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Burleigh Brewing BigHead No Carb

Burleigh Brewing BigHead No Carb

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Sam L

Sam LPerth, WA

What is the point - zero taste !


I was caught by the zero carb advertising and so swallowed the stratospheric price tag. The first few bottles were tasteless, so I offered it around to others (free marketing for the brewery). Nobody liked it - nobody understood it. Tasteless.
Then I read these reviews and note that there are issues with quality control, so maybe I just picked up a dud carton. At close to $70 a carton I won't repeat the experiment.

Purchased in January 2020 at First Choice Liquor Physical store for $68.00.

Beer lover

Beer loverPerth, WA

Too expensive


Too expensive for the amount of beer received. If this beer was $50 a carton they would easily wipe out all competitors, but at this price ($70 at BWS) it's just not worth it.

Purchased at BWS Physical store.



  • 5 reviews

Delicious No Carb Beer. Needs to be Cheaper and I would buy more thou :)


Love the taste, tried a 6 pack then got my local BWS to get a carton. A 6pack is $22 (they are only 330ml also) and the Carton is $65.
I would drink way more often if cheaper as they go down way to easy.

Purchased in February 2019.


DavL_AusGreater Melbourne (Inner), VIC

  • 5 reviews
  • Verified purchase

So glad I finally found a low carb beer!


I had a friend tell me about BigHead no carb beer because he’s keto and was so happy he was able to have beer with his new lifestyle....

So I thought I would try it because I’m trying to loose weight and there’s too many calories / carbs in other alcohol, and I have to say that I love it! It takes great, I do agree with the other reviews that I could come in a bigger bottle, but still enjoy this beer on weekends.

I got a 6 pack for around $20.

Purchased in March 2019 at BWS Physical store.


PaulSouth East Queensland, QLD

  • 6 reviews

a good beer spoilt by high price


a tasty no carbs beer that goes down well. I have noticed that batches seem to vary in taste which is not unusual for mimi brwey beers. However, none of the beers I have tried are unpleasant, most thirst quenching and with a unique flavour. The product is let down because of its high price relative to other low carb beers which is a pity.


AnnieNorth-West & West coast, TAS

Perfect beer


Love this beer as it’s no carb especially when your trying to have no carbs but still like a beer. The only downfall is I wish it came in cans, so they are easier to dispose of when camping.



  • 5 reviews

Love it


Love this beer i stay away from carbs but like a drink every now and then . Not only does this beer have no carbs it taste good too. Is a little expensive which i dont mind but would be happier if the stubbies were 375 mls instead of 330 mls . Well done guys


RachGreater Melbourne (Outer), VIC

  • 3 reviews

My new favorite beer!


Love love LOVE this beer! Especially because it is ketogenic diet friendly (no carbs and low calories) and it still tastes great!

Too expensive


I don't mind paying decent money for top shelf beer . But this isn't a top shelf beer it's a middle of the road beer . Not bad by any means but also no better than a Carlton Dry or similar . Cool hipster looking logo if you're into being that beer poser at the barbie look . For me I'd drink plenty more of it if it was $50 .

Good beer


This is my go to beer for now...fresh and cold, good clean taste , sure its not loaded with flavour but its also not loaded with carbs.....good guilt free beer...price is a bit hefty but when you have point of difference on the market why wouldn't you......drop the price and stock some more outlets and it will move...especially with all these health concious drinkers around.

Lachy m

Lachy m

  • 6 reviews

great beer, but expensive


Great beer, nice taste and no carbs nearly makes it perfect.... but at 60$ a case.... for 330ml bottles is beyond a joke. There are nicer tasting beers but then again they come with the carbs. This is not an exotic beer and should not be priced as one.

"can't afford it"


a beer a lot of people have been waiting for. i liked the taste and good for my health. I'm a pensioner and $60 A Carton at Dan Murphy's in SA puts it out of my reach.


DouglasIpswich qld

  • 4 reviews

Nice clean beer although the 330mm is abit small for the price


1st time ive tried this beer,its nice and easy to drink,my only problem is $57 a carton ,bit expensive for a local beer,and only 330 mm stubby,i wouldn't mind so much paying $57 if it was 375mm,nice label,nicer beer if chilled,but anyway nice beer for a change,but back to the 375mm for this queenslander



Love the beer. Lost a few kilos from drinking it. Like any beer it takes a couple to get used to but a cold beer is a cold beer. Would be nice to see it come down a couple of dollars in price and be sold at every bottle shop.

Issues with it


I love beer! So when I decided to go on a Low Carb High Fat way of eating I was lucky enough to find Burleigh Big Head,
I loved it! Taste was a little unusual but very palatable.
THEN, the minister of finances lovingly brings me home a slab which I proceed to get stuck into. YUCK! I tasted like the first beer in a pub after the lines had been cleaned, I returned it for another slab which was great again.
Then FM dead! I got to the last 6 pack in another slab and it tasted like crap again, the other 18 were once again great.
Burleigh really need some sort of quality control, cos their tasty beverage ain't cheap and I for one don't like to throw cash away, so it's off to the Pure Blondes for me from here on in.

Burleigh Brewing BigHead No Carb


Being diabetic the zero carb content enables me to have a few beers with mates and not have to worry about my blood sugar level. My friends even agree this beer tastes good and is refreshing served very cold. Perfect with a good BBQ and good friends. I take it with me on camping trips to Fraser Island. Keep up the good work.
No Carbs
Little expensive but worth it.



  • 2 reviews

Finally a ZERO carb beer


Love this beer! Zero carbs, low calorie, great flavour. I regularly reduce carbs in my diet and beer (even low carb) wasn't really an option...until now. Not as awesome as say Fat Yak but this is a pretty darn good beer, and I'm pinching myself that it has no carbs and is also fairly low in calories at 27 cals per 100ml. Happy days :)
No carbs! Great taste.

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Wot pubs can u buy bighrad beer over the bar in perth wa

No answers



Now that the zero carb beer is becoming so popular & given that its aboutique beer thats said to be timeconsuming to make, how are you able to keep up to tbe demand & still be completely sure its carb free ?
I ask this because i completely want to trust the process being a Keto follower, no disrespect intended, but would still like to know please.

1 answer

Hi i havnt contacted who makes it i just have to trust that its what they say it is. Im not buying it anymore its too expensive and a smaller stubby . If im going to have a drink i have vodka and soda water my hubby drinks bundy and we make our own sugar free coke with the soda king and the sugar free cola has stevia in it instead of aspartamaine like diet coke ect hope this helps



Is it gluten free?

1 answer
Burleigh Brewing
Burleigh Brewing

Hi Ingy,
As our beer is based on malted barley (which contains gluten) we don¹t claim that it is gluten free. Having said that, some people who are sensitive to gluten have indicated to us that they are OK drinking Bighead. Perhaps our unique brewing process for that beer significantly reduces the gluten it contains. But in the absence of being able to claim it to be ‘gluten free', it probably comes down to the individual and their own tolerance level.
Cheers, Burleigh Brewing

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