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Folded my newborn son's birth certificate and shoved it in the mail box

Such incompetence are the aus post who folded my sons birth cert and shoved it in the mail box. I unfortunately am renting in a dodgy area where my mail box was broken into just days before this happened.

Wrote to Auspost and they said "item was collected. We will close this case"

Didn't address how document shows "important document/sign to receive/do not fold" and how someone may have forged my signature.

Aus post are just like taxis and hope they eventually die..soon.

Apple iPhone Repair via Aust Post - They "lost" my phone

The Apple iPhone repair request lets you take your phone to the post office, to be packaged onsite & sent to Apple within 5 business days for repair.
According to the tracker my phone sat in the Strathfield facility for 2 weeks..
When I contacted Australia Post to ask why it wasn't being shipped, they took nearly a week to tell me that my package hadn't been scanned in 10 days, and must be deemed "lost in transit". (No apology, and no investigation at their end.)
I was then told to contact Apple, who can't do anything to help me because they are waiting on Australia Post to reply and confirm my phone is lost.
NEVER sending or receiving through Australia Post again. They are THE WORST.

Fed up with my parcels being lost by Australia post

Have had two parcels go missing now both within a month of each other. Australia post telling me I should pay for insurance to cover the cost if the loose an item. I think $8.30 with tracking should cover it. I lodge a missing item enquiry it still takes 14 days for them to reply only to tell me it's missing in transit. Resulting in me getting negative feedback on eBay and each item was valued at $200. It's crap! I am looking for an alternative way of sending my parcels. Fed up!

Brighton Post Office Melbourne and Australia Post - Dreadful

In the last 3 years the Brighton Post Office has either not notified me of of a parcel, delivered to the wrong address or lost the parcel even though it has been tracked to their office - In January I got a final notification letter went up to find a sticker over the original one - turns out they had had it for 7 weeks and when asked why they hadn't given me an initial notification tole me 'Oh well, the postperson sometimes can't leave a card', seriously you manage to deliver my bills and the occasional notification. Asked for a review into their procedures to be done to prevent this and got an angry response of 'No'. Today a nice honest lady rang me to say she had been delivered a parcel to her address - when it had my address on it. Disgusting, we need some competition in the market, a government review and some actual actions. Prior to moving to this area I have had similar issues with Australia post including the theft of items from a parcel and then delivery of half the contents. Disgusting.

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Hey A123456788, I'm so sorry to hear about this. I agree it is disgusting the level of service you have been experiencing these past few years. I want to look into everything further for you, see if I can isolate what's going on and get this addressed for you so you are receiving a better service. I've just sent you a message for some more details that'll help me get started with my investigation. ~Sami

Lazy/dishonest delivery driver and unprofessional/inconsiderate customer service

Delivery driver handed the parcel to a stranger on the street at the front gate to sign or delivered to the wrong address or kept the parcel for himself. There were people home all day but no delivery was attempted nor the bell at the front gate next to the letter box was used. Their excuses that it was delivered based on the GPS tracking was very unconvincing. When I called up for the second time to try to get more informations to find out if any of my neighbours signed and kept the parcel, the customer service that I’ve spoken to was very unprofessional and inconsiderate. The words and lines that was used made it sound like that I am the dishonest one. He gave me the impression that he think that I’ve received the parcel and I am being dishonest with them.

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Hey Chin, It's disappointing to hear that you have not only not received your parcel but received this kind of service from us. I'd like to apologise for the experience that you had with our staff. We are always trying to provide a best in class customer experience and I'm sorry to hear that this was not the case. I would like to look over everything for you and see what I can do to help locate your parcel. I would also like to pass on feedback regarding the interactions you had with our staff regarding this so improvements to the level of service they are providing can be made. I've just sent you a message for some more details that'll help me do this. ~Sami

Still waiting...

I have been waiting for an update since Thursday 16th of May. Item has been processed at facility in NSW and has been sitting there for days! I'm hoping for an update today but I'm not counting on it!

