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Accu-Chek Strip-Free Mobile System

Accu-Chek Strip-Free Mobile System

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Far too error-prone

Just received Accu-chek from diabetes care nurse. I've used about 1.5 cartridges and I'm getting about 15% - 20% test failure rate. Totally frustrated, and am going back to older Freestyle Optimo Neo. At least with it I can see the test point so can put the blood drop straight onto the test point. I'm just logging results to a notebook, same as I always did, so I don't care about any software advantages.
Suggestions for improvements:
- Fix so user can see target point. The horns don't work for me, nor (judging from other reviews) lots of others.
- Finger pricker needs some sort of turrent or something to indicate actual lancet point. That comparatively huge flat top had me pricking random points on my fingers, sometimes right beside fingernail, useless to apply to tester.
- Firmware update to allow editing test flag (before/after meal etc). Too easy to have tester time out and switch off while logging results, and also allows fixing flag if forgot to set it before switch off.

Purchased in February 2019.

Major redesign flaw

A few months ago Accu-chek updated the cassette design by adding little tabs/guides on the sides of the blood receptor, making it extremely difficult for people with anything but small fingers to use without many failed, painful attempts. As someone who tests from their upper forearm it is pretty much near impossible, I have had to resort to doing precise stanly-knife work on the tips of the cassettes to remove the tabs/guides which I fear will draw more blood than this monitor ever will at some point. However until something else is put on the market as a contender to the Accu-chek mobile, or Accu-chek actually connect with their customers and get their crap together, I will have to continue to do this like many others. Very disappointing for a product that was meant to add convenience to testing.

Purchased in January 2012.

Rubbish device now from customer point of view.

The new cassettes with the horns each side do a magnificent job of producing error readings. A very large wound is now required to produce enough blood to reach the test strip. This coupled with the short expire time (90 days) must generate massive increased sales. A great business model.
I will seek out an alternative test device.

Great for travel.

Records before &/or after meals testing.
The only improvement that I would suggest would be a comment/note section to support the possible reason for the test result.

More Test Fails

Terrible new cassette with tips either side, causes multiple test failures. Had 2 for years but more and more tempted to throw mine at the wall. Was great! Now Terrible

Meter is fine- software not so

Very east to test but the support software just doesn't work. I tried all 3 possible options and all very buggy.
Tech support is very good in responding but again everything they suggest doesn't work.

Redesign Issues

Same problem, since the redesign of the test strip cartridge the unit is almost unusable. Lucky to get one in five tests correct, or even get a reading. Worked fine before they got to it. Suggest you try a different brand.

New test cassette is a failure

Has been great up until the redesign of the cassette. The lugs make it hard to get your finger into the test area properly. At present I'm averaging 3 errors every time so this latest cassette will only last me about a week if I'm lucky instead of the 25 days it should. I might try and file the lugs off as I want to keep using this tester as it is normally very convenient. Would have given it 5 stars last week before I bought the new cassette.

Great way of testing your blood sugar without touch fuss.

The no strip system is great. A l so the finger pricker attached is a bonus.
Great way to do readings. Only downside is its a bit big but it's not a big deal.

Design change problem

The Accu chek mobile system is overall an excellent product which I have been using for several years now without problems, but recent changes to the design of the testing area by the addition is so called locating lugs has resulted in many errors and false readings (this was not the meter as tried an old style cassette and all was fine).
An excellent product let down by poor redesign.


Never have I had a meter that has had failed tests (E3 & E4) as on this RUBBISH meter and add to that "Defective Cassette"
Not trustworthy at all!
Don't buy this meter(even if it's FREE)

First class, 5 star product!

I have had type 1 diabetes for 52 years, and have seen many changes to monitoring my blood sugar content over that time. Since I started using Accu-Chek Mobile my life has been much easier and less regimented. I have been able to do a blood test on the spot anywhere prior to an insulin injection, including at restaurants, travelling, at friends homes, or at the movies. The device is so easy to use, and is actually less visible, as my friends thought it was a new type of mobile phone! People do not stare or feel embarrassed. The cassettes enable one to do 50 tests, and store the results in the memory. This is a feature that eliminates the need to find a private spot to do blood sugar tests using the old individual test tapes. The finger-pricker is part of the machine and it is painless. The lances come in a cassette too. I can adjust my insulin dosage according to the result. The print-outs enable me to make long term adjustments with my specialist. Results are there for all to see. I recommend Accu-Chek Mobile for any one who has the condition called diabetes, whether type 1 or type 2.

Excellent product

Having done an original review stating how the machine did only 27/50 tests, I was advised it could have been a faulty machine and should try another one. It was faulty.
The new one has been amazing and out of three cartridges used so far, only two errors have shown and both were my own fault for not applying properly. I can highly recommend this tester, as it has made a world of difference to me and is so easy to use with no problems of disposal.
Take the time to be sure you're using it correctly and it is excellent.

The best tester I've ever had. 5 STARS! Preferred unit for Type 1 Diabetics as cassettes can get exp

I Can't believe the amount of people that don't know how to use this machine properly. This deserves 5 stars, not 1 star. I have read some of the 1 star review and they mostly have to do with test sample too small.
2 simple things to remember. Wash your hands properly before use or do what I do; use a alcohol swab (but make sure your finger dries properly) before testing.
Also you have to give the machine a proper sample of blood otherwise it won't read your blood and won't be able to give you a proper reading.

