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Worst company ever

I contacted MV transporters like most other people without reading the terms and conditions or reviews.

My car was picked up around the end of June, after constant lies when booking and throughout the whole period of 2 months from multiple staff members. This created soooo much stress, anxiety and depression because of their incompetence and lies and at one point not even knowing where my car was.

After it reached 60 day mark I was left with no other choice and I went to the police. I reported my car stolen and advised MV transporters/AAA transports that I was making a report against them because reasonable time had well passed.

Sadly.. this was the only time I got any credible information concerning my car and it's whereabouts and was actually told the truth. Unfortunately my car arrived damaged and some of my items where stolen/missing and no responsibility was taken by this awful company. Although I am very happy to have my car back I strongly believe they should not be a company anymore because they are unable to fix their "business practices" and don't care about their clients as I was yelled at and addressed rudely by multiple people from this company and you seem to think your not monsters.

[Irrelevant Content Removed]

*** DO NOT USE***

In March 2019 we booked to have our vehicle transported from Perth to Brisbane as they could do it the quickest, advising that they had a truck ready to go that week. With that urgency we paid the invoice provided not thinking twice. After a couple of week we contacted [name removed] from their administration team to find out the location as we had not heard anything from that. That is when the lies and deception started by AAA Transport, then changed to Auto Transporters, and also now quoting MV Transport (not sure if they have changed their name or they were using a contractor). We were told that our vehicle had departed and on its way from Perth, then after a week they then admitted that our vehicle had actually not left Perth due to issues that they had with their trucks; flat tire and then engine problems. Our vehicle was in Perth until June with various excuses, reasons and lies. The story would change weekly and they would even say that it was on its way over then after a few days with us requesting photos of our vehicle or to contact the driver to confirm its location, they would then say due to transporter's issues it hadn't left.
They eventually got our vehicle to Melbourne and it remained there for another 2 months with no answer as to how or when it was going to get to Brisbane. The vehicle they were transporting for us is our business and every day it was delayed meant we were losing money. We were always understand and patient but after with lost thousands of dollars we needed to act. We then put in complaints with Office of Fair Trading, police and got our lawyers involved but the company refused any liability, wrong doing or even the ability to deliver our vehicle. Even saying that they "don't guarantee" a delivery date and it is stated in their terms and conditions. They then stopped returning our calls or emails and we started to get really concerned that they have stolen our vehicle.
They then brought in an "independent consultant" to help with customer care enquiries on behalf of AAA Transporters. However he was also part of the deception and lack of resolution.

To that end because we were losing so much money due to the delay we ended up paying for another company to move our vehicle costing us another $3,000 from Melb to Bris, in addition to the amount we paid to AAA Transporter. They offered to refund us 50% of the fee we paid if they did not deliver by a certain date after putting in the complaints, however that date passed and then they revoked on the offer and we haven't seen a dollar.

I would suggest that anyone that has a vehicle tied up with this company should do what they can to get it out of their possession and education as many people as possible of the type of service this company provides.

Scammers. Google aaa transport a current affair and watch

These so called business people will take your money and will either not even bother to pick up your car, or if they do pick it up you may find it somewhere in Australia only after police intervention in a locked yard that you will have to pay thugs to release it, that’s if you find it at all, and good luck getting in contact with them after you have paid, they will take your money and give you nothing but grief. Google aaa transport a current affair
for a look at these professional scammers

really. how do these people sleep at night.

my son hooked up with these guys to move a cruiser ute from Melbourne to Darwin. expensive price, but agreed as it was needed in a hurry & was told that they do 2 trips a week. 7 weeks later, & after continuous phone calls,emails, etc, we took to our own detective work & tracked down there storage address, with a visit from friend in melbourne, we were told it was to leave on the next saturday, cool, yep it did,(son leaves on his honeymoon cruise) so i take the mission on) & then it was lost again, after numerous unanswered phone calls, texts, [name removed] informed us it was in Alice Springs with the truck broken down but didn't know where or what mechanic shop, really, more detective work & contacted every mechanic in AS, nothing, finally after annoying the s__t out of them & locking there phones up for 2 days we got an address, Coober Pedy. been there for 10 days, dumped off with another vehicle we are trying to find an owner for. arranged for the mechanic in CP to lock the vehicle up until we can pick it up, done, Cruise-Brisbane-Adelaide-CooberPedy-drive to Darwin, great finish to a honeymoon. These guys need to be shut down. So if anybody is looking for a blue vehicle that shouldn't be in Coober Pedy please contact via this forum.

