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Seasoned Con Artists. Unreliable. Liars. Abusive & Threatening.

Booked my European car through Auto Transporters who now seem to use the name of AAA Transporters. Spoke with [name removed] who unilaterally assured delivery on my daughter's birthday for the $19000 car I bought her for her 21st. She had cancer a year earlier and I nearly lost her so this car was a surprise for her as she ardently saving for one for a few years. The hideous Manager [name removed]called me names when I complained that the car had not been delivered for her birthday AS PROMISED by [name removed]. He told me he would speak to [name removed] and rang me back shortly to tell me that [name removed] had never given that promise and that I am 'dumb'. I told [name removed] never to speak to me like that again and that they had a warranty on their website and he laughed out loud and abused me (the words I quoted above). He told me to 'leave you dumb" when I asked for a refund of $770. I paid them immediately on booking through their office girl whom [name removed] had given me her mobile number for. When I rang her she abused me telling me it was her day off and was a single mum and clearly I had no understanding of 'what being a mum is all about you pathetic rude". I burst into tears as she laughed out loud. All I can say is I never received a refund as all calls were ignored. Texts were ignored and when I emailed [name removed] he wrote back abusing me even further and telling me to "watch my back". I do not know who on earth these terrible individuals are and how they believe they can do this to people. I paid another carrier $850 and it was delivered from Sydney to Gold Coast 3 days later. Do NOT ever use AAA Transporters or Auto Transporters (they go by both names) as they are scammers...ABUSIVE and threatening and LIARS. We need to do a CLASS ACTION against this lowlife organisation.


Don’t not be fooled by any of the “ very few “ positive endorsements, it’s merely the staff that work for them posting ( I have evidence of this ) my vehicle too has not arrived in over 55 days despite this being one of the easiest routes possibly , I should have got a Monkey to drive it , would be here by now ! I’ve got a hidden camera on them so all will be revealed sooner or later & we can truly expose that Charlatans !!!

Do Not Use - They Need To Be Shut Down


AAA Transport are a bunch of liars. (sorry, but that is the most polite way to describe it)

They have my vehicle now for 63 days and it has not moved since they picked it up, it is still at their Sydney yard. I am now flying there to collect it (hopefully) and drive to Darwin myself.

Do not - under any circumstances, regardless what they tell you - book with them.

I am launching legal action against them, if any previous customer is interested in joining - contact me.

Kind regards

Do not use this company

Six weeks later I am still waiting for the delivery even though they insisted on payment up front. They claim the truck was undriveable even though they drove it out of the auction yard.

Need to get a hold of other customers

Hi guys I recently entered into a contract with this company having little understanding of the difficulties transport company’s have, at first I was very frustrated but they contacted me both on the phone and in writing and provided me with a comprehensive time line for delivery
Which I found to be very thoughtful and respectful
In short they are a small Compnay up against the big boys and trying to do the best

If you have any questions
Please call or txt me 0411212437


What a nightmare 7 weeks later and the car arrived with a stinky old man in it,To the rude unprofessional lady at front desk i dont even no how you have a job with your job title but i guess your company are all the same, liars ,unprofessional and a disgrace to this world,How yous still have a company gets me,Not one phone call or anything told what i wanted to hear for weeks ,have no hearts ,All about getting the money ,Dodgy dodgy dodgy,Do not go through these guys anyone,They will give you hell and back like they done to me,

Where is my car ?

As per everyone else on this review page I am at the end of my patience with AAA Transporters , I have been waiting for 32 days now for my car after paying for service of 5-7 days delivery and every few days I’ve been told a different bunch of lies and conflicting information .. one day it’s in transit , the next they can’t track it as the system is down , then the truck is broken down , then the driver forgot to pick up my car , or there’s no room for my car ... today’s excuse the driver had a doctors appointment!!!! I get that things don’t always go to plan but not once has anyone from this business contacted me to inform me of any of these “issues” I have had to call them ... I’ve not once even had an apology which just basic customer care.... I dread to think what state or where my car is !

When I call I get told I’ll call you back which no one ever does , I was told my car would be here by today ( this time last week) and the week before that and the week before that and finally after a heated call with their “customer service “ ( a bloke on his mobile) this afternoon I’ve been told it’s still in Sydney in and by the sounds of it in some dodgy shed owned by some random guy who’s details they can’t give me!!

Well enough is enough today I contacted the police and trading standards but not sure what’s going to happen !

