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Apple Wired

Apple Wired

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I bought this keyboard after using Apples running WinXP at Uni. They are outstanding build quality and functionality. I used to be a typesetter and this is the best keyboard I have ever used (by far).
Would love one in black with illuminated keys Mr Jobs :)
I use this keyboard on my Windows 7 PC as they are the best keyboard on the market. The feel of the keys is outstanding (like a high end laptop), good key spacing reduces typos and the trim design means that there is plenty of space on my desk. There is also almost no keystrike noise.
A USB port at each end of the underside is also a bonus.
Good cord length and includes a 1m extension as well.
Under Windows 7, not all of Apple the functions work. I have installed a utility that activates the Apple functions for sound and task manager etc.
You can get other utilities that allow setting of all of the function keys if you need it.


I bought this keyboard as an upgrade to the original older design that came with my iMac. The aluminium face plate looks very stylish and the full sized keyboard means you don't need to comprimise on functionality. The response you get from the keys is similar to a notebook keyboard and is very comfortable to type on. It is disppointing that despite having 2 USB2 ports, the keyboard is only able to support low power devices. It is a shame, because they are in a very convenient location and would be very useful if they could support more types of devices. Overall, it is a well designed keyboard that looks good and is very comfortable to use.
Stylish low profile aluminium design, full sized keyboard layout, good tactile feel of the keys, USB2 ports
USB ports only support low power devices


This is a really sleek attractive keyboard, and it's so lightweight. It goes perfectly with Macs and it's very easy to wire up. It works perfectly with a Mac because it has all the keys for volume, settings and things. The keys are very low so it makes no sound, which I think is good in a keyboard.
There's an interesting way to plug in your USB; from the side of the keyboard. It's easier to turn up the volume/brightness. There's practically no sound when you're typing, which is very important to me.
It's a bit flat, which might get annoying and some people might not like.


I purchased this keyboard to compliment my iMac and to replace the keyboard that came with it. This keyboard has a nice feel to it, though it is different to other keyboards I have used. It seems much like a laptop keyboard though it is full sized and has a number pad on the keyboard. It also includes all the Apple function keys. The keyboard is quite flat, so if you need a wrist pad then this keyboard might not be the one for you. I like this keyboard and would recommend it to anyone looking for a sleek keyboard with a nice feel.
Attractive, light, good feel to keys

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