moderation & Content Team, we ensure you can have confidence in our reviews when making your next purchasing decision.

Our Moderation Process


Fake reviews? Just a gripe site? Nah. We debunk common misconceptions.

You may be surprised how much we do in the background to ensure that you get nothing but genuine and unbiased opinions, from a wide range of Australian consumers just like you. Not sure if a review is fake? Read on to find the facts & to see what you can do.

Misconceptions Debunked


We were created to be independent; always have, always will.

We take pride in having a business model that will never, ever compromise your trust. We never sell your personal data, and we would never accept payment to remove or edit reviews. We'll always put our members & the Australian consumer first.

Our Operating Model


Like our reviews? Keep them great by playing your part in the community.

Even with dedicated moderators, and a sophisticated review process, our platform isn't perfect, but you can play your part to help it become so. If you see a suspect review, report it to us; every report is taken seriously, and helps maintain our platform to be one you can trust.