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Auto XS (Aldi) Car Battery Charger

Auto XS (Aldi) Car Battery Charger

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14 reviews


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Dangerous garbage


This trickle charger fails to switch to a low current mode once the battery is charged. It continued to put 800ma into several different batteries that it had charged to variously 14.5-14.7v. The display says charged but it doesn't switch to a maintenance charge, like 120ma or less. Luckily I don't trust cheap things and had a separate meter attached to the different batteries to check on this charger. This is a battery boiler, not a charger as stated. Dangerous garbage.

Purchased in July 2017 at ALDI.


VincentSydney, NSW

Be carefull Asia could cost you anew battery.


My xs charger fried my quad Bike Battary. It didn't stop increasing voltage till it got to 15.5 volts and held the voltage at that level which damaged the battery cells causing it to fail when you need it most (on starting).
If you own one keeping an eye on the float voltage.

Purchased in October 2018 at ALDI for A$29.95.


Matt56871354South East Queensland, QLD

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Survived a few years and did well


I found this to be a great way to maintain a battery I wasn't using.
It won't charge quickly or charge a flat battery.
It has a 6v and 12v setting.
Unfortunately whilst trying to charge 2 linked batteries at once I killed it.
I'm upgrading next time.

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This works as is intended.


This is a maintainer, Not a charger. Charge your battery to full, With a good CHARGER. MAY IT BE A Motorcycle, lawnmower, generator, or whatever you have. After its fully charged this little unit will maintain that charge till you need it. Great little maintainer, I use it all winter to maintain my 1954 tractor for plowing snow. 6 volt , starts every time.

Aldi Car Battery Charger - waste of time and money.


I have just bought this and I have had similar problems to others. The Mode button doesn't change the function as specified in the user guide so it looks like it thinks the battery is a 6V battery not a 12V battery. Probably only good to trickle charge.

Great trickle charger does what it says on the box


This is not to charge flat batterys and is only for maintaining allready charged batterys

Do not buy if you intend to charge a entirely flat battery

Buy if you want to maintain your existing battery as there well worth the money


PeteParkes 2870

Excellent trickle charger


These are great for the job they are intended. They are trickle chargers and were not designed to charge dead flat batteries and it clearly states that in the book. If you need a full battery charger go and pay 300.00 to 500.00 dollars not a few dollars for a trickle charger. I cannot fault the XS and intend to buy 2 more to replace 2 other makes which are nowhere as good.



Doesn't seem to work


Bought this charger at ALDI in November of 2017. Had not opened the package until yesterday when my power went out. My KIPOR 3000 generator would not start due to a dead battery. After the power came back on several hours later I decided I had best charge the generator battery. Opened the package, read all the instructions, and hooked the charger to the generator and plugged it in. Nothing would show up on the display except 4.7 volts. Could not select any mode or get anything different on the display. I left it on looked at the display an hour later and guess what? The voltage had gone DOWN to 4.1 volts. Voltage continued to go down, never increased. Poor product.



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Crappiest charger I've ever seen!


Forget this rubbish! Was a complete waste of money. Only charges a battery if it isn't flat! Wish I'd kept my receipt to get a refund, as no company should make a profit from this useless product!

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Find out how Auto XS (Aldi) Car Battery Charger compares to other Automotive Accessories

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Don't buy it to charge a flat battery!!!


It won't charge a flat battery! So I don't see the use of it. It will only top up a battery.
No no good as a car battery charger or not even for my 12 V Fish finder as it won't recharge it when battery is empty.



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Poor design - Beware!


I initially left a good review, until I encountered the more dangerous flaws in the design. Having left it to trickle charge, it got stuck in an error mode which left it on full charge (rather than a fail safe disconnect). Voltage was over 15 V, battery was very hot and may not have survived. Definitely not using that again.



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Aldi Auto XS smart charger (new grey one)

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The model that I reviewed is NOT discontinued



Mate, you must have some ordinary batteries.
A battery in fair condition without any load (e.g. my bike) will hold over 11V for six months or more. And I live in a cold climate which does make a bit of difference.
If you want a battery charger that doesn't do what you have spoken about go get a CTek, you'll pay at least $150 for the base model.
$29 bucks so far so good.

N Reynolds

N ReynoldsNewport

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ALDI Auto XS Car Battery Charger Fails to Perform


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Rick wasked

I have an aldi charger cpl-2054 ip65 is it suitable for charging lithium motorcyle batteries

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Matthew R.asked

Q: Do you have a link to the user manual?
A: Why yes I do. After answering lots of questions about this item I created this video. https://youtu.be/kPm_MhAjl2g

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Couldn't have said it better myself

Shane B.

Shane B.asked

How much does it cost

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