love it so much

This is perfect, easy to cook n my baby love it, she can pick it up n eat using her little fingers. It contains veggie so and its organic, tick all the boxes. Really like it. I prepare it together with some sauce I made for her. Easy n yum.

Perfect first food for baby

My baby loves pasta stars, initially on their own then as he got more adventurous with different tastes, with pureed fruit, meat and veggies. Bub is almost 12 months old and enjoys pasta stars every night with his dinner. I like them because they are wheat free and easy to cook. Follow the directions on the packet for perfect pasta every time. Although I do cook them for closer to 10 mins rather than the suggested 5 mins to make sure they are evenly cooked.

Easy to cook, delicious for adults and children, healthy

I accidentally reviewed the other baby macaroni, thinking it was this one.Below is my intended review-

This stuff cooks really quickly and tastes great. Perfect for kids and for adults. I eat it with melted cheese if I am being lazy at lunch :)A bit pricey and difficult to find, but well worth it. Adds a bit of colour to your meal which children really appreciate.
Organic, delicious, healthy
Difficult to find sometimes, a bit pricey

It's bitter

Frankly the pasta stars in a failure. I cooked them in veg soup stock and they turns into a mess. All mushy and stars that do not looked like stars.

The stock turns starchy too. It has a bitter aftertaste. Yucks and damn its expensive too. I felt so guilty to feed my baby that

Healthy, organic - a great first food for babies.

I bought this product for my daughter when she was approximately 6 months old and personally for me it was a great transition to food. They are small and soft, an ideal first food for young babies.
This food is organic and made from brown rice so it is a very healthy option for babies. They are quick to cook because they are so small. They also taste very good too, compared to other baby foods on the market.
Easy to cook, love the shapes, it is organice and healthy for my child. It gives me peace of mind.
It is more expensive than other foods on the market.


I bought these Pasta Stars for my daughter when she was a baby and they were a great transition food. They are small and soft, the ideal food for babies. I found them great on their own or as a great filler to add to pureed veges or meat.
They are organic and made from brown rice so they are a really healthy option for babies and small children. My daughter is 4 and we still use them as she likes the star shape and they are quick to cook as they are so small. They taste very good too.
Healthy, organic and fun for the kids
A little more expensive than regular pasta but organic so you expect that


I really find this product worth it. It is a healthy, organic pasta which could be added to purees and slightly more solid food to help babies slowly get use to eating more solid foods in a healthier way. May daughter loved it and couldn't get enough. She would actually pick the pasta out to eat it first some days. It is a little more expensive, but I think it is a better option given it is more natural and healthy. I really wish they would start stocking this at my local supermarket, at present I have to order off line, but will continue to do so until I can buy it locally as it is worth the wait.
Organic and healthy pasta to add to a meal for a young baby from 7 months. I found it helped to bulk up a puree to slowly get my child use to gradually more solid items of food. My daughter loved it.
It is a little more expensive, but worth it. I had to buy off-line, couldn't find in a nearby grocery store.

Questions & Answers

Hi Is this batch on recall? LOT 310817 BB 31/08/19 PLEASE TELL ME ASAP THANK YOU
1 answer
I don’t know. Try asking the company directly https://touch.facebook.com/bellamysorganic/?brand_redir=709227315820394

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