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Air Dragon

Air Dragon

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Very Handy

Very Handy to have on hand, works a treat, pumps up tyres quickly.
Plugs into cigarette lighter, should have got the re chargable one. Maybe next time
Good for pumping water toys


Very unsatisfied.It looked great in the ads but is definitely not what I expected for the price I paid.I would not recommend this product to any of my family & friends.

Not Happy

I assumed it would be battery powered. Couldn't tell from the adds or pictures. So old school having to plug it into the power outlet in the car (which used to be a cigarette lighter for those old enough to remember them)

Can't be relied on

Seemed to work fine the first few times. Now comes on as soon as you plug it in and you can only turn it off by holding down the On/Off button. Plus one second it gives a very low PSI reading and the next second a very high reading and keeps trying to pump air intermittently until it gets super hot. Have no idea what pressure it would end up seeking to put into my tyres.

Work once then dead the next time I used it

A waist of money don't buy it. Lets face it I have brought a few things from you people and never againI will not waist my money. Be warned they are nothing but very cheap products.

don't buy.its rubbish

Bought for my husband.its crap.it let's air out.the good reviews on ere are for kids toys..watch YouTube they will show you what rubbish it is..honestly read real reviews before buying

Nothing Special But it Worked For Me!

Keeping in mind the low price point for this item, it seemed reasonable to me that it was probably NOT going to be the best available product in all respects. But for the small price tag of this item, I was willing to try it out. Unfortunately I didn't see the highly negative reviews on this site until after I'd ordered the item, so I truly wasn't expecting much.

I'd ordered the model that plugs into the vehicle's cigarette lighter. The item arrived. I plugged it in and waited for the issues that others here have reported.

But alas, nothing. I mean nothing to report. The noisy little compressor chugged away and slowly but surely topped up my tyres one after the other.

It worked fine but it was slow. It took 30 full seconds to inflate each tyre by 1 PSI which is slooooow. But it did the job without overheating or breaking down or exploding or whatever.

So essentially I have to report that the item worked as promised. I only gave it 3 stars though purely because of how slow it is. I wouldn't want to be using this often ;)

This is crap

Used it for the first time. Couldn’t inflate my car tyre put 8 psi in the tyre in 30 minutes and got so hot smoke was billowing out of it what a piece of crap. Was given to me as a gift from my girlfriend, don’t want to tell her she wasted her money. Again what a piece of crap.

Expensive and doesn't work well at all


1. The battery only goes in one way, and after connecting the battery leads together, the casing will not close. It takes quite some maneuvering to get the leads in a position where it will close. Today after using it for approx 3 weeks, the casing will not close at all - doesn't matter how the leads are positioned.
2. It gets very hot very quickly. The air pressure from it is no where near strong enough to pump up a tyre. A bicycle pump is quicker!
3. The display no longer shows how much air is in the tyre when being pumped up. We can enter the required PSI, but then the display shows zero and stays at zero until it actually stops pumping air. We have no idea how much air is in the tyres until we get to a servo to check them properly.


A waste of money, and these things are not cheap!

Do Not waste your money

As another person said ok to blow up wheel barrow tyre or kids toys and that is about it, even then it is quicker and easier with a hand pump. I bought to use on caravan, first time used the tyre was at 35 psi I wanted 40psi as other people have said took ages got hot and after nearly 10 mins I stopped and checked with a gauge pressure was at 32psi Does Not Work bought from Post office and lost receipt so no refund

A piece a crap or junk do not waste your money only 30 day guarantee awful product

Bought for my son for gift went to use it for the first time and it blew the fuse in work truck and car. I called they said there is nothing they can do. So please do not waste your money on this product or any bulb product that only has a 30 day guarantee I would recommend using it so you can send it back and get your money back I will never buy from this company again I recommend that you do not too.

Really handy for highway driving! No more lining up at the servo!

Handy to use at home. Convenient and useful around the house for things like the wheelbarrow etc.No more dragging everything to the servo in the back of the car to inflate.

Not what I expected

The product doesn't blow car tyers up well at all it gets very very hot and takes a very very long time to blow up and in fact, I gave up trying to blow tyers up and went to services station even exercise ball doesn't pump up at all. I have found it to be a total waste of money... It may be ok for kids small balls like soccer and footballs etc. I brought the product from Global shop direct and Also order other products for my mother that she wanted but the products didn't get to her for over 100 days when they say on their website to allow up to 28days for delivery. Would not recommend

horrible product

placed air dragon on charger 5 hours ago, and it blew up nearly burning my house down. what a waste of money and very dangerous.it went from completely dead to bomb in 4 hours.

Air Dragon

Works well very happy with this product just remember to take battery out when not in use and stays charged longer we have found ….and seems to work better …..…...

It will be great for camping. Also my tyre keeps going down so perfect

Great for the kids blow up toys , my tyres that keep going down. I brought 2 so I have one for my son for Xmas as the go camping a bit and it will be very handy. Postage of my first on took forever as it was order on 27th July but after having to make phone calls it arrived on the 5th of September. I ordered the other one as I didn’t know what was happening and it arrived in about a week. Very disappointed with that only.


Our Air Dragon worked well to start, then the battery went flat and would not charge. Contacted Global Shop Direct for a replacement. They are not stocking this item anymore. Was not offered a refund until I pushed the issue. Returned faulty item for the refund which should be received soon by cheque. Not a great experience.

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Apologies you had such an experience, we will ensure the refund is to you as soon as possible.


I bought this as a present for Christmas and it is brilliant. It pumps up a flat car tyre with no problem at all and it never got hot once, it did take a little while for it to get to 40 psi but it got there. It inflates bike tyres and balls in seconds. It is well worth the money!

Great first time experience

Worked well on the wheelbarrow, fitting worked better and easier on the valve than my current hand pumps. Struggled getting the lead to fit back into the bottom storage area.

Thoughts on Air Dragon

Great for small jobs, like pressure pumps and wheel barrows, not so good for car tyres.
I think if car has flat it may be ok to get you going, would take too long to inflate to full pressure

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Questions & Answers

Used our air dragon pro for pumping up soccer balls .after4-5 balls battery will not charge .purched date 21 june 2018 . I would like a replacement battery .how to get this as I brought 2 1 standard x 1 pro .
2 answers
what lockHi John, please send an email to escalations@globalshopdirect.com.au, we'll see what we can do

What is the lock for?
2 answers
Not sure if I am right I think it is just to hold the button in save holding it in yourself. I haven't used it for a little bit now and in fact, don't use it anymoreIt’s rubbish. My tyre went from @24psi to completely flat.

How long does the battery stay charged :operation - non-operational
1 answer
Hi Bob, It varies on the charge and use. Please call us on 1300 137 598 and we can assist you further. Thanks.

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