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The packaged has arrived on time. Express post can be expensive if you put the item in the box as it adds weight to the item. I'm happy with the next day delivery.

Australia post is horrendous

I am desperately awaiting a medical device that was meant to be next day delivery. It has now been 4 days with a weekend in between. I am waiting to have surgery and am very ill and in need of this medical device, we even rang today and asked if we could pick it up from the distribution center. Apparently this is not possible. Extremely terrible service Australia Post.

Constant lost parcels

I would love to know where the hell all of their "LOST PARCELS" end up... I remember seeing a link to an auction with them selling all of the "LOST" items. Scammers

8 days on a conveyor belt without being processed

I returned an item to Thailand using Australia Post's Parcel Post with Tracking and was surprised when checking the tracking last week that it was still in my city. I had sent an inquiry email then but I'm still waiting for a reply. So, today (11 days since it was processed but 15 days since it was packaged and postage paid) I phoned Australia Post and was told the parcel was going around and around on a conveyor belt for over 7 (business) days as the computer scanner could not process it (I find it hard to believe but I must accept what I am told by the support people in front of the Auspost computer screens with more info than I have access to?). I received an apology and nothing else - nothing to compensate for the lost time sending an inquiry email and waiting on the phone as well as the lost money due to delays.

It’s alright

The item I purchased was custom built and the fabricator would not ship international and I was prepared for expensive freight cost and was prepared to pay what it took through Shop Mate even after reading all reviews about it and shipping costs. There was a mix up at the Portland depot and my item was sent elsewhere. I contacted the Aussie Post team and yes it took multiple calls and I had to ensure I wasn’t just given a case number and that was it. But the Australian Team was very good and very pleasant to deal with and intercepted my item and eventually got it to me and did not charge me. So cheers to Aussie team and not so much for the US team. My advice to anyone using Shop Mate, (trying not sound nasty) use this as a last option. if your item doesn’t show up after a few days on the site do not hesitate to ring the Post hotline to chase it for you and Chase any case number numbers up if you get them. The Australian team kept me well informed and were very apologetic for error that was not theirs. In all fairness the Australian team did every thing in their powers to help me and got me the result I needed and that’s what made up for bad experience I had with the Portland depot. I believe the experience I had with service was just a genuine human error, it happens. I would use this service again if I needed to.

Cards with Scratchies and gift vouchers missing.

Last THREE cards posted by me have not arrived at there destination. All contained birthday gifts (scratchies or gift vouchers) All had correct address and return address.. where did they go. All obviously cards.

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Hey Kas, It's disappointing to hear that you haven't been receiving some mail. The regular mail service is an economical way of getting your letters from point A to B. These letters do not have a barcode or tracking number for scanning. It is because of this, we are unable to track their movements through the postal system and investigate what has happened to the particular letter. Any mail that cannot be delivered to the intended address will be returned to sender, assuming that sender details are present. If there are no sender details or we are unable to deliver to that address, your letter will be taken to our Returned Mail Centre where we attempt to reunite them with their owner. I have sent you a message for some details that'll help me check to see if these items are there. ~Sami

Sent two registered envelopes from Marion, SA post office over the counter; one delivered.

As the title states, I sent two registered envelopes on the 06/03 from the Marion Post Office, and one was delivered.

I can only assumed that one was lost somewhwere in the distribution centre in Adelaide because one was never entered into the system to then start its journey.

How hard can it be to send registered mail to its destination? If both had been lost it would've made more sense but one?

It's been more than two weeks and haven't heard a thing about the lost one.

I won't settle for anything less than a refund. It isn't about the money, it's about the principal. Is this what our postal service is coming to?

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Hey Doesnotcompute, It's disappointing to hear that one of your envelopes hasn't been delivered yet. Although you sent these items at the same time they don't travel together as one. During sortation they can get spilt up and for example if you were sending these to the same destination they could even get delivered on different days due to being placed on different trucks, getting processed at different times etc. I'd like to follow up on this further for you so I've sent you a message for some more details. ~Sami

It is so bad that my 90 year old grandma can do a better job

The delivery guy rings the bell and we open the door for him ( we are in a apartment) , he knows someone is at home, then he decides to put the parcel back to a post office. The post office opens 9-5 Monday to Friday, which means that if you have a full-time job, you can never do it by yourself. I just don't understand why Australia post did such a terrible job. Everything is so bad and clearly, they did not care.

