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Australia Post
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Gumdale Qld post office, the best!

The best Customer service, very helpful and they are always friendly and nice. I try to go to that post office every time even it is not the one of our area.

Lost my parcel

Not really good service.. and i lost my parcel
Always says the parcel already put at letterbox but still nothing empty
I dont know what happen with auspost
Really dont know.. not good

So far, all good

Wow that's a lot of one stars! Then again, 1million packages monthly & people hardly post 5 star reviews - kind of fair score. I use eBay a lot and never had problems with Australia Post, I like the customer chat line - down to earth reps. Overall, happy with the service thus far. Keep up the good work.

3rd world postal service

Fact: They take no accountability for deliveries that are slow.
Fact: Compared to postal services in other courtiers AP have priced themselves out of the market.
Fact: there are far cheaper options for postage in australia - google it!

Theft by ShopMate workers!!

My expensive Omega watch was stolen in the care of ShopMate who will not compensate for total cost. This is an extremely useless service that should be avoided! Have a nice day and we are sorry doesn’t sort it out!


LP237107938GB This parcel has been sitting in Sydney for the last three days and has not moved. I logged in for Automatic updates and still have not recieved updates.
The parcel was meant to be delivered 2 days ago

Hey Harry, Thank you for your question about article LP237107938GB. I've had a look and can see that this arrived in Australia on 20/02 but was only handed over to us yesterday to begin the delivery process. As the delivery time frame for this is 3 business days I estimate that you'll receive this one on Tuesday. ~SamiYou useless bunch it has been in Sydney since 7.05 am yesterday and has not moved is going to sit there till Tuesday then you will decide to deliver. You incompetent bunchIt amazes me that Australia Post can never admit they have made a mistake.

Very poor service re a 20 year old Post Office Box

I have had a Post Office box at Lambton post office for about 20 years. The post office closed down for a while and mail was being redirected to home address as per redirection CRN154437021. I was not informed that he redirection was finished even though I was the time before. Apparently a letter was sent out but it is not a trackable letter by Australia post. No phone call or email received as per the Application to redirect mail. My post office box was not reopened at the new post office at Lambton. I was not informed that the new Post Office had even reopened. I find this unacceptable and a terrible service for a customer of 20 years who has had that post office box. Obviously Australia post were not proactive to ensure this did not happen and procedures were not put in place. As per your Australia post "Customer Commitment" "We’re committed to meeting customer needs and enhancing experiences and outcomes – today and into the future." You certainly did not meet my customer needs and experience!!!!! Australia Post "Strive to meet my future needs and do more than I expect". Not in this case that is for sure. REF https://auspost.com.au/about-us/corporate-information/our-company/customer-commitment-and-charter

Great service.

The Yea Post Office is staffed by friendly, very efficient Locals. They are very good at multi-tasking and remembering everyone. Every customer is made to feel special. We, in Yea are very lucky to have them.

Negligent irresponsible handling of packages

A Post managed to destroy two almost indestructible containers of URGENT horse medicine, then failed to take responsibility for the damage they did and failed to pay the $230 replacement cost. Failed to get back to me when they promised they would, told me they would pay for the damage then didn’t. Disgusting incompetence, appalling service.

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Hey Disgusted, I'm sorry to hear that your item was damaged and that we haven't gotten back to you yet. I've sent you a message about this for some more details as I'd like to take a look into everything for you. I hope to hear from you shortly. ~Sami

The best

Australia Post is amazing!! They always deliver,they alway make sure I’m home,if not goes in a safe place or at my local post office !! Which is like 5 minutes away so I know it’s safe till I pick it up ..THANKS

Hey Kati, Thank your for taking the time to share your feedback with us, it's great to hear. We hope the rest of your week is awesome and that you have a great weekend. ~SamiYour so welcomed,

Very happy

I have had major problems with another postage company and eventually my order was put through Australia post and got my package so thankyou for delivering very successfully and quick :)

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Hey Jacob, Thanks for sharing your feedback with us about your recent experience, it's great to hear! We hope you have a great day. ~Sami

Mail Redirection Service is a Joke

We moved house and established a 3 month redirection service. Of the approx 10 letters addressed to our old address, only 2 were mail-redirected to the new address. The remaining letters were found at the old address (thankfully we could drive there to fetch them).

Waste of money.

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Hey Nick, It's disappointing to hear that your Mail Redirection hasn't been working. I've sent you a message for some more information for privacy reasons so I can look into this for you and get this addressed. ~Sami

Pathetic Delivery Service

In general, I rate Australia Post good. I avail the counter services on a regular basis, even buy my travel insurance there. It’s the delivery service that takes all the credit away. The delivery men do not deliver my parcels 99% of the time. By that I mean they don’t even come to my door and conveniently choose to drop the ‘missed delivery’ slip in my mailbox instead. As a result I have to wait till Saturday to stand in a long line to collect my parcel from the PO. Some parcels are more important than others, and some can’t wait till Saturday. How would you explain it if I am working from home on the delivery day and nobody rings the door bell? Or how would you explain it if the ‘slip’ slid under my door at 9pm? Clearly the delivery men do multiple jobs, and probably are protected by unions that do a great cause giving shelter to lazy, unskilled and incompetent people. I called Aus Post to complain and they pretended to be suprised as if they lived in a different world. Everyone knows it’s a common problem, never to be solved to society’s deteriment.