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Hey Shontell, Items are only scanned as they pass through a facility so while they are travelling between locations there can be a gap between scans. These gaps can make it look like an item is sitting in one location. but that isn't the case. That being said though it doesn't make the lack of updated any less annoying. I would like to take a closer look into this for you so I've sent you a message for some more details. ~Sami


Worst experience ever! Currently got a package they claim was delivered but it wasn’t! Not even on cctv can you see the satchel delivered and it’s worth heaps! Will happily go to court if it’s not here Monday

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Hey Jaidyn, Oh no! I agree it is a horrible experience when your item is showing as delivered but you don't have it, even worse when you have footage showing that it never came to your address. I would like to look into everything further for you. To help me do this I have sent you a message for some more details. ~Sami


All I see is AUS post employees apologising to everyone because 'we know the cost can be a bit of a shock'. The answer to the problem appears to be - read better....

At no point does anyone explain WHY the fees are so high or why said fees are calculated in such an overly complicated way, except to say this is a service for people who are unable to get the item another way. So, It's okay to rip you off because you can't get it any other way?

Never again.

Delay Delay Delay.

Australia Post. Where is my package.

First you delay my package 3 extra days. initially said it would be delivered by the 14th May.Last updated said It's on its way on the 11th at the buyer's state , 1 more week WITHOUT delivery, not good enough for domestic shipping.

It's been 3 days late.

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Hey Jckdz9, I know it is frustrating when your item doesn't arrive when it is meant to. I responded back to your message about this yesterday and again I am sorry that this item was delayed for as long as it was. The article is showing as delivered now, have you received this item? ~Sami


Australia Post is a joke. They’ve claimed to have “delivered” items which were never delivered. Their customer service is appalling. After chasing one particular “delivered” parcel the customer service officer became hostile. Their tracking sometimes works other times doesn’t. I sent a letter within Sydney and it took 3 weeks to get there! Never trust Express Post either, it won’t arrive the next day if it arrives at all. Thumbs down AP.

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Hey Gabrielle, It's not good to hear that you haven't been having the best experience with us recently, I know this is frustrating. I would like to look into the issues you have been having further, to help me do this I have sent you a message for some more details. ~Sami

Fast and safe

I use Australia Post for all my online purchases where possible as they are great for their correct tracking of my parcels from advising me of when the item has been scanned to the time of delivery to my door.

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Thanks for taking the time to share your feedback with us Helen, it's great to hear. ~Sami

Worst Service Ever, (No one should use it)

My letter was supposed to be delivered the next business day as per what it said on their Yellow box, today is the third day and it is still in transit. Waste of Money ($6.95), I will lose the job offer if the document is not reached on time, I am in a lot of stress. I called the helpline and they were not sure either why the envelope is still not delivered, they didn't have an answer for me, all they did was to put a missing document query and said that I will get a response in 48 hours. 48 HOURS? You gotta be kidding me, is this what you call Express Post?. I will resend the document again tomorrow via normal post, I hope that will be delivered before so-called Express Post. Pathetic Service, I will never use it again EVER.

Australia Post should provide the service for what they are charging for, we are paying them to do the job, they are not giving us a favour.

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Hey Frank, This is definitely a stressful situation and I'm sorry that our staff on the phone couldn't help you quicker with this, I can tell the job you have been offered is important. I've just sent you a message for some more details so I can look into this further for you and see what I can do for you. ~Sami


Disgusting - customer service lie and tell you things were delivered to the address when you know for a fact were not. Can’t deliver to the right address where do you find your staff?

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Hey Hannah, It's really concerning to hear that you you haven't received this item and that our staff weren't much help with locating this one. I would like to take a look over everything for you and see what I can do to help. I've just sent you a message for some more details that'll assist me with this. ~Sami

Love the text alerts

I prefer Australia Post over any of the other delivery companies. Aus Post messages you on the day of delivery that let's them know if someone is home or to just take it to the local post office. Then they message you when it's there so you know when you can pick it up. Love this feature!

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Hey Dani, Thank you for taking the time to share your feedback with us. It's great to hear that and we hope that you have a great weekend. ~Sami

Worse Service

The courier drivers cant read the letter box numbers in the middle of the day. They can only keep sorry cards or misplace the parcels to some other address. Firstly they did not deliver me a parcel for which I paid 15$ extra for a Kmart item. I could have picked up, but this is what I chose. Wrong job for wrong people. Days later, my photo ID was supposed to arrive, it was delivered to another address and perhaps went missing. Next thing was epic, my wife had requested her college to send her graduation certificate, these useless people even delivered that to a wrong address. Such a disgrace to courier industry.

