Brother MFC-7340

Brother MFC-7340

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Brother printer copier MFC-7340

Note: This review is for Brother MFC-7340. I love this black and white copier. The cartridge lasts a very long time and it is fairly simple to use. I do not use the fax function. I do not think it has a WIFI option and have never sort to use it. Prior to this copier, I had a Canon colour printer and easily spent double the amount the printer cost me in cartridges within three months. It was a never ending cycle of getting replacements and fretting every time I wasted a page so I bought a black ink only printer. It has been 100% reliable since day one. It scans, copies and prints perfectly. I have seen the same copiers used in real estate agencies and law firms. I would have thought they would need a larger printer, but this small, compact copier can handle a lot for it's size. When the 'toner low' or 'change toner' warning comes on I put black tape over the small circular window on the toner cartridge and get roughly double the amount of printed sheets from it. I do not know why they say to change it when the cartridge is half empty. Maybe they make money on recycled cartridges? Maybe they cannot guarantee the quality? Whatever the reason I have always got my moneys worth and used it until there is no ink left. The instructions will tell you that it can damage the drum, but I have done this about 10-20 times and the copier works just as well as it did on day one.

I cannot fault this product for what it was designed to do. I think Brother are one of the better, more reliable brands when it comes to printer copiers and would try to repair this one or buy another Brother printer if this one broke down. I have had this printer copier for 9 years and it is still going strong. Highly recommend!

Date PurchasedApr 2009

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