They stole my vehicles

After five months of the usual routine of stories about missed pick ups, broken down truck etc etc, they eventually got a tow truck to pick up my vehicles, and they eventually sat in the towies yard. I had no idea where the vehicles were after they were removed from the collection point, and after police intervention, found them in a tow truck yard. Which I had to pay $600 for their release. These mongrels had no intention of delivering the vehicles to me, but took my money and ran a deliberate five month trail of false information and lies. If anyone knows we’re these peoples office address is, I would like to have a personal chit chat with them.

Do not use them

Paid via bank transfer and then read some terribly concerning reviews. Contacted them to cancel the deal only to be told no way as a special truck had been sent to pick up my vehicles. Contacted my bank who have had no luck in recalling the transaction. I’m out of pocket $3014 but I still have my vehicles. Scammers and intimidators. Stay away from them.

Beware of this company!! Scam! The only thing they’re interested in is your money

My husband bought a truck in Perth, WA and we were told to be careful, apparently vehicles from there often don’t reach their destination. So we searched on the internet and found this company. We were asked to put $3100 into their account because a truck was there with one space available leaving the next day. So I rushed to the bank, paid, they confirmed that they had received the money. Then the waiting game began: truck had broken down and another one had been sent and was to leave in 3 days; truck was in the Melbourne depot; emails; phone calls over 100 being told to phone another number; text messages; on and on it went. They have the art down to the finest detail that it’s very difficult to reach someone. If you are in luck, they will tell you that they will make some enquires and phone you back. This never happens. I checked the reviews online and found the truthful ones, not the made up ones on their website. We contacted Pickles where we had purchased the truck and to our amazement and relief it was still in their depot. We asked them to hold it, flew over and picked it up ourselves and drove it home to NSW. We have been trying to get our money returned another countless phone calls over 100 and emails. So we have reported them to the police for fraud. This company doesn’t even care if consumer affairs is after them. Beware!!!


Do NOT under any circumstances use this company. They are absolute bunch of grubs! I got lied to for nearly 3 months (quote of 20 days) to have a vehicle sent from QLD to PER.

My only advice to people stuck in the system with them is too ring all contact numbers 10 times a day. Be rude, be aggressive, the squeaky wheel gets the oil! That was the only thing that would make them accountable and got some traction - i feel sorry for you but write notes on who you speak to & keep email trails.

I was promised fuel vouchers for my hassles which obviously were never included either.
I have made several complaints to gov regulation authorities since.

One star is too much!

Paid up front and no show on truck. I’m left with a vehicle in Coffs and no one to contact. I am reporting this company to ACCC to get them to intervene. I hope everyone does the same. They should be shut down.!

Questionably Legitimate Business

The written and verbal communication of this company should have been the first giveaway that their business practices are not legitimate. Despite the requirement to pay upfront and 'guaranteed' claims that my car would be collected the following Monday (when booking on a Friday afternoon), I booked this service. I paid $1705 for a removal from Sydney to Perth. I had to call the company to confirm they received my payment receipt - even when confirming my payment they made no acknowledgement my car was meant to be picked up the day before

A week later I called 'MV Transports' to enquire, and after reading other reviews on this site, I had genuine suspicion that my vehicle was not going to be delivered. All phones that I tried were not answered, including the mobile number in the poorly written redirection message I received when calling the number on the website. Eventually I was called back by a man who was insistent "Your [my] car was on a truck in Melbourne awaiting final delivery", yet after stating this had to ask for all the details of my vehicle. My pickup contact in NSW confirmed for me minutes later, that my car was still behind locked gates at my former residence in NSW.

Since then I have written 3 emails to MV Transports and tried to phone them multiple times (including receiving successful delivery receipts from my email provider), one of these emails containing a letter of demand. I genuinely believe that this company has no intention of attempting to collect my vehicle - and from the sentiment expressed by other customers, I feel that this is probably the safest option.

MV Transports, as you are avoiding my contact on all other platforms, I want you to contact me immediately regarding the $1705 I am owed. Regardless of the legitimacy or illegitimacy of your reasoning (when I hear it), this service has been remarkably negative and has had several flow-on implications in my professional life.

