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AeroBed Premier Comfort Zone Raised

AeroBed Premier Comfort Zone Raised

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Cheaper to pay for your visitors to stay in B&B

Paid around $400, used about 6 times over 2 years then it developed slow leak. Tried the various options on the you tube help videos but just can't locate the leak. No after sales support. Steer clear.


I agree with the previous review. After around 6 uses it go a leak and can not get any support.
Have now thrown it out. Would not recommend you buy one

no after sales support

This was a very expensive product which is now worthless because there is no aftersales support. If you get a leak you are on your own. While I found some advice on repairs for leaks on the internet it hasn't solved the problem. Coleman should provide better support, additionally the patch they offer is only available on their website I couldn't go to their address and they charge $17 mailing for something that fits in an envelope!

Platinum raised: Brilliant spare bed solution.

Having had a cheap blow up bed leak from the first night, I decided to buy the Aero bed on the recommendation of my sister.
I have had the Aero raised bed - double, for less than 12 months and am loving it, but I hope I don't have the same experience as the other reviewers have had. 12mths warranty does not sound too good. I have been very careful with the bed - both in setting up and packing up. The body of the bed seems very strong but I agree that the seam would be the weak point. To be honest, if the seam failed and the retailer and manufacturer refused to resolve the issue, I would be inclined to go to Fair Trading as I agree that these are very expensive blow ups and should be supported by both the manufacturer and the retailer.
My experience is very positive. I had it set up for several months in the spare bedroom. Then I moved house and had it stored. I have used it this Xmas/New Year for 14 days straight. Blown up every night and taken down each morning.
The final night it deflated but we found the whoosh was not closed properly and on testing it remained inflated.
So far I would say its the most fabulous solution to a spare bed. A guest thought it was so comfortable he is going to buy one for his guests.

One complaint is that the sides are not firm enough - despite the spiel. My elderly father slipped off the side while sitting on it. I had to get a neighbour to help him off the floor so beware for the elderly or infirm.
The sides might be firm enough while sleeping but are definitely not firm enough to sit on for some vulnerable people.
Overall though, I love this and its the perfect solution for someone without a spare room, or even with a spare room.

Aerobed Platinum Raised

Three years ago we bought a queen size aerobed. It has been used for 3-4 weeks per year. It now has a leak along the seam line. The repair kit has not adhered at all. Approx. $400 wasted!! A good pump and attractive appearance are no help at all if the bed cannot be used!! I was happy to pay to have it repaired but the company has no repair facility. A cheaper bed may have lasted longer!
Pumped up quickly and efficiently.
Leak along seam line and unable to be repaired!!

Not even worth 1 star

I read the instruction to say vacuum floor before use and do so twice when use, but 2nd use already leak!!! I took it back to the retailer and they say it must be something on the carpet that pucture the bed which I argue was ridiculous as I already vacuum before use. And if the tiniest dirt on carpet can damage the bed that their bed is extremely poor quality!

They did end up swapping a new one after a long debate with me, so their retail staff is ok, but the quality of the bed is complete rubbish! Don't waste your money! Just go to kmart and spend $40 on a blow up bed, as it will last 100 times longer than this rubbish that cost us $400! I never bother using the new one again!
It does blow up quickly on it's own (when it is not leaking)
Expensive for a piece of junk that breaks after only 2 use.

Do not buy

I've had mine for 18months and used it 3 times. On the 3rd time, it developed a tear in the indent line on the bed. The patch they provided does not stick at all on the fabric part of the bed. I understand it was out of warranty but surely, if you spend over $300 on a product you would expect it to last more than 3 uses. Aerobed (Coleman) has informed me that there is no way to fix the bed and that it is not a product default (suggesting that it's from misuse). To be fair at least he did respond to my call. But the product is rubbish. The only option I have left with it is to place it in the bin. $320 down the drain. Very disappointed.
Easy to inflate and deflate. Pity it leaks.
Expensive for a product that is not durable.

Don't spend $400 on a bed that only has a one year warranty...

Used maybe 10 times in 3 years and is now bulging on one side due to seam coming away, can't believe we believe we spent that much on this rubbish.
Good to have such a big spare bed at a moments notice
Only used 10 times and now unusable

Platinum Raised - bulged one side

I bought the Platinum raised model and used only twice under 2 years. Now one side bulged and tear. Contact customer service they advise they don't service them and no other advise given. $400 for this rubbish!
ease of use
came apart


Shocker - developed tears in the indent lines in the mattress one month before the warranty ran out - we were lucky. Company has the worst customer service ever - we would never buy this product again.
Great - until it fell apart!
It started disintergrating one month before warranty was to expire.

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Mine has done that too, big split around indent, not suppose to be able to over inflate though something has happened. Grrr!!!! as they are not cheap to buy

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I have a queen size aerobed, used about 3 times. It has developed a slow leak and I can't seem to find the leak. Do you have anyone ne in Sydney, Australia that repairs leak?
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