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Accu-Chek Performa Nano

Accu-Chek Performa Nano

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Battery life on mine is extremely bad (goes through batteries in about a week).

Battery life on mine is extremely bad (goes through batteries in about a week).

I recently recieved a Medtronic 640G insulin pump and it came with a monitor, its a complete opposite to the Performa, doesn't need batteries all you have to do is take off the cap at the end of the monitor and plug it in to a USB port and in a couple of minutes its charged.

The only problem is getting strips for it and cannulas and reservoirs for the pump (still reasonably new). I got mine as a public patient.

I am a Type 1 diabetic too.

I think Accu-chek's build quality has gone down hill for years.

Small size makes the Nano fiddly

Being a type Oner for 55 years I've tried a lot of meters. I also do a lot of tests a day. I also need more than one meter - ie house, car, caravan etc. Roche customer services on hearing this actually sent me 3 meters to suit my requirements. Remember that meter manufacturers want to get you on their system. The strips and lancets won't work with other meters- even other Roche. The Nano is quick, fits in the hand but the buttons are awkward and very small. The glossy surface doesn't help in this respect. It needs a decent blob of blood on the business end of the strip and like other reviewers I couldn't get it to work straight away. I tested it against my old Roche Glucotrend Premium (20 yrs old and an old friend still going strong !) and the Nanos reading were acceptably similar. So accuracy on the tests I did, didn't appear to be a problem. Nano gives you averages for up to 3 months which should give you a good idea as to what your HbA1c is running at overall. But again- those silly buttons on the top of the meter to gain access to all that good stuff are rubbish. The backlit screen is acceptable. One good thing about the Nano is there is a button to switch it off with ! I may keep it as a spare but it will either gather dust in my bottom draw or I may put it on eBay along with the others. This meter I cannot honestly recommend to other diabetics. There must be better about??

Incorrect readings

Received a free Accu-check performa. The reading was off the chart so I used my old reliable and I was at normal range. I have tried it with both a number of times and I believe the free one is completely unreliable. I think they are taking my old strips of the market. I will speak to my Dr about it next week to find a new reliable one. Will post again after I speak to her.

Very error prone

Précis ethic... Bought accu Chen nano.. Was good for first few tests... I normally don't check regularly. Just checked 3 days ago my 2 hr after small breaky too spiked. Went to doctors in evening. He checked with his glucometer. It was 5.1 but this was showing 7. I did not stop there I bought abbots freestyle lite, found same error margin.gonna ring support tomorrow

Horribly wildly inaccurate and inconstant

I ended up buying another brand (care sens - n) (because a forum member said that they successfully checked theirs against the lab every 3 months) and it will produce readings within 10% from the same finger prick. The "accu chek" would be all over the place. 8.1, 6.6, 7.2 all from the same blood source.
The scary thing is that my bg is now higher than i thought. So a bit depressing but i feel safer and more trusting to eat to my meter.

So for me it's a generous 2 stars..It is...Based on my experience...A bit optimistic and dangerous.
Easy blood take with the supplied lancte machine
Very inaccurate

Many errors and wasted strips.

I've been using meters for more than a decade, so coming from another brand of meter I expected at least equivalent performance but this thing is nearly useless. It takes a significantly larger blood sample to work and even then it doesn't work. My everage is about 50% - that is more than half the time I end up with an error 4 and many little punctures trying to get a decent sample, and it takes extra effort to get the meter to even draw up the sample.
Unfortunately my new insurance forced me to use this over my old meter and I am stuck with this piece of garbage.
Vastly inferior to other meters and the cost to my insurance must be drastically higher due to all the wasted test strips.
Bright display.
basic functionality - only works about 50% of the time. Complicated use when it does work.

Not very accurate at all

pricked my finger and got a 160 reading, pricked another finger immediately after and got a 120. My target is to be under 130. Called the customer support and they tested with the control and said nothing was wrong with the machine.. I would say it does not have reliability with the accuracy. The machine has read different numbers within a matter of seconds that are vastly different. Also the strips stink, sometimes the blood does not get sucked up in the strip and when I called support, the lady said it was my technique. Really??? I did it with her over the phone and got another dud strip. One strip cost over $1 and I have had over 10 dud strips. Wasting my fast clicks... she said she will give me 2 new strip bottles. Before you go saying someone's technique is wrong, how about you research the error in the strips? Not to mention I am a doctor and deal with needles all day. Overall I think it is a terrible product!!!!
innaccurate readings

Every now and then I get a reading which seems way too high. On such occasions I immediately test again and invariably the reading is 12 points or more lower: Today my fasting reading was 7.6 but it dropped to 6.4 when I tested again a few seconds later. This worries me as I believe I need to keep my fasting blood sugar level below 6.9.Frequent error readings and I must waste at least 10% of all test strips. Very unreliable.I have spoken to our local diabetes organisation and also to the manufacturer's representatives in Australia. Two points emerged. It is important to wash one's hands with soap and water before taking a test and yes there will be variations with the results partly because the device is so small but also because there are variations in the blood sugar levels from one blood cell to the other. The large machines in pathology labs can cope with that but not a small device.

