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Aroma Bloom Ultrasonic Vaporiser

Aroma Bloom Ultrasonic Vaporiser

4.1 from 11 reviews

Just too noisy :(

We purchased 3 aroma blooms because of the great reviews - the cold humidifiers are supposed to be preferable from a health perspective over the warm ones we were using before. I really wanted to love them but the plopping water noise they make is sooo loud and disturbing at night, I can’t sleep with one in our room. Our children sleep with brown noise so it’s not a problem for them (although my daughter’s had to be moved away from her bed because it was still too noisy). I’d love to sleep with mine on to help with night allergy asthma and wish there was a way round this issue!

A gorgeous ultrasonic vaporiser!

I have a variety of vaporisers around my home, however my favourite has to be the Aroma Bloom in Purple - of course! It sits in our family room and even when not in use still looks gorgeous and is a statement piece. My friends comment on the placement and the colour, it looks beautiful. Thank you!

Great diffusers and products

After reading hundreds of great reviews on facebook and searching for a while i bought an aroma bloom diffuser from this company, safe to say i now have 4 of these diffusers scattered through my house. I bought more on the weekend too for christmas gifts i love them~!~!

Doesn't last long past its 'warranty' stage.

Wonderful beautiful and great output when it's working but unfortunately as I use mine regularly I have now been through 2 machines and wont be buying a 3rd. Both started by having the vapour stream weaken, then the intermittent vapour was the only one that worked and then the light was flickering. First machine died 2 months past warranty. 2nd machine is struggling to operate and on it's way out. But loved it when it was new. Very pretty.

Best Aromatherapy Diffuser Ever

this diffuser is fantastic, and so easy to use! it came so fast in the mail and my kids love to watch it on the breathing light. its runs all night in their room and helps them sleep at night. i have a few of this brands other products are they are just as good but we love the bloom for the kids room the most.

I love this diffuser so much!

I bought my first aroma bloom 2 years ago, after purchasing many others on the market that were cheaper and have now bought 6 Aroma Blooms in total for my kids, mother and mother in law! We love these diffusers and they came in such a timely fashion for both the two different transactions I have made with them. The running time is fantastic and they don't leave pools of water on the table, they run through the night and i like the breathing light it comes with. The oils that you can buy from the online store are fantastic too, they really help with the nasties hanging around in winter, and for sleeping!! They have helped our overall wellbeing so much

Best Diffuser i have come across

Eye catching design, super quiet, long running, can set the light at any brightness level, or can choose to have no light at all. Quality materials used, and is a stand out diffuser.

Not as fantastic as I thought

After hours of research I settled on a blue Aroma Bloom I wanted this kind of product as I was using a candle oil burner and wanted to use it overnight.
I like the long operation time without refilling water but find the aroma doesn't last as long as the water.
I really like the intermittent function which I used all the time so that I didn't have to top up the oil.
I don't use the light so no comment there.
Great scent throw - I have a huge room and the smell is everywhere.
Beautiful colours and shape.
NOISY, NOISY, NOISY. I read loads of reviews where people used it in the bedroom but I really don't know how they could - the whirring sound of this one can be heard in the next room. (After discussion with the distributor apparently it's normal.)
Great in living areas or an office, but if the noise of this one is normal, look at other options for bedroom use

Stopped working after a dozen times

I paid close to $100 for the vaporiser and used it when my son was ill. The vaporiser function stopped working after maybe a dozen uses but as it was technically past the warranty period it wont be replaced. I understand the technicalities around the warranty period but I’m still disappointed given it is an expensive vaporiser. I had assumed it would last hundreds of uses. I will not buy another.

Works well, but wish it would clip in.

Bought two of these, work beautifully but the top just sits on, it doesn't clip in. Very easy for small hands to pull it off. Wish it had a better lock in feature.

I adore this vaporiser.

I bought three of these aroma blooms in different colours, after having them recommended to me by a friend. After experiencing the difference i cannot recommend these enough. They are so easy to use, the colours are really vibrant. My purchases came with the free "breathe" essential oil blend which is very peaceful to use. I like that you can change the colour brightness - which is perfect to use overnight as a night light for children. The "breath" light glow is really peaceful to use during the day. It sends the scent throughout the house brilliantly.

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