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Hey Pemg Ji, It's disappointing to hear that delivery isn't being attempted. I've like to look into this further for you so I've sent you a message for some more details. ~Sami

Absolutely terrible. Will never use them again.

I paid to have items repackaged into one box, they weren't so I paid for a service they didn't do. They requested the same document 4-5 times for each item at different points of the delivery, and after all that one item never arrived. It's still in limbo and tracking shows it still as waiting for pick up from the US address.

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Hey Nunya, It's concerning to hear that you still haven't received this item yet and that the service hasn't been very smooth. I've sent you a message for some more details so I can follow up further for you about the whereabouts of your item. ~Sami

Great service

The Caboolture park shopping centre post off is great, the staff are friendly and very helpful.
There are a lot of aged people that access this post office and they could not be more helpful

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Hey Jacqui, Thank you for sharing your feedback with us about the Caboolture Post Shop, it's great to hear. ~Sami

Australia Post non delivery of parcels

Ive lost count of the number of times I’ve paid for a parcel to be delivered to my door only to get an email message from Australia Post to say I can collect it from the post office. I pay to have it delivered to my door and I mark the delivery instructions to say leave at my door with no signature required, so why is Australia Post delivering to the post office. Because it is easier and cheaper for them. But that is not right, I’m not getting the service I’ve paid for. I’ve complained to AP but despite their platitudes, nothing changes. Does anybody else have this problem?

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Hey GAA, It's disappointing to hear that delivery isn't being attempted for you. So that I can follow this up for you I have sent a message for some more details. ~Sami

Double dippers

Ordered goods from a store in Victoria to be sent to Canberra, they did not include the correct unit number but the rest of the address was correct. Had tracking and signature required. Day of delivery received a text asking if I would like to collect from local post shop if no one is home, I replied yes. So far so good.
Got the message that package had wrong address. Went to pick it up at the post shop after work with ID, proof of address and proof of online purchase. When I got there I was told it had already gone back to the Canberra distribution centre and I should give them a call.
Went home, called the hotline, they couldnt get hold of the distribution centre but they put a note on the parcel.
Nothing heard for a week, no scanned change on the parcel, so called again, told that they wont scan it until the item is back with the sender and to contact the sender.
I did, two weeks later on a Thursday morning, it arrived with the sender, who corrected the unit number and sent it back by 3pm that afternoon, but now it has been stuck as shipping information approved by Aus post, its now Saturday.

Horrible service, very obviously double dipping but ensuring that packages with the wrong address have no way of getting to the customer before being sent back which means that the customer needs to pay for shipping twice.

Disgusting practice, have given complaint feedback, but get just the usual bull**** reply. Had a wrong address parcel about a year back with DHL, they held it for us to pick up no problems. Would recommend them over Aus Post any day.

Also standard letters from within Australia (even sent within Canberra) tend to take about 2 weeks to get to us,

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Hey Auspostsucks, I'm sorry to hear that this has happened and that when you called us the situation wasn't explained. When an article has an incorrect address on it we are required to return it to the sender so they can correct the mistake. I'd like to look into the whereabouts of your article and pass on feedback about your experience so I've sent you a message for some more information. ~Sami


Australia Post telephone staff must be trained in being unhelpful.
Extended wait times on satellite phone are not appreciated ladies.
Nor are your non existent geography knowledge and inability to spell.
Manager at Katherine Post Office- have you ever heard the term customer service? Do you know what it means?
Even the call centre cannot get you to answer your phone.

Hey Riptoff, I'd like to apologise for the experience that you had with our post office and customer service staff. We are always trying to provide a best in class customer experience and I'm sorry to hear that this was not the case. I've just sent you a message for some more information so I can look into this further for you. ~SamiSami My name is Anthea Henwood Buchanan Downs MS 1953 Katherine 0852 08889759544. This is satellite phone. Multiple calls to Katherine PO unanswered last 2 weeks. Rang call centre- they could not get through either. Finally Jen drove 380 kms into town to pay the $7.30 charge. She had signed by me cards authorizing payment and collection. Letters and form had been sent to PO previously authorizing Jen to collect mail. All three of these documents I can email as proof if you give me an email address. Sherri Williams at Katherine PO refused to allow Jen to pay the $7.30 or collect parcel. So Jen drove 380 kms home without parcel. I will submit a compliant to TIO and letter to Minister as I am very unhappy. I expect charge to be waived and parcel delivered on this week’s mail run. Thanks in anticipation of your compliance. I wish to point out that this is the fourth time this has happened. Katherine Post Office staff are very badly behaved. This bad behaviour must not be tolerated. Regards, Dr Anthea Henwood.