Great Blood Glucose Monitor

I was diagnosed with diabetes about 12 months ago and this little beauty was my first meter. I've used it now for over 12 months and traveled with it on my overseas trips. It's never let me down yet and I find it easy to use, I've had a couple of faulty strips, but the meter has been no problem. It's compact so it's easy to pack, it's light and the LCD screen is very bright and easy to read. I joined My Accu Check Extra available on the Accu Chek web site and i can get 1 set of free batteries for the meter every year, you can also register your meter and receive a life time warranty. For someone who has to test up to 6 times a day, this little meter is perfect. Only downside is having to buy the expensive control solution and test it every time you open a new set of strips, the control solution only lasts 3 months so it is a hassle. You can also get the software to download your BS readings to your computer, I haven't done that yet as I use Glucose Buddy, but that is a great resource if you wish to track your readings.

This machine, I highly recommend
small, light,reliable,easy to read screen,BS readings can be downloaded to your computer, comes with a great carry case
Nothing with the meter, sometimes get dodgy control strips

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Too many errors. I feel like I'm writing off 10% of the strips I buy due to this. Also, not happy with the way that the batteries have just failed on me with no warning.

It is not easy to use as advertised.

Spent at least half an hour on it and still could not get it to work.
The instructions are bad. I wasted at least 6 strips and still could not get it to work. a tiny drip of blood at the tip but still did not work. The Lancing device was equally complicated and I damaged the needle barrel. it certainly does not meet up to the expectation. I will need to bring it to my dietician and get a full demo. I thought it should be easy for a first time user.
compact but would help if I knew how it worked.

Great machine and size for my lifestyle

I bought this a month ago to replace an older model, and the first thing I noticed is the smaller size and weight. I need to carry this with me in my bag, so I notice the ease of transporting it. I like the size of the font of the LCD display. I am getting older and need easy to read font sizes. I like the ease of use. I find the stored readings easy to scroll through and there is enough data to get a good idea of my glucose level history to show my doctor. I havent had any problems with the strips or the needle device. The only thing that may be a disadvantage for some poeple is that the testing strips are a separate item and need to be handled and loaded in each time. There are other machines that have a cartridge inside the machine and it loads the strips for you (like my last monitor)but as I dont have any issues with this, it is not a negative factor for me.
Small size, easy to use
The strips are a separate item need to be handled and loaded in separately.

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The instructions are bad. I wasted at least 6 strips and still could not get it to work. a tiny drip of blood at the tip but still did not work. The Lancing device was equally complicated and I damaged the needle barrel. it certainly does not meet up to the expectation. I will need to bring it to my dietician and get a full demo. I thought it should be easy for a first time user.


I probably couldn't function without my nano. He's so awesome. Small, modern and very quick with results he's my first glucometer. He has options to mark pre-meal tests and set alarms to remind for post-meal tests but it's a very quiet alarm. I love the way he looks and while this sounds like it shouldn't be a big deal, it's the small things that help you make it through each day with diabetes.

He comes in a pretty ugly neoprene case which made me look like one of those 'functional' people, so I took him out and put him in a pretty zip pouch along with all my other diabetes supplies.

My only issues are that he errors for no reason sometimes, and if you don't get enough blood on the test strip first off, it fails and the strip is wasted. Though I guess that would be the same with any other meter. He also required coding so if you lose the code chip you can't use the test strips and so you've wasted $15.

I also got a $40 rebate from Roche and the meter came with a free Accu-Chek Multiclix Lancet device and 6 free lancets (1 barrel). Thanks!
Compact, quick results
Errors, requires coding

Compact but a bit error prone

A compact unit that's easy to carry in a bag such as a notebook bag or handbag. Stores lots of test results and let you review them individually plus gives you a 14, 30 and 90 day average. I unfortunately get around 10% of the strips fail with "E-1" message regularly after 3 batches of strips, so keep that in mind when considering the ongoing costs.
Compact, results storage
Slightly prone to test strip errors

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Too many error readings. I am wasting at least 10% of all test strips.

Questions & Answers

How high does its readings go before they just say hi
1 answer
Hi Lizzie- Johnny here in the U.K. I called Accuchek over this today and ALL their meters display HI at 33.3mmols and Lo at 0.3mmols. Hope this helps and I hope you don't ever get to these sort of blood sugar levels. I have once or twice in my 56 of suffering with type 1 and it's not nice at all. All the best to you and yours. Johnny X

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