Update: It seems that, even in the face of legal action, this company still insists on lying. Promised call backs twice - never happened. The 'secretary' tried to tell me they had been in email contact, but they very clearly hadn't been talking to me. Whenever challenged, MV Transporters continue to make petty excuse after petty excuse.This has now gone to WA Consumer Protection for resolution - can't believe something meant to be so straightforward has come to this

Going to cry

omg, i think Im going to cry. I got my three quotes for Auto transport, and of course given they were the cheapest i went with MV Transports. Their service was quick and prompt, but now, that i am following up in regards to when my car will arrive in Cairns from Melbourne, im getting no reply's what so ever. This is not good. What do i do. I didnt read the reviews first, i just got the quotes.

AVOID AVOID AVOID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

needed show car to be picked up and delivered from Victoria to Central Coast NSW. Money needed to be paid in full up front. From the start lied about truck/driver/pick up details. Rang 26 times with calls often blocked or let to go to answering machine. Stated that " manager will call"- never did. Also ignored/blocked calls from seller of car. This went from a friday to tuesday. Text messages sent when calls no longer accepted. More lies. have had to call in dept of fair trading as they will not communicate with us at all. Asked for refund as we have lost faith in their ability to do job. Stated that they have a no refund policy- but this is not documented anywhere on quote or job sheet. Have left this issue in the hands of fair trading AVOID AVOID AVOID this company

Total Scammers & Lairs

Don’t use use this company. I paid up front $1660 to have my son’s car brought from Darwin to NSW. Got told it would take 2 to 3 weeks. These so called scumbags wouldn’t know how to tell the truth. I was told by my son’s friend they had picked up the car. The next thing after 2 weeks I got a phone call on the 4/6 by a women asking me if I had seen the current affairs program the night before. I ask why she said it was on AAA Transport & how they are ripping people off. She proceed to tell me she was from NT Towing & Recovery & she had my son’s car in her storage yard. I ask her who gave her permission to pick up my son’s car. She said AAA contacted her by phone & told her to pick up car. She said AAA just show up no warning pay towing & storage fee with credit card & take car. She then told me not to worry that the car was safe & she wouldn’t be dealing with them anymore. I tried to contact AAA only to get answering message then phone bank full. I also sent several emails requesting someone phone me. That never happened. It took several more days of constantly phoning them before I got a women by the name of [name removed]. She explained she had worked for the company for many years & she would organise the car to come home. I asked her to send me a confirmation email which she did. Email stated that truck was leaving Melbourne the next night & would take 4/5 days to get to Darwin then car would be picked up & another 4/5 days to come back. That didn’t happen either. Again I tried phoning couldn’t get anyone. I was given a contact no of a Joe. I phoned him with my concern & he told me that he would look into why my son’s car hadn’t been picked up & would phone me back next day. Well still waiting on that call. He also said that all the reviews are lies & that they were in the process of getting their legal team To have reviews taken down. This bloke just lies. Well car never got picked up after many weeks of lies from several people I spoke with at AAA. I did ask Joe for my money back only to be told they don’t give refunds only if after 60 days car not picked up then I would be able to get my money back. After that couldn’t get in contact with them. NT Towing refused to release car to me unless I paid towing & storage fee. I kept asking NT Towing if they had a contact phone no for AAA which I was told no. Finally I agreed to pay fee to get my son’s car back. I organised another company to bring car back. Well well that night I get a email from [name removed] at AAA telling me NT Towing had contacted them & that I was wanting car back & she needed me to give AAA permission to give NT Towing permission to release car to me & I would pay all fees. I never answered the email as I already had car back. I never gave NT Towing permission to collect car in first place & under the law they should not of ask me to pay the fees as it was AAA that got them to collect car. I wouldn’t trust NT Towing as they are in with these scumbags to rip people off. I am seeking legal advise on the conduct of AAA & NT Towing. Don’t get caught like I did. Scumbags the lot of them.

July 27th 2019 Update: Keep Changing Name

Just wanted to advise everybody that AAA Transport has changed there name again. Don’t be fooled they are still the same scammers. The new name is All Australian Auto Transports. They take your money & never do the job you pay them to do. Never answer the phone or emails. Don’t get caught like I did.

Very Bad

I am still waiting, after 40 days , my car is not moved yet.

I will involve police to this case and I hope everybody can do legal action against them.

Terrible company

I don’t know why police doesn’t stop this company?!!!!

How many people should be in trouble untill this company shut down?

