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Audi A5

Audi A5

F5 and 8T3
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The complete package

After taking delivery of my new A5 Sportback a month ago I must say I am amazed at how really good this car is - especially compared to my outgoing 2015 Mercedes C250 AMG line.

I got the A5 45 Sportback TSFI Quattro. Options that came with it were S-line interior & exterior (20" wheels, Nappa leather, flat bottom steering wheel, chrome pedals etc), sunroof, upgraded sound system, assistance pack (adaptive cruise and active lane keeping, auto park, 360 degree camera view and additional ultrasonic sensors), black gloss exterior finishing, and heated seats.

The car drives so smoothly and glides over the rubbish Central Queensland roads like no other car I've been in. My car has acoustic glass which makes for a super quiet drive which is great as there is less noise to disturb the brilliant Bang and Olufsen 19 speaker sound system.

Car has so much Tech it is mind blowing - it has wireless phone charging and can sync to two separate phones at once. It also has in-built internet function which allows you to do stuff like have Google Earth satellite imagery on the Satnav maps.

The car is nice and quick and has a nice meaty sound to it - even has launch control which oddly the more expensive sports models don't have and they don't have a dual clutch transmission either. Also the car has a "secret" storage compartment that is quite big just under the light switch (it looks like a fuse box holder).

Fuel economy seems rather good and on a recent 600km trip saw an average of 6L/100km which is pretty good.

Downsides are few, and rather picky:
1. The car does not have a display on the dashboard when the headlights are on, you need to look down at he light switch - bot a big deal if you have auto lights on and auto high beam.
2. No sun glasses holder.
3. No real centre console storage and the arm rest does not actually cover the console.
4. Adaptive cruise is optional
5. Rear windows only wind down half way
6. Water ponds on the bottom of the rear window which could lead to rust in the future.

Purchased in April 2019 at Audi Gold Coast for $87,000.00.

Build Quality
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Cleaning & Maintenance
Noise Level
TransmissionDual-Clutch (DCT)
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Interior Design
Boot Size

Audi service Wollongong

My engine light was on and another light on my dash took it to Audi service Wollongong they toled me it was a DPF problem which needed a regeneration.They told me if regeneration works it would cost me $450 if it doesn’t work they would still charge me $250.After taking my car in they told me regeneration did not work and needed to replace my particulate filter for $6848. WOW
So I decided to buy my own scan tool and scanned my car for error codes and the error code I was getting was particulate filter pressure sensor searched eBay for one found one for $48 after replacing the old one no more lights no more error codes i’m absolutely disgusted with Audi service center Wollongong on how they can just take there customers for a ride.I just saved my self $6800.I paid Audi $250 for doing nothing I would like a full refund Audi Wollongong.So guys just be very careful when you take your car to a dealer service center .

BadgeS Line Plus
Engine Size3.0
Date PurchasedJun 2016

This is a great car.

I bought this car mainly because I used it when I was off duty, and it greatly shortened my time on the road.
In my days when I go to work every week, I use it from Monday to Friday to make sure I won’t be late.
Will not,
I haven't found any problems with this car so far, everyone praised my car.

Engine Size2.0
Date PurchasedFeb 2016

This is a great car.

Driving is particularly good, especially stable.
The optional Audi virtual cockpit is as versatile as it is innovative. Navigation, telephone, music, Audi connect services and directions of assistance systems - the 12.3-inch LCD screen provides comprehensive and precise information directly in front of the driver. Experience more functions with the optional Audi MMI navigation plus with MMI touch. Optional Audi smartphone interface integrates the familiar world of Google and Apple with your Audi. The entire MMI operating logic is based on current smartphones, including intelligent free text search. The new, more natural voice control also processes inputs from everyday language, e.g. "I want to call Peter". The 3D sound of a Bang & Olufsen sound system provides an impressive sound experience.
The operation cost of this car is very moderate, which is suitable for the expenditure of ordinary people.

Engine Size2.0
Date PurchasedJan 2017

It's a great car

Compared to a sports car, it has a relatively poor performance, but compared to an ordinary car, he will be more outstanding performance.
Its interior is relatively low-key, compared to other new models will look more classic
Its operating costs in a normal acceptable range, I know this is a very reliable car.