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Hey Dharmesh, It's really disappointing to hear that not only have delivery attempts not been occur but you have had issues with mail being delivered incorrectly. I would like to help get this address for you. To allow me to do this I've sent you a message for some more details. ~Sami

Parcels are never delivered at door

In last 2 years I hardly got the parcels delivered to my door. Confidently I can say AusPost PARCEL delivery service is worst in Australia. Their delivery drivers never attempt a delivery to door & they claim they did. This is blatant lying/cheating consumers. We were home always & no one tried to make the delivery.
Just to keep a track all my incoming parcels recently I created online account & as of now I have 3 parcels in local post office awaiting collection. And when I call customer service to register complain & ( always I get to speak to representative after 10-15mins) explaining its happening always, gentlemen on the phone patiently listen to me, make a note & issues me reference number but says "He cannot promise anything". Then why the hell you have customer support team sitting there.
And when I walk in to local post office after work (mostly in the evenings & Saturdays mornings) I see 15-20 standing in the queue. Imagine the total time people spend in those queues across Australia & difficulty it causes to senior citizens & singles mothers who are taking caring of their babies.
Here is example & I am still waiting AusPost to make the delivery to door. In the below image, if the driver has attempted delivery then delivery attempted scan time should be between 11:04 & 12:04, not at 12:04. And at 12:04 again scan says ready for collection at local post office.

Hey Shri, It's concerning to hear that you have not hand any delivery attempts to your address or much assistance from us when you have reached out for help. I know this is really frustrating and I'm sorry that this has happened to you. I've just sent you a message for some more details so I can look over everything and see what we can do about getting this all sorted out for you. ~SamiSent all the details to your private message. Update on this review is even after many follow up calls to customer support, AUSPOST not bothered to attempt re-delivery. Finally I collected all the 3 parcels from local post office.

Fantastic services

My parcel was from supercheap auto, I ordered a gasket speciality product and was fragile. My product was delivered in perfect packaging and perfect order..great service from the delivery guy.

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Hey Vikki, Thank you for sharing your feedback with us, it's great to hear! We hope you have a great day. ~Sami

Do they even deliver to your door anymore or just the local post office

Pathetic service. Haven't come across another courier service as bad as this. Never pay express it comes the same time as standard and won't ever make it to your door. For everyone that works full time knows how stupid this having to go into the post office to pick up your package is. Not even an expensive item or heavy. They're Literally just work pants and youre too lazy to throw it at my door

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Hey Dylan, I agree that it's really annoying when delivery isn't attempted and just down right annoying when an item isn't safe dropped when there is nothing stopping it from taking place. I would like to help get this addressed for you so we can improve the service you receive in future. To help me do this I have sent you a message for some more details. ~Sami

Parcel returning to Sender???

Supposed to be delivered to Melbourne. Parcel was in Melbourne but currently at NSW and on it's way back to the sender due to incorrect address, which was obviously correct as i double checked it. Wrote in to ask why is my parcel returning to sender. The reply was simply, "Our scans indicate your item has been delivered, as you can see here", and the enquiry was closed. However, the images as attached clearly shows that the parcel is returning to sender. Thus, 'delivered' meant that is is ready to ship back. Clearly, i did not receive the parcel and did not sign on any acknowledgement.

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Hey Pascal, I'm sorry to hear that you received that kind of response from us. You contacted us wanting help and understanding on what's happening and we didn't give that to you. I've sent you a message for some more details so I can look over everything further. ~Sami

very efficient informative service

I'm always notified where my parcel is on the chain of travel. Via email and sms. I also always know when it will be at the post office to collect via this method and a card in my letter box. Which I don't often check.
It always arrives in a timely fashion, and in perfect condition.
I use this service a great deal as I shop online often.

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Hey Dolly, Thank you for taking the time to share your feedback, it's great to hear. ~Sami

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i was sent an envelope from the uk, 5 day international tracking LB233929071GB, will it be delivered to day or do i need to hit the royal mail up for a refund as they havent met their 5 day guarantee?
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What does auausyda mean
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Hi, can I get an estimate delivery date for item: CJ493485781US Thank you
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You can track it from the Australia Post website.There’s no delivery date!Hey John, I've had a look at the scans for this item and I'm pleased to see that this was delivered today. If you haven't received this please contact us so we can investigate further. - Facebook: facebook.com/australiapost - Twitter: @auspost - Website: https://auspost.com.au/help-and-support - Call us on 13 13 18 ~Sami