They keep our money and car
They said in 2 weeks but now is 6 weeks and still doesn’t have the car

BEWARE!! WORST COMPANIES (changes their name constantly)

They Hardly ever answer phone calls, NEVER RING BACK!! Emails go unanswered... Their attitude is deplorable and manners are NONEXISTENT!! After dropping off the car on the 27th May, our car was supposed to be leave on the 28th of May from Gold Coast to arrive in Melb on the 31st... After numerous lies and disgusting customer service, we FINALLY got the car today, 4th of July..... We went to the depot at Broad meadows earlier to today only to find an extremely aggressive and what seemed to be a man [Content Removed], telling us to leave and that our car wasn’t there!! The amount of times we were told that our car was on its way, to find out it hadn’t even left just blew my mind!! Not even being able to grab our keys back and take it down ourselves, IS JUST WRONG and on these occasions our requests went unanswered!! We contacted the police, ACA and ACCC.. These people are thugs and need to be STOPPED!! I’m getting our car checked by the dealership and am still taking this matter further!! Absolute scum, from the drivers, to the admin chicks and the so called boss.. DO NOT USE!!!!

Total liars 60 days still waiting Dont use this company

Paid up front. For a buggy from newcastle to cairns 2 weeks later called up to see when i could expect it 1 person said it was on the gold coast 1 person said they hadnt received the payment. Cant even get the lies straight between them. I was told its at the gold coast then i find out its still in newcastle 2 months later i have been told many times it was coming but i believe its still sitting in newcastle. Total lies dont use this company. I am handing it to the soliciter to file to court any one else want to join contact me.

AAA Transporters

I need help we contacted them several times requesting transportation of a non running car after it was paid with all of her savings to them at the end of May. We tried to ring them several times no answer I even tried several times got proof, spoke to some lady & she said that she was in Melbourne & will ring me back - no call back. I even sent txt messages no response so my daughter then finally got hold of who ever the lady is as the name changes all the time and questioned the reviews as we were devastated that this had happened. Were told that people are telling lies it is not true, it’s not them and the site is just trying to make them look bad. Well after no response we got a different company to go collect the car had to pay again now they said that we have breach something so we must not even think about trying to get our money back as they will contact their lawyers as they specially sent somebody today to go pick up the car today which I know is not true after reading all of these reviews I need help & advice please

Time to expose them for what they are!!!

Watch A Current Affairs program about this company. Everyone must know who they are dealing with. I was lucky and managed to get my money back after weeks of a missing car and then to find it damaged and no responsibility taken on their part. I complained to ASIC, fair trading, A Current Affair to find out exactly who we are dealing with. I was shocked with my findings. This company ( whoever they are called now) are:
[Irrelevent content removed]
4. take zero responsibility
5. damage vehicles
6. they even use vehicles in transit to assist with delivery of cars
the list is endless!!!
I spent hours each day trying to get a response from this company but continually got the run around. It was only when I contacted ASIC did I get a response from this company. I was told that if I dropped the investigation I would be paid. I did get paid but I will not stop here as it sickens me that this company is still operating and now I read from a recent review they are under a new name. They must be stopped!!
Everyone must continue to complain to the authorities and expose them for what they are!! Its insulting that I have to rate them a star.

Do not use - liars, hopeless organisation, no recourse to this pathetic excuse of a company

It has taken 2 months to get my car from QLD to Melbourne. Constant lies that it will be on the next truck that never eventuated. There is no recourse through their complaints department ([Name Removed]) as every request to be contacted back is not successful. Do not use whatever you do!

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Questions & Answers

Can anyone provide their melbourne depot address. They have stung me as well going to report as stolen vehicle.Pls provide other feedback to get my car back its 1970 mustang blue convertible
6 answers
Narinder C. the address we found our ute at is [Address Removed]. good luck.They sleep on the premises, illegally I am sure so go anytime however the warehouse is gated..Andre Can you please email me the addresses? We bought a car for our son & they have it :( manox5@hotmail.com

Dear Product Review team, how can I post an address here? This company is hiding customers vehicles and not providing the location to the owners! Those addresses are not personal details, and I would like to know which one of your rules require the removal of company locations?
2 answers
Yes I want to know that information as well please PR team. We try to help people find their cars and we get edited and stopped for helping. Surely you can read the reviews that you have to verify and approve and can see what they are doing to people..yes not personal information as stated so please provide the reason why.Hi Leah same here Im Melbourne based better report to police for theft/stolen

Hello, We are now in the process of trying to find a ute we purchased and contracted AAA transporters to deliver for us. Does anyone know the location of their holding yards in NSW or VIC?
8 answers
I don’t think they actually do anything good.I will agree with you on that for sure. Do you know where their holding yards are located?I know of those yards that have been used previously: [Addresses Removed]

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