Beachkit Daytripper Umbrella

Beachkit Daytripper Umbrella

3.0 from 9 reviews

Great customer service

We recently purchased a Daytripper beach umbrella. We had to contact Beachkit about a part. They responded same day (Christmas eve!!) And we have the replacement part already. Very impressive. Umbrella is a great size and carry bag makes it a easy addition to our kit of beach essentials. Very happy.

2018 Still Dying Strong.

After replacing cheap ones regularly, I decided to get a sturdy one this time. The wire harness holding in the ribs gave way after just 1.5 seasons. Beachkit looks the part and function well until they don't...

Very happy with our Daytripper Umbrella

Big, strong , comes in over the shoulder bag and so easy to set up - finally a great beach umbrella - bought on recommendation of 3 other friends !

Broken umbrella--My fault and strong wind

I have been using cheap beach umbrellas all the years and was having to replace them annually because of broken ribs.
Decided to splash out and buy a good quality one.
All it took was 2 Decembers on the beach 1 gust if wind and the shaft literally folded over snapped
Called up beach kit and was told
1 warranty is one year.
2 I should have dropped the umbrella down in the
strong wind--effectively bad luck mate it's your
own fault---it's crazy that all my other umbrellas at $15.00 have never broken a shaft
Buy a new one.
My advice to everyone
Think twice before buying a beachkit product
as any damage is either your own fault or the elements
Great way to keep customers.
They really must be doing well to let someone just walk away and not even offer to help solve the problem.

Burnt Twice

I actually was foolish enough to buy two Beachkit Daytrippers. Both suffered the same rib blow outs that other reviewers mentioned. Went to Bunnings today and found a much stronger umbrella, for $60 cheaper!

AVOID the Daytripper

Looks great, on the surface appears to be a very well made umbrella. Very happy with it until the fibreglass ribs shattered the third time we used it!! Same experience as other reviewer - looks repairable but Beachkit say "no" and wipe their hands of it insisting it must have been exposed to strong wind. Well, it wasn't. Having grown up on the beach and used beach umbrellas all my life, I wouldn't put one up in strong or even moderate wind for a start. There is obviously a fault in the design or manufacture as this seems to have happened to quite a few - ours was the only umbrella that turned inside out at the beach that day, with a very gentle breeze. At least if the struts were wire they could be restraightened if they bent. But these fibreglass ones just shatter. The customer service is appalling, and on that basis alone I would recommend you avoid this umbrella completely until they sort out the design bugs, and learn the basics of customer relations.

Love my umbrella

We have had our Sunset stripe Daytripper umbrella for 3 Summers and it was works perfectly - very happy . Larger than normal canopy shades myself and hubby and 1-2 children
super light to carry in over shoulder bag - recommended

Best umbrella we have ever had

Our navy white stripe Beachkit umbrella is the best umbrella we have ever had - oversized , wind vented and the best thing is the grind in the sand auger on the lower pole - we often get beach goers coming up to us saying how great our umbrella is

It's a beach umbrella, at least provide some parts

Daytripper 205cm Beach Umbrella from beachkit.com.au came back home one day with a broken/splintered fibreglass rib/rod and upon inspection, the rib/rod was removable and seemingly replaceable. The website address adorning the umbrella was duly called. I simply asked about some replacement ribs for the model of umbrella only to be told they didn't have parts as they needed to be assembled in the factory. I was then TOLD it must have turned inside out for that to happen. It shouldn't be used in the wind. It was a bit condescending. I suggested that perhaps the beach umbrella shouldn't be sold as a beach umbrella because last time I checked there was moderate wind and breeze at the beach most times. Also the umbrella was promoted with " •Oversized two piece vented top which also helps prevents blow aways". Now this wasn't really my point - I don't know what the conditions were or how my other half used the umbrella - I simply wanted some obviously replaceable parts. However the person at the other end didn't seem to want to help, probably hoped we would buy another. We might buy another, but not from Beachkit - be helpful - get rewarded!

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