I just want my car... not sure what I can do it’s making me feel sick with worry about how this will all end and if I’ll ever get my car back and in one piece !

I don’t know how these people sleep at night knowing they are blatantly ripping people off

HELP ......

Wouldn’t use this company again

Firstly, shout out to the truckies doing it hard! Not an easy job, and I acknowledge the stress and pressure for this kind of job. Thank you for getting our car home.

Unfortunately for us, our car was delivered after 9 weeks. After constant lies and couldn’t truthfully locate our car at any given time, we stressed for that whole 8 weeks of it all. Offered to pick it up after losing money on a daily basis. Ended up getting the police and lawyers involved and will be taking it further to ACCC to assist future customers that this does not happen to anyone.

All could have been avoided if truth was told throughout to avoid unnecessary personal logistic arrangements we had to make during these 9 weeks. I can deal with things taking its time due to being so far out from the main cities. But I can’t deal with lies and no communication.

This is referring to the company trading as AAA Transporters.

Credit must be given, car came in one piece with no damage and all personal items were untouched.

Nail biting hair pulling stress turned to sweet nectar from the gods.

These cowboys delivered and came thru and I want to make sure everyone out there knows you get what you give.
After reading all the reviews on this company I prayed to my angels the task I had pre-paid for went as expected. And it did. Thank you.
To all those who have gone previously where I now go I say to you think about how you treat others before you expect others to treat you the way you like to be treated. No tricks. No magic here just the words you use will form the world you live in so be careful.

I use the cowboy word as a nice way to explain people I relate to if you’ve ever been to the Mt Isa Rodeo you will know what I mean, if not get yourself there and participate in everything the Mt Isa Rodeo has to offer and then and only then can you call yourself a real Australian, otherwise shut the hell up and don’t complain about how others treat you, if you give it, be prepared to get it back.

To the actual guys that drove the big rig car carrier and Dazza and a nice young lady in the office I cannot speak highly enough of your professional attitude and approach when dealing with you guys an gals along the way.
Two weeks in transit on discount pricing, half what the other companies asked from Melbourne to the Gold Coast was what I expected and I got it.
It’s a thankless world out there and a dirty job delivering cars on a transporter around Australia and I recognise the nature of the job and the industry it is.

This review concerns the company trading as aaatransporters or aaacartransporters.

To the owner of the company I say treat your staff well and you will find your business will thrive. Your business will only ever be as good as the staff you employ and I interacted with several of your staff but only three stand out as being best practice in industry and for this those three staff receive my award of merit for bringing home the bacon under severe stressful circumstances. I say to the boss you must return customer calls and you must provide updated info on progress at each stage voluntarily, customers should not have to extract it like pulling a wisdom tooth! Would I use you again? YES. Kermit has become the advertising feature of my business. Thank you.

Had to get Police and Lawyers involved - Avoid!!

I had my van transported from Perth to Melbourne. I was told that I was in luck as a truck was leaving the next day so I could expect the van to arrive 4/5 days later. That was amazing...too good to be true and it turned out! When it didn’t arrive I followed up and was told there had a been an unforeseen hold up, it was in Adelaide so would be available to collect the next day. Over the next three weeks I was given seven different ETA’s with every excuse you could think of to explain the delays. Then they stopped answering my calls. Almost a month after it was meant to arrive I felt I had to involve the police. I flew back to Perth and to my disbelief, the van was parked in the exact same spot as where I left it over a month earlier. They admitted they had been feeding me lies over the past few weeks to (quote) “tell me what I wanted to hear”. They even refused to let me collect the van from the yard. 47 days after the agreed date the van finally arrived in Melbourne.

Working as a courier this couldn’t have been a worse experience. 6 weeks loss of earnings as well as flights back and forth. I’m currently pursuing those through my lawyers.

Comfortably the worst company I’ve ever dealt with. Do not use them!!!!

It took them 75 Days to deliver my car !!!

Do Not Use this company if you are not prepared to wait almost 3months. When i made the booking to get my car transported from Perth to Wollongong they assured me I will receive my car in 2 weeks max hence why i booked with them and because they were $100 cheaper than other companies... Biggest regret of my life...My car was sitting in a Perth depot for over 2weeks before it even left, then it was sitting in a Gold Coast depot for over 3 weeks, then in a Sydney depot for the remainder...75 Days it took!!! They lie, they are rude and full of excuses...They always say they will call you back and never do.. I do not reccommend this company to anyone!!!

