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This is a great car.

It's a trusted vehicle that I use mostly on my way to and from work and occasionally on weekends, and it's also very useful.
I use it a lot of times, at least 80 miles a time, use it for a long time, feel it is also part of my body, feel great!

And there were no problems after the arrival, except normal maintenance, never carried out maintenance.

LineGran Turismo M Sport
Date PurchasedNov 2017

Beautiful looking car

We bought this car new from the bmw dealers as its a beautiful designed car. The seats are soft and comfy to sit on for long distance driving and the fual usage is great getting at least 300ks in one filled up tank. The side mirrors are a tat smaller than our last car but over all we love our new car

Date PurchasedJun 2017

loving my 535i

Well Ive always driven Holden's and HSV's (still have a Monaro and Maloo locked up in the garage) but due to the 2013 GM decision to stop making cars in Australia I briefly switched my daily drive to a Jeep Grand Cherokee which was actually not a bad car, but after driving German rental cars on holidays I decided to switch to something with more luxury and punch, and boy does the 535i satisfy!
I was looking at the 528i which was a nice drive but I was talked into taking the 535i for a test drive and the decision was made. The turbo 6 is obviously not as fuel efficient as the 28i's 4 cyl, but it makes up for it in acceleration. I also have the driving assistant plus pack which has the radar/active cruise with full stop&go which was a must for me.
If I was to pick any flaws with the car it would be the "connecteddrive" which is now obsolete and having no spare wheel just run flat tyres.
The Harmon/kardron sound system has a great sound to it too. I just love driving this car!

The dealer experience was however a very poor experience, lucky the car has made up for the pathetic service!

LineM Sport
Date PurchasedOct 2017

Magic Carpet Ride - 550i is a super vehicle

What do you get when you pair a 5 series with a V8 twin turbo engine, near bliss.

Often I'll drive below the speed limit, in order to enjoy the car, for me that says something.

Our F10 550i has been a treat and the overall package is very slick with a magic carpet ride experience.
We purchased ours out of factory warranty. The major depreciation had taken place and the low km's with as new presentation made it an easy decision.
No regrets.

What we enjoy.
Ultra smooth drive.
Effortless power. Often just idling around.
Plenty of space.
Air conditioned front seats and radar cruise work well.
Timeless F10 exterior.
Rare. Expensive new.

What's not to like.
It's a BMW, so it's not perfect.
3 year warranty - manufacturer should back their vehicle.
So quiet, the V8 growl is mostly not heard at all.
When first released issues not fixed quick enough by BMW. Owners quite rightly caused a fuss. Issues now widely resolved.
The boot is too big, unless you need to move a small country.

Parts purchased direct from BMW are expensive.
Plenty of low cost options for the SAME part.

Servicing costs are reasonable.
BMW labour component is fine.
BMW always provide a similar loan vehicle, in my case normally a 528i.
- Sidenote, the 528i is a major step down in driving pleasure compared to the 550i.

In summary, I would give this 4.5 stars.

This is a car I look forward to driving, what more can you really ask for.

Date PurchasedSep 2015

Best car I ever had

This model was by far the best car I ever had. I absolutely loved it and went through a huge grieving period when a Toyota klueger put a dint in the back wheel and the insurance assesors classed it as a write off. God I miss it - especially on a lot of Sydney-Melbourne and country trips. It was just beautiful to look at and drive... prior to this I had a 93/95 BMW 5 but the heater hoses played up and I now have the BMW 7 where the heater hoses also played up. The 5 is still my all time favourite. Other cars 86calais, suz800, hydexcel,89berlina...

Line(No Line)
Date PurchasedJun 2014

Great car

The build quality on this car is superb, the doors have a heavy solid feel when being closed. It is an excellent car for long distance freeway driving as the seats are comfortable, the interior is quiet and the car feels very stable on the road. The car had problems with it's cooling system when I purchased it. I replaced the radiator, water pump and thermostat .It has never had any problems after that. The total costs for these parts was about $600 and I fitted them on myself. The car is easy to work on as there is plenty of space under the bonnet. Rear legroom is not the best and not much more than an e46 3 series, however the interior and paint quality is significantly better.
Most people say that BMW cars are very expensive to maintain, however OEM parts are often the same price as any equivalent non European car, and if you do the maintenance yourself it can be quite inexpensive to own. I am very pleased with my BMW and my next car will also be a 5 series. The build quality, driving feel and handling is leagues ahead of any Japanese or Australian made car.

Date PurchasedMay 2015

This is perfect!!!

This is really nice car. The appearance is fantastic and pretty easy to control. My car is white 520i and it's really save the fuel. Also, when I drive my BMW on some hills, I can really feel the engine is powerful!!! I think if you are looking for a car, BMW 5 series can be a nice option!