Engine Size2.0
Date PurchasedJan 2016


Do not buy any Audi unless you are getting a warranty, and the older A5's are plagued with issues- transmissions are terrible and have known issue but Audi wont accept responsibility for them. The 2 litre petrol ones from 2008-2012 had a design flaw that had the going through 1 litre of oil every 300-500km's it took a class action lawsuit for them to accept that manufacturing error but they wont on the transmissions. Central locking fails for many people another issue they wont admit is poor manufacturing quality. Extremely disappointing cars by a dishonest and dishonourable company

Badge(No Badge)
Engine Size2.0
Date PurchasedJun 2016

Loads of innovative updates, minimalist interior

Reviewing this vehicle after updating from the outgoing A5 Sportback. The first impression was simply surprised, at how much tech this model has over the outgoing Sportback (and how clever it was to hide all of it with a minimalist interior). The new virtual cockpit (a digital speedometer) works so well; with a number of different displays to choose from. If you are looking to order this vehicle; make sure to purchase it with the matrix headlights - It lights up the WHOLE road for you at night while making sure it does not dazzle other drivers or pedestrians. Overall build quality is typical of Audi; however be prepared to pay a premium if you wish to get a number of things that were once 'standard' on an S-Line: It does not come with a cigarette lighter anymore (it's extra), and the leather-bound door arm rests are a whole separate option on this vehicle (it was standard on an S-Line beforehand). The driving performance is astonishing. The Audi Drive Select is quite responsive. Put the vehicle in dynamic, and not only does it accelerate at really good speed; the sound of the engine is also accentuated. The Nappa leather seating is a little more plush than the old model. The old model's Nappa-leather was quite hard compared to this one. If you're considering this vehicle, it is well worth taking a look (or even going for a test-drive). You won't be disappointed.

BadgeS Line Plus
Engine Size2.0
Date PurchasedMay 2017

Disappointed with the manufacturing quality!

I lost faith in Audi completely. Bought my 2012 A5 3 litre petrol in October 2013 and been to Audi Service Center over 8 times in the last 18 months each time for different mechanical issues for a 2.5 years old car with 26,000km on the odometer. First the steering shaft cracked, then the reverse camera stopped working, after that rattling noises from inside, then the front wheel nut was missing and now I've got a notchy steering feel around 12 o'clock position that requires constant correction either left or right to keep the car going straight. Talking about Quality for a $120k luxury car!

Engine Size3 litre

Smitten, not bitten

What a sublime grand touring car this is. It has a sporty edge, yet is ultimately a comfortable sedan.
The 2.0L turbo with Quattro and 7 speed transmission is the perfect combination, giving adequate performance allied with respectable fuel economy. The body is stylish and handsome with all body lines flowing and intersecting in classic German precision and amazingly it is a hatchback. I've had VW's before and was not convinced that the Audi would be worth the extra outlay... but these two products are like chalk and cheese. Some complain about it being only a four seater but as most reviewers would say, buy the A4 wagon instead if you regularly carry 5 persons. Also Audi service (especially Audi Sutherland) is very customer friendly and outshines VW's efforts (take note Barloworld!) for roughly the equivalent cost. So in summary, Highly Recommended.
Reliable, Stylish, Economical, Resale Value.

Engine Size2.0L turbo
Wow! Yes. Are you talking about Barloworld Mascot?? Rotten. i found them too arrogant and exorbitant.Totally agree. Have the 2011 model in phantom with the s-line package. A real head Turner!

Not as great as you would think

I admit I bought this car on impulse; it looks fantastic and the interior is superb.
BUT...there is a problem with the B4 platform front suspension which I found out very quickly when the steering wheel started shimmying above 100km/hr. Back to the dealer 5+ times after researching the problem on the net (this is not an uncommon problem and Audi are aware of it). They replaced some parts and it no longer shimmys but now the thing is rough; too much feedback through the front end which is really annoying on long freeway commutes. Audi claims nothing wrong with it; told me it was the "character" of the car. Well it wasnt like that when I bought it.
I expect that I was sold a lemon and I guess they exist but this has soured my experience; I will not buy another Audi and recommend that people take the car for a long drive at freeway speeds before thinking about buying one.
Beautiful design, excellent interior
Suspension/steering problems, inherent design fault with the platform

Engine Size2.0 FSI

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A5 F5A5 8T3
Release dateJan 2017Jan 2007
Discontinuation dateDec 2016
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