Took no responsibility for damage done to car during transport

Car arrived needing $5000 worth of repairs. I reported the damage within 24 hours and provided clear photos of the undamaged vehicle as it was being loaded and photos of the damage as it was being unloaded. AAAuto transporters took no responsibility and did not even feign concern. This company needs to be investigated.


Short and simple!- dont send anything with them regardless of what their website says, the website has changed so the reviews dont match their website name. No phone calls answered, replies to emails, and they have highly incompetent drivers as well as admin staff who are very rude and careless and talk to you like a 2 year old. My motorbike was delivered on its side and the driver told me it fell over the day before but didn't care to pick it up, i reported it but now they wont pick up or return calls!. Reckless and careless is an understatement. It took 76 days to drive 3000km and one of my bikes wont even turn over, it's completely dead. For a company that pride themselves on their supposid high quality of service, as far as I'm concerned, they are criminals, take your money and trash your gear. Cheers for the damage to my 3 vehicles. If you were in my shoes, imagine how you would feel. Devastated and out of pocket is an understatement!!!!

They Need To Be Shut Down

If you would like your vehicles delivered by a company that has no pride or standards in their work then this is the perfect transport company for you. Long story short they will leave your vehicles out in the weather at their so called depot on the Gold Coast until they can get a full load before delivering it to you and they will treat your vehicles with absolutely no care or respect. You will most likely have damage to your vehicles so take as many photos and videos as you can inside and out to prove what they have done. If you expect your vehicle to arrive on time think again because I can guarantee you that it wont. Expect to wait at least 3 months in most circumstances depending on where you live. Do yourself a favour and go elsewhere for vehicle transportation and spread the word so that we can stop people from being disappointed and out of pocket. This is from my own experience and I dont want it happening to others especially after the amount of damage I have on my 3 vehicles one of which is now a write off because of their lack of care and incompetence. They speak highly of themselves on their website but from what I've experienced they are the complete opposite and not a drop of professionalism has been shown. Boycott this company at all costs no matter how desperately you need a vehicle transported. This review page also needs to show their current company name of AAA Transporters not Auto Transporters so that people can find these reviews and save themselves alot of heartache. They dont even deserve 1 star but I had no choice.


1) They have no insurance.
2) They damage vehicles and leave them in spare allotments for weeks.
3) They lie continuously.
4) They drive your vehicles around.
5) They allow drivers with no license to drive their trucks.

After 70 Days I rang the Police

People complaining about 1 month delivery have nothing to complain about. 72 days non delivery from Adelaide to Cairns.
After 70 days I reported the car as stolen and the Police investigated and found my car at the Gold Coast depot, but were unable to do anything.
They still couldn't give me a delivery date, so I cancelled and hired another transport company at my expense to go to their depot pick up my car and deliver my car.
Because I cancelled they will not give me a refund on the part of the delivery they didn't do, but they did offer me a 25% discount on my next car delivery.
Please use this Company if you like being lied to and you don't need your car delivered for 3 months to 1 year but delivery times are subject to change.

Do not use these cowboys

We used this company to ship our F100 from WA to Brisbane. They were dearer than their competitors but promised we'd have our truck before xmas which we needed, and there was one spot left so we would need to pay immediately. We did that and got nothing but lies thereafter. Could not tell us where the truck was, then lied about its whereabouts, then gave the trucks broken down and we are waiting for parts...lies lies lies! After threatening to report the truck as stolen finally get it in early February. Do not waste your time and money on this dodgy company they are a complete rip off!!

Do not use!!!!

We had arranged for a car to be shipped from QLD to Hobart. We were told several times it would take 2 weeks max. It took over a month. Because of this my mother had to spend thousands on accomodation waiting for her car to arrive(all her camping equipment was inside the car) and she also had her dog with her. She ended up having to travel from Hobart to Devonport to collect the car directly off the barge as we were told it was going to take another few weeks as there were “no drivers available” to get the car from Devonport to Hobart. She then ended up paying for the drivers accomodation for the night in Devonport when he finally did bring the car over. Completely unprofessional. There was no communication on their part to let us know of any changes and my mother has lost out on a lot of money that wouldn’t have been necessary if the car arrived in the agreed time frame. I lodged a official complaint with the ACCC and they gave me some great advice on what my rights were as a consumer. I am claiming compensation for the change of new drop off location (Devonport instead of Hobart) and the drivers accomodation. If they don’t pay for that I am taking the matter to the Queensland office of fair trading and will also be claiming for all the out of pocket expense my mother had to pay for in travel and accomodation. This is something we are entitled to claim as outlined in the consumer gaureetess policy. I urge everyone to report them to consumer affairs and claim for your rights if they have caused you extra expenses. In fact...hopefully you find this review page first and don’t use them at all!!!
The only good thing I can say after reading all these reviews is that we were lucky that none of her belongings were missing from inside the vehicle.