LineModern Line
Date PurchasedJul 2016

Bmw 520d f10 2016 model

About to receive my new BMW 520d. Coming all the way from Germany.

Ordering and specifying options was relatively straight forward.

The service provided by the BMW dealer was good during the sales process and delivery.

I have bmw advantage which means free servicing for 4 years because my employer is a member.

Difficult to find a better sedan of this size

While you may like sports cars or convertibles or SUV's more - I think it would be difficult to find a better overall sedan than the 535d.

Good size to fit five adults, and decent boot for luggage.

Lots of features and accessories - head up display! - how good is this? - shows your speed, sat nav directions without having to look down.

3 litre turbo diesel will have you fooled its a petol car - smooth, silent and it goes. It goes like a train and just keeps going. Effortless driving, overtaking everything.

Fuel consumption - what fuel consumption - average 7.2 l per 100km and 5.5 on open road cruising at 110kmh.
Would have a range over 1200 km on a tank.

Steering is direct and sporty - 8 speed auto makes you feel stupid as its hard to pick if it has changed gears - it is that smooth. Quiet - controls are easy to use.

The best dashboard I have every seen - the dials change colour and content depending on what driving mode you are in.

A great car - best overall sedan I have driven.

LineM Sport

I have TWO 528i E39 Sedans Smooth and quiet

Mine are 2000 models so they have the double Vanos and aluminium engine block.
Superb, one has done 70,000 km and the other 175,000 km.
BMW cars this age you need to pay attention to plastic fittings in Radiator region. They become brittle with age ,especially radiators, thermostat covers and overflow bottles hose ends also.
I love driving them and still turn heads even though a few years old.
E 39's are for me . Look after them and they will look after you. Very reliable motors and good value for money.
I paid a small fraction of their original purchase price and consider I have really good value for money.
No way would I now change for anything else.
Try to do oil and filter changes and check your car over as much as you are able. It will save heaps at what are expensive Dealer servicing.


Probably the best 5 Series model BMW made

When the E39 5 Series was new, one car expert commented that BMW's rivals should stop making their own midsize sedans and just copy it. This car is a joy to drive. It's just the right size, so it offers great space for passengers and luggage without being cumbersome. The engine is a sweet motor, very smooth yet sounds nice when driven hard. The suspension is the ultimate compromise between ride and handling. It absorbs the typically rough, bumpy Australian roads with ease. But it corners very nicely in spite of that, really great fun in twisty mountain passes. The chassis is certainly one of the best in the world, even today. The steering offers great feedback, though it's not as quick as some sports cars. And the turning circle of 11.4 meters makes it a bit of a handful in tight parking spaces and results in more three-point turns than U-turns. Brakes are world-class, with excellent feel and stopping ability.

Being a luxury car, the 528i also sported a number of features uncommon at the time, such as steering reach adjustment, speed-sensitive wipers, electronic stability control and curtain airbags. It is also among the first automatic transmissions to feature five speeds and a manual override.

There are some noticeable flaws, however. It is clear that BMW ideally designed this car to be left-hand-drive. For instance, the windshield wipers are not oriented for our market. The driver's footwell is also quite narrow as it is slated to be for the front passenger in most other countries. I also noticed that the side-view mirror adjustment switch doesn't have a centre position.

Without those issues, this car would have scored a perfect five stars in my book. It is otherwise an automotive masterpiece. BMW have outdone themselves with this fantastic car.
Excellent driver's car while being a comfortable cruiser for the passengers
Traces of left-hand-drive roots, no centre console box, large turning circle

Transmission5-speed automatic


Buy one. If it has a full service history, especially if its been serviced buy a independent euro specialist, buy it! Check for weathering of paint & seals as a good indicator of how well its been looked after.
535i M Sport. There is nothing about my 535 that I don't like. I'm a car enthusiast, have owned a bonanza of Japanese sports cars, and not one gave me anywhere near the motoring pleasure that BMW's little know 535i 3.5L V8 sedan has bestow upon me. Great economy on the highway (8.5L/100) and around 12's around town, absolutely no road noise, beautifully crafted sport seats & perfect driving position. I get a warm fuzzy feeling every time I hop into it.
Not a lot to complain about, The only issues I have had with the car are cooling system related, and were my fault as I knew the M62 V8's should have their cooling system checked over at around 100k, around $2000 ( dealer ) was spent on those issues.


nice car to drive good handling ability when its not at the bmw dealers getting fixed. i have been embaressed so many times having it towed on a tray truck no r.a.c.v servicemen can fix the problems

break downs unreliable to scared to take it on a long trip

Agree, Agree, Agree.. Well saidSorry to read this. My BMW 1994 525i E34 is 20 years old this year and has never missed a beat. Only on its second battery and has never let us down. Admittedly it has only done 155,000Km. Maybe they don't build them like they used to. (it's was made in Germany)

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