I have bought 2 in the past 6 years.
I found this to be the best reliable tester I've ever used.
My test strips cost me $16.50AUD for 100 tests (2x cassettes) as I get a NDSS Rebate for being a type 1 diabetic. If you are not a type 1, you will expect to pay around $50AUD or so for a 2 Cassette pack. (No rebate for type 2)
This is another reason people giving it low stars. I agree, it is VERY expensive if you have to pay full price for the cassette strips.
I use it every day in very rough environments and have thrashed it day in, day out and never misses a beat.
I purchase a new one today as the beeping sounds stopped working on my old unit but still works well.

If you don't put enough blood on the cartridge, of course the machine will fail with a message stating not enough blood. That's an obvious reason.. You just have to squeeze the finger a little harder.

1 issue people find it hard to understand but it doesn't bother me as I test 4+ times a day as I'm always on top of my BSL is expiring cassettes.
The cassette comes with a set expiry date. It doesn't mean the cassette will last until the expiry date.
The cassette is ONLY valid 3 months from when it's taken out the pack and used in your machine for the first time.
The tester only gives you 3 months to use the cassette.
Bottom line is: Don't be lazy and keep on top of your testing otherwise you will go blind or get limbs amputated if you are not controlling your BSL on regular basis. I use 2 cassettes per month.
I don't have a cassette expiring issue.

People complaining about poor battery life?
I change my batteries every 10 or so months testing 4 times a day. I you use good quality Alkaline batteries, you will get a good run on your batteries. If you use cheap NO Name batteries, expect the tester to last a lot less and you'll be changing batteries more often.

All in all, a great tester.

Searching for a better product

I get a more than 50% failure rate with E5, E4, E3 frequently cropping up, one after another. Frustrating, expensive on cartridges and score on the fingers. But what is there that is better out there?

Convenient for Travell

Purchases this glucometer as I forgot to take mine after leaving to go on holidays. I found it very convenient not having to fiddle with strips and the finger pricker. It requires a very small amount of blood and have had zero problems with it so far.

Erratic testing results.

Useful in not having to insert strips. Similar to other users, there is a high wastage factor - in sufficient blood but recently encountered meter error E3 many times when i was overseas. Could not get replacement in Malaysia - not used there. On return to Aus, complained to customer service and told now working ok - cannot do anymore. I asked for a replacement meter but this was not entertained. Meter error occurred again now!! Customer service poor to respond in this way. I would have thought they would want the meter back to check out what is happening with it. but no!

Crap. Plays up all the time

Diabetic for 35 years. Same as a lot of the other reviews. Waste tests all the time. Not enough blood, expired cassette, flat batteries, error. Says this rubbish then no problems for a day or two. It's got a mind of its own. But still using cause it is much easier than putting in strips every time. Wish there was another similar meter that worked every time. I would by one even if it cost heaps more.
I'm waiting for ANOTHER replacement at the moment after spending 1/2 hour on the phone. I don't think they know how important blood testing is.

Deceptive expiry dates on cassettes

And now another problem for Accu-Chek Mobile. I notice an expiry date on the packet, but when the cassette is inserted into the tester the final date comes up 6 months short. That is, the sealed packet date is say 2017- 06 but the real stop date is 6 Nov 2016! Don't accept a cassette pack unless there is at least 8 months to expiry!

Perfect for home use and travel

I had a little trouble early but for the last 2 years I have had no trouble at all. I have a zero failure rate. All 50 tests on the cassette are used. None wasted. That gives me about 50c per test. To my mind that is value for money. Great unit and very easy to use.

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Questions & Answers

Hi my Accu Check Mobile monitoring unit slide button to open the cassette compartment cover has jammed. The slide is #12 on page 7 of manual. It has been getting progressively harder to open over time. Any suggestions please? Doug Allen [email address removed]
1 answer
Contact Roche they will usually repair/replace the unit (in UK) if faulty. This is my experience only as a user but I cannot speak for the supplier/manufacturer

hello i would to know if you have any diaries at all? my name is Laura i have to write down what my sugar levels are
1 answer
Hello Sam. I have been keeping a food diary for a couple of weeks or more now and do a tst before each meal and two hours after. It's been a real eye opener for me and helped me compile a list of what not to have's and what seem to consistently keep my readings lower. I also find the results can be reflective on the meal before the one you've just had also. Well worth doing, but we're all different, so need to do our own to see what does and doesn't suit us as individuals. Whole new way of living this is! I changed my accu check mobile for a new one as it seems the old one was faulty. The new one is working fine. Good luck, Lorraine

How do I get a accu-Chek mobile for free? I have been a type two diabetes n or insulted as well.
2 answers
Hi Mary, I originally bought an Accu-Chek machine back in 2003 when I was diagnosed as I was advised to test even though only on tablets then. I registered my machine and Accu-Chek provided testing solution & batteries free when I asked. Since then they have regularly sent me new machines as and when. I would say even if you have to purchase one it is worth it as it is so easy to use and does away with fiddly strips. I also checked with my Practice Nurse before I started using it as to costs of supplies and it works out much the same. Good luck.Hi. I am located in the UK and we are able to get free Accu-Check Mobile meters through the Accu-Check customer service contact number. I may be wrong but I cannot see a free meter for the same in Australia. It may be worthwhile though contacting customer service in Australia on 1800 251 816 and ask them. You may be lucky. Best wishes. Martyn

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