The worst Company ever

They are very rude and full of excuses.
On the 24/01/19 my car was taken from my house Townsville (North Queensland) and was suppose to come to Adelaide. They said it will only take up to 14 days, but it has taken almost 6 weeks and I have not received my car yet as they are still lying to me about est. I called this morning and spoke to the manager ([name removed]) as usual he says ''I am still waiting for the truck, there is nothing more I can do''. This company has messed up with all my plans. I am new to Adelaide studying university in an environment that I am not familiar with. I am also missing my belongings (2x luggage and textbooks) as they are in my car. Besides, where I live is far away from the university, taking public transport is not the best here. I am now spending more time on the buses than at uni. When I have class at 10 am , I have to wake up at 6 am to catch the 6:30 am bus and then another bus to uni. It takes approximately 3 hours of bus ride (one way) and another 3 hours to get to home. Imaging how difficult they made my life????.. I wish I never had to deal with this unprofessional company.. They are nonsense and should be removed from Australia.
I am now warning every single person I know not to use their service.
So far I have reported to the police, ACCC and consumer affairs. This week I will make sure to fill complaint form and send to the consumer affairs so they can take further action.

Thank you AAA transport for messing up with my life.

The worst transport company in australia

Stay away from this company. They are not reliable full of excuses and just look at the reviews below. Car is still unable to be located come on it’s 2019 maybe they need a change of personnel who are more informed and generally wanting their company to suceed in the future. Aaa transport you have the worst customer service person ever

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if you were wondering about the link between Auto Transporters and AAA transports here is how to find out (I am not posting the result here as it includes names etc) 1) goto https://whois.auda.org.au 2) enter "aaatransports.com.au" 3) look for the different company names ABNs and ACNs in the report you get 4) do a google search for the person listed under "Registrant Contact Name" Hope that helps
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Just looked it up and I am not surprised by what I am reading about this piece of s*** but still a little shocked at the audacity of how some people choose to live their life... looks like the owner has been involved in criminal activity all of their life...ripping people off and in some instances putting lives at risk with some of the other scams they have been involved in ... just downright scum!!! Unbelievable in this day and age that people are able to keep having businesses when they’ve been convicted of ripping people off in previous businesses and what scares me the most is they have no conscience and couldn’t care less about others .. even after being convicted and arrested !! I hope KARMA catches them up one day but for now it sounds like they are sitting pretty in their $3 million dollar mansion on the gold coast and driving round in their Lambo ( funded by other people’s misfortune and hard honest earned cash) while we are left to speak to the complete dregs that work for them without our cars , loss of earnings, paying for hire cars week after week and not being able to take our kids to school!! F***ing P*****d OFF!!! Once I get my car I am not letting this end ... a current affair for sure and everything else that can come at them ... this company and these people will pay !!!!!!!!Yeah just read your updated reviews .. I feel your pain Mate !! Shocking isn’t it that these people can get away with this !

Police today tried to get AAA transports to release my vehicle from their Smithfield, NSW yard. Unsuccessful There is a financial dispute between the yard owner and AAA transports and the yard owner does not release any vehicles until he has been paid. If your vehicle is in Sydney and AAA transports tells you it's on its way - they are lying. Fair Trade NSW case number: 9770154
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the police told me that it was a civil matter and i couldn't do anything through the policeJoshua P check private messages at top of page on this site..went you a pm

I’d like to know how they sleep at night knowing they are blatantly ripping people off and ruining people’s lives! And how do they go to work each day knowing they are facing 100s of calls from the p***ed of people they are messing about and lying too !!!!!!! I’d also like them to reply and address these issues ! Or at least APOLOGISE Where’s their customer service now ! Quick to call you back to book the job and take your credit card details! Lying Criminals!!!!!
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Has anyone actually get the vechile delivered