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Aldi Muller-Licht LED Light Bulb

Aldi Muller-Licht LED Light Bulb

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It started fibrillating

It was a 13w job and started flicking on and off one night like astrobe light. Turned it off because I was certain it was going to explode. Seemed alright the next day but after 15 minutes it started doing the same thing. Then I decided to look it up. Can only 100% agree with everyone here - it is junk and only a few months old.

25 year warranty - died after 1 year

Got the 5 watt, 320 lumen Led reflector model. Good for a year but should be 24 to go. Avoid Muller, avoid Aldi.
Interesting that the package has Russian writing on it btw.

Short lifespan

I bought a number of these Muller-Licht led bulbs on price at Aldi. Sadly it was false economy and I took two back for a refund. They gave me the money back, no quibble.

ALDI LED globes are exploding BEWARE

As you can see from other posts these globes can have problems. I had one explode, shower sparks all over the lounge room and damage the light fitting. I have been waiting since May 15 for someone to acknowledge the damage and repair my lounge room light fitting. Further, 2 more failed straight away and tripped the master fuse.

Do you see the date of this? MAY 15. Guess what, I am still waiting for ALDI to come good completing the repairs to my house!Finally got sorted sometime in August. Today, 3 failed within 24 hours.

Exploded light bulb

I had a 11W muller licht in my kitchen chandelier which was an antique,it exploded and knocked the glass out of my light,fortunately no one was on that side has glass flew all over my kitchen, very scarry

Looked good in the Aldi Bargain Bin but what a mistake.

I bought about 20 of the 7W dimmable GU10 led bulbs about 2 years ago. Around 8 have failed since with led blinking and then dying altogether. The led may be OK but I suspect the led driver is no good. I still have the receipt so will see if Aldi take them back. Absolute rubbish. Avoid Muller-Licht at all costs.

Product Definitely Doesn't Last in Enclosed Fixture (outside light fixture)

I put a 10 watt bulb in my porch light fixture which has a glass globe. The light didn't last but a year or so. The plastic base of the light bulb split. Not a bargain.

Over heated and died within 6 months

Having owned many led bulbs these by far were the worst. I bought a pairof them at aldi and one has failed and the other is hot and flickering. If suggest avoiding this brand.

Dangerous product

We smelled something bad, and I dicovered that the Muller Light dimmable LED in our kitchen chandelier was off and black. It was so hot that the plastic was soft.

Not worth it

Like every other review, except for the 1 suspiciously positive 1, some failed within a few weeks, some lasted a few months, some lasted about a year, and a few lasted about 2 years ( i bought about 20 and only a few lasted more than the year). In my opinion spend the extra money on a better branded light. These are cheap, but as the old saying goes, you get what you pay for.

Rubbish a false economy.

I replaced by halogen lights with the Muller LED's (2 pin and GU10 types) After 6 months I have about a dozen that have failed. Not exactly the life expectancy advertised.
Don't buy expecting to save, I am now having to replace with more expensive lights.

LED globe supposed to last up to 25 years fails in 2 years

I bought a Muller Licht LED light bulb from ALDI a few years ago. It lasted at most 2 years and wasn’t used much. I didn’t keep the receipt, but took it back to Aldi Waterloo thinking that only Aldi sells it and LEDs have only been around for five years, and they would offer a refund.
Also I thought they would like to know how one of their products was failing, not living up to the claim on the box of lasting up to 25 years. But no refund from the manager. The same thing happened with a Median brand LED globe also sold by Aldi.
Aldi are completely uninterested as to whether the items they import from China perform as specified or not. So producers of items sold at Aldi can palm off any old rubbish to the Australian consumer.

Not very good

I purchased 3 of these GU10 LED bulbs mid way through last year from Aldi. $6.00 each from memory when they were on sale. I didn't retain the docket. 2 with 6 LEDs 7 watts & 1 with 4 LEDS 5 watts. The first 7 watter has just failed. It works OK when switching on but as soon as it warms up it begins to turn itself on and off. Obviously poor circuitry. The longevity claims are laughable. The LEDs may last a long time but if the electronics that drive them are poor they will never reach the end of the LEDs life. I've replaced it with the original Halogen bulb which at 42 watts uses 6 times as much energy but it is 6 years old & still working.

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All 3 died over 6 months ago. Complete rubbish


I purchased these Muller Licht LED light bulbs from ALDI Stores Pty Ltd when they came on sale, hoping to save money on my electricity bill and help the environment at the same time. They cost $10 each. Sadly I am disappointed with them. The packaging said that they would last up to 25 years, Well, They didn't even last 25 months..They all failed within a few weeks of each other, all were dead within 8 months. Just went out... ALDI. stores couldn't care less, and said there was no warranty on them
Because they failed after 60 days they weren't covered by their return policy...even though I had kept the docket...and the 25 year lifespan was only a estimation.. I decided that I would disassemble one of them to find out what had gone wrong.
I found that the bulb contains a quite complex little circuit board, which is used to transform the current and operate the bulb's LEDs, all the bulbs seemed to have failed due to a fault in the same resistor, a large aqua colored one.. A electronics specialist whom I spoke with about it said that this was not uncommon, and bulbs were adversely affected by power fluctuations, something that the previous CFL bulbs didn't seem to be affected by. Further research on the net showed that my complaint is being echoed around the world. I would advise against installing LED bulbs of Muller Licht make, or indeed any make at all until the quality is improved. Best to stick with CFL lamps of a quality brand. The Philips ones that I had previously all lasted about 7 years.

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