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Bank of Queensland WebSavings

Bank of Queensland WebSavings

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The web savings account pays better interest

The web savings account pays an interest rate about 0.75% higher than the Pensioner account, which I did not know about
So in that respect the web savings account is worth having for saving, as there currently are no account keeping fees.
You must do a small transaction occasionally, in order to keep the account activated.


This is a very solid and dependable savings account and I really like the banking experience I have had with Bank of Queensland over the years. When I had a websavings account it was a good way to earn a higher interest rate, but you do need to keep a hefty balance in order to get any real benefit. There is no fee if you do keep that balance and the branches always have friendly and helpful staff.
This is a simple and easy to use savings accounts and there are now plenty of branches out there to use.
There are none.


The first online savings account I had, the Bank of Queensland Web Savings used to be as good as anything around. In recent years though, the other banks who were lagging have caught up and it is just a run of the mill account now, probably only best for those who have other accounts with the bank and are looking for ease of transactions.
This has been for a long time one of the best online savings accounts out there. Always among the market leaders for interest rates.
In recent times, other accounts have offered better rates of interest, and bank of Queensland needs to lift in this respect.

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Release dateAug 2009
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