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Very happy with our extension

Cameron Construction designed and built a second storey extension on our home and we are very happy with it. A special thank you to Tony the project manager and carpenters Nick and Dean. Very skilled, hardworking and lovely blokes. In fact all the tradies were top notch. There were some delays (this company seems very busy and we sometimes had to share our team with other customers) - but it was all manageable and communication was good. We were in safe hands and are very pleased with the result.

Very good end result

We just completed an extension with Cameron construction. At the beginning, we chose them because they were the only ones who managed to find a design that allowed us to add 2 bedrooms and 1 bathroom on our narrow block within the building code limits and at a decent price. Our project manager Adam was competent and made us feel like he genuinely cared about us, trying to find ways to accommodate our needs within the projects requirements. The construction team did a great job while always being a pleasure to deal with. Our neighbour commented with surprise to us at how polite they all were, not only with them but with each other when noone was looking! We are also very happy with the end result, which looks great and required very little adjustments towards the end. Of course not everything was perfect. It took two years between the first conversation and the end product, and 8 months of construction with significant delays. A fair chunck of the delays were not productive time but rather due to staff or supplier changes etc. Also, the cost went significantly over budget despite assurances otherwise at the beginning, which put us in a difficult situation financially. Most of the extra costs were due to having to upgrade our plumbing, structures etc in the existing part of the house to make it up to standards. Finally, the administration team was often inflexible, and we found it impossible to protect ourselves from the risks of delays. Overall we are happy with the end result and would recommend Cameron construction, knowing those caveats which are I think hard to avoid with any company.

Expert on extension

We have done an extension on an old house. Cameron site manager tried very hard to find the exact match of bricks and tiles. When it was done, everything was matched up and it looked amazing, couldn't be happier. We lived in the house when the extension, their trades were very thoughtful and cleaned up almost every day, very minor impact on our normal life. It looked like they worked with old house a lot, they gave us some good advice on how to upgrade our storm water system. It