Knock on door and runs off leaving a card. No time to answer door so I have to drive 7 kms to pick up at end of day.

No time to answer door as their cards are already written up and they take off faster than answer the door. It’s a pain cause I have to drive 7kms to my nearest post office.

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Hey Marie, I understand this it really annoying for you. I'd like to look into this further to see if I can work out whats going on and get this addressed. I have sent you a message for some more details that'll help me do this. ~Sami

Fast delivery

My parcel was delivered before the expected delivery date. Delivery person was very nice and cheerful. I have never had any problems with deliveries from Australia post. Very happy customer

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Hey Kristi, Thank you for sharing your feedback with us, it's always great to hear. We hope you have a brilliant weekend. ~Sami

Fast delivery

I just love that when I placed my order Aus post was so fast with the deliver of my product. It made my shopping experience so much better when my parcel was delivered to my door within 2 business days. Thanks guys.

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Hey ChrisW, Thank you for taking the time to share your feedback with us, it's great to hear! We hope you have an awesome weekend. ~Sami

Keeps on ruining my grass!!

The postie keeps on driving on my grass even after been told many times. He apologises every time and still does it because he thinks I can’t see and does it anyway! UNBELIEVABLE!!

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Hey Rodson, It's concerning to hear that this issue with the postie riding on your lawn keeps happening, even though you have contacted us about this. I'd like to look into this further for you so I've sent you a message for some more details that'll help me do this. ~Sami

2nd time *not lucky!*

Express parcel sent to me after email stating such from seller (with my correct address on the parcel.)
Did not arrive when it should and then noticed a completely different address when checking Aust Post online tracking. Found out the item had an attempted delivery to the online address and returned to the post office. When I went to the Post Office the item had my correct address on it!!! Post Master could care less.

*The above happened some months ago and now it appears that it has happened AGAIN!!!
I am yet to go to the Post office to pick up the item but exactly the same thing has happened!!!!
(Wrote an official complaint after the first issue and have received ZERO reply!?)

About 30 mins after my initial post I have noticed that the address on the online tracking is now correct and yet this parcel supposedly "express" is sitting in the local post office. I have taken and printed screenshots of EVERYTHING Aust Post so if you think you have covered your tracks think again. And this time instead of complaining to you I will be taking it higher up. FFS I was a courier in Melbourne for > 2 years and to try and deliver an item at an address NOT LISTED ON THE PARCEL would have made you look like the village idiot at best. NOT HAPPY!Would be delighted to talk to a human from aust post to describe how a properly addressed parcel attempts to be delivered to the wrong address **twice** on two separate occasions with two different items from two different senders!Hey Mgp1970, It's concerning to hear that you have had this issue occur more than once and that we haven't gotten back to you about it. I'd like to look into this further for you so I've sent you a message for some more details that'll help me do this. ~Sami

Item Lost, No response to follow up emails.

I ordered a package from Melbourne to Melbourne, after 2 weeks waiting was told it was lost in transit. The supplier will not replace the package as it is not their fault the package was lost.
Aus post have not responded to my 2 emails the last 2 weeks.
Case: 23823790

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Hey Deborah, It's a shame to hear that you haven't received your item and the sender isn't helping. I've sent you a message for some more details for privacy reasons and we can go from there. ~Sami

Only company I trust!

This company was amazing! I had something shipped to another shipping service, and I was never notified of anything! I was obviously hesitant to use another service after that mess, however AusPost was absolutely amazing! Shipping was very fast and worth every cent to have things shipped. Would highly recommend

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Hey Lucy, Thank you for your feedback about your experience! It's great to hear. ~Sami

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Can you please check my item. LP002285291MY Almost 2 weeks i wait for clearance inbound. When can i get my item ?
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LB245165362GB Stuck at ”awaiting clearance inbound ” for two dayS Could you please check
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Hi I have a parcel I'm tracking. It is EV796865274CN from China. The Aus post app says it's been awaiting clearance in Sydney since March 16th. How long does this process take to be ready for delivery? Thank you
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Hey Todd M, I recommend giving our international team a call on 1800 007 678 for further assistance. ~Sami