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Bellamy's Organic Porridge

Bellamy's Organic Porridge

Apple & Cinnamon, Baby and Cereal with Prune
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Organic baby food

My one year old son just love this, we had this since he just started solid food. It’s organic so it’s healthy! The texture is pretty smooth and it smells good. It is also very easy to prepare with simple instructions. I normally mix it with soup and diced meat, fish or vegetables.

Need for specific packaging information

I was concerned that this product showed that it was prepared using imported ingredients. On messaging Bellamy's I was assured that oats from China were not used in production and where possible Australian oats are used given the vagaries of seasonal variation and supply.

I have no argument with the product itself it did the job as far as my grandson was concerned. However given the angst we suffer in wanting to give our babies nothing but the purest food with the best ingredients I think that specific country of origin information is essential to allow the purchaser peace of mind when buying a food product and I am still none the wiser as to where the oats in this particular box originated.

Love this for bubs

Great porridge. Starting using it after farex and still use it now for my 18m old. Mix with fruit and milk, he loves it! I would highly recommend it. He finishes the whole bowel! My only issue is finding the product now, seems to be out of stock at chemist warehouse and woolies online..

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Hi there! So pleased to hear you have had a positive and fun experience with our Baby Porridge, certainly is much easier when finding a product our little ones consume easily (and happily!). Please feel more than welcome to contact me on (03) 6332 9200 and I am more than happy to provide you with your closest and most convenient stockist of our beautiful product. Thank you for taking the time to share your experience with your beautiful little boy, take care and welcome to our Bellamy's family! Kindest regards, Nardia

Baby loves it!

My baby started eating rice cereal and didn't like it at all but loves the Bellamys Baby Porridge. Great cereal, will keep buying.

Great 1st food!

Had no problems trying to feed my baby munchkin this porridge. She gobbles it all down, both by itself and with fruits/veggies that I've added to it. I love its' consistency and the fact that IT'S ORGANIC! I only EVER FEED my daughter organic products! Also, the packaging makes it even more awesome. It's a snap lock (re-sealable) pack, great for home and travelling. Seeing that I frequently travel to and from Melbourne and the Gold Coast, I can rest assure that this porridge won't spill everywhere.
It is ORGANIC! :D And the snaplock, re-sealable packaging. You can add fruits, veggies etc to this porridge too.


My baby really loves it. The taste is yumm and the smell is so nice. I started tried this product last 2 weeks. At the first time, I was a bit afraid she could refuse it. In fact she enjoyed it so much. After having Bellamy's for her lunch, she can have a straight 4 hours sleeping. I do believe this product is really well made. My baby hasn't got any issues using this product. Would recommend to others. Thanks Bellamy's.
Happy Tummy
Hard to find..I need to buy it in Toy r us

Terrific porridge - worth the $$

Since weaning my bub at 5 months of age, she's preferred Bellamy's Organic Porridge over any other cereal! I taste everything I've given her so I could understand her flavour preferences, and found this porridge to be the nicest of all commercial baby cereals. It's the only one my daughter will eat without any sweet fruit! It's led her to eat organic puffed millet and rice which are fantastic finger food/developmental aids.
During the weaning process we mixed this porridge with her savoury meals as well which worked a treat to even out the texture of her foods.
Healthy, tasty and worth the money!
When mixing with cold baby formula or water, the porridge remained flaky, however when warmed, swelled to twice it's capacity - difficult to measure.


As my daughter will soon be 6 months old, I was keen to try this porridge as we found the rice cereal was constipating her. It tastes creamy and delicious both on its own or mixed with fruit or vegies, no constipation so far and it's organic. It's easy to find at the shops and now it comes in a resealable pouch which is really practical (great for travelling!). Very happy with it!
Great taste, my baby loves it! Organic, healthy, easy to find.
Needs to be stirred well as it can be a little lumpy.

Bubs loves it

Ive only recently started using this cereal after moving on from bellamys rice cereal, and so far my son seems to enjoy. I was worried that he would hate it because of the apple, (as he finds apple really sour) but he happily ate it. I really hate the smell of it, but who really cares, im not the one eating.
Organic, great flavour, good price, good texture for age, resealable packet
Weird smell

My daughter loves it!

I started giving this to my daughter when she was around 7 months and she preferred this over the apple and cinnamon also from Bellamy's. I mix some bananas and/or prunes with it and is the only breakfast she will finish. Great as a winter breakfast with warm milk.
Easy to make, great for colder winter months.
Probably on the expensive side.

Questions & Answers

Hi How much water should I add for one serving? I find 4teaspoon of water the paste is still too thick. How much ml should I use. And in case of using baby formula do I stick to the same volume? Thanks in advance Louis
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Do you add Sugar and Salt? Whats the sugar and salt content? And is this 100% organic? (My baby is 7month old)
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Thank you so much for your questions. We do not add any sugar or salt to our baby porridge. This product is a certified organic product as is all our products in our range. In order to obtain credentialing for Certified Organic in Australia, our food range, ingredients, and manufacturing standards must comply with strict guidelines. The sugar content in our cereal is only 1.3% and this would be the natural sugar accounted for in organic oat flour and organic rice flour. The sodium content is 1.1% which is almost negligible.

Which specific countries are the ingredients sourced from?
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Dear Liv, Thank you for your question. We source only certified organic ingredients in our baby products which meet strict Australian standards. To meet demand and high yield, our certified organic rice flour is sourced from either India or Thailand. I hope this answers your questions. Kind Regards Bellamy's Organic

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