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Hey Tal, It's concerning to hear that delivery isn't being attempted for you, especially with the delivery slip being left at your door. I'd like to look into this further for you so we can get this address. I've sent you a message for some more details. ~Sami

thank you Mickey and team for sorting this delicate issue, 10/10 for Mickey

Mickey you are a champion in your job 10/10 customer service & customer care, you should be the C.E.O as i believe you would change Australia post for the better, Thank you for getting on the case and sorting out the urgent item lost.

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Hey Kris, Thank you for your feedback. I have passed this onto Mickey for you so he knows how much you appreciate his help and that he has your recommendation to be CEO. We hope you have a great week. ~Sami

They never check and send parcels to post office

I was getting a delivery so waited a whole day. Then I get a notification saying no one was home when no one buzzed. This is ridiculous. Of the 4 deliveries recently we've been home the whole time and no one buzzed. This is just bad service.

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Hey Liz, It's disappointing to hear that deliveries aren't being attempted at your property. I'd like to look into this further for you and help get this address. I've sent you a message for some more details that'll help me get started. ~Sami

Don't expect an apology for missing parcels.

My order was suppose to be delivered on the 6th of Feb. Contacted Auspost to receive NO APOLOGY. It would have been a massive box so how they have lost it in transit is beyond me. Poor customer service to say the least!
I am agreeing with the 3rd world service comments below!

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Hey Carlie, I'd like to apologise for the experience that you had with our staff and that you have had this kind of experience with out service. We are always trying to provide a best in class customer experience and I'm sorry to hear that this was not the case. I would like to look into this further so I have sent you a message for some more information. ~Sami


Australia Post has always been a low rating on my radar for quite some time now at our last 3 houses we constantly received mail for other houses and most recently the parcel service has been appalling.
2 large pricey items lost in 1 month.
1st Christmas tree... It didn't arrive in time let alone at all!!! Was written off as "lost in transit" no explanation given 2nd they lost my daughters iPad which was in transit to head office as it was faulty and we being returned for a refund also deemed lost in transit. I'm mind blown at home this has happened to me twice in a short amount of time let alone the entire country.... Makes me wonder where all these "lost in transit" packages are?!?

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Hey Bree B, I wish we new where all lost items were so we could reunite them with their intended owners. Unfortunately, if we are unsuccessful in locating an article we may have to sometimes class an item as lost in transit. We don't like doing this, but if we have exhausted all of our avenues of investigation and have come up empty it is unfortunately the outcome. I'm sorry we weren't able to locate these items for you. ~Sami

Inaccurate delivery timings

Received notification on AusPost app that delivery will take place at 10am, was home all morning and afternoon awaiting delivery. Post man didn’t even come to door and left a note for collection at post office.

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Hey Benjamin, It's disappointing to hear that delivery wasn't attempted for you. I'd like to take a closer look into this for you so I've sent you a message for some more details. ~Sami

Good services, good staff and poor trading hours

Good services, good staff and poor trading hours. I was hoping it could be opening earlier. The Armadale office opens only 9 am which doesn't help much. Eventually it is not all other offices.

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Hey Gabriel, Thank you for sharing your feedback with us about this outlet, it's great to hear. To share your suggestion for earlier opening hours feel free to complete an online form to have this passed on ^_^ https://auspost.com.au/help-and-support ~Sami

Pathetic service from AusPost/Seaford Business Hub

I have had many deliveries not arrive when delivered from AusPost/Seaford Business Hub. It's the guy on the pushbike that is the issue, pocketing goods for himself. Or simply dumping them somewhere, he's even forged my signature and marked items as delivered when he has made off with them.

Absolutely atrocious customer service when contacted every single item, no resolution, no punishment for this thief, just empty promises from the imbeciles at AusPost.

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Hey Andrew, I'd like to apologise for the experiences that you had with the one of our delivery staff. We are always trying to provide a best in class customer experience and I'm sorry to hear that this was not the case. I would like to look into this further for you so I've sent you a message for privacy reasons to obtain some more details. ~Sami

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I often send mail overseas using the INTERNATIONAL EXPRESS ENVELOPE 500 GRAMS. But the last 3 times I had my letters returned to me. The reason is that they say that I cannot send mail overseas to a PO BOX address using an INTERNATIONAL EXPRESS ENVELOPE. I have always done this before with no problems. Also, it doesn't say anywhere on the envelope that I cannot send to PO BOX with the INTERNATIONAL EXPRESS ENVELOPE. Alot if countries also don't have street numbers, they use a PO BOX. Can some one please give me some advice here?
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Wow that's a lot of one stars! Then again, 1million packages monthly & people hardly post 5 star reviews - kind of fair score. I use eBay a lot and never had problems with Australia Post, I like the customer chat line - down to earth reps. Overall, happy with the service thus far. Keep up the good work.
1 answer
Hi Brendan, I guess the fact you work for Australia Post maybe why you do not understand the one star reviews. Normally a employee would be looking at what they can do better for the customer.

what does it mean "held" ? is that because I need to pay customs? if so how do I pay? I haven't received any email informing that? I just received an email saying that my parcel has cleared customs, but today it says "held" my tracking number is ES983569239
1 answer
Hey Yas, If any duties needs to be paid you will receive a letter from them letting you know how to proceed. Unfortunately the tracking number you have provided isn't valid. International tracking numbers start with two letters, have nine digits in the middle and two letters at the end. I recommend checking the tracking number again and getting in touch with us once you have so we can check up on this for you. - Facebook: facebook.com/australiapost - Twitter: @auspost - Website: https://auspost.com.au/help-and-support - Call us on 13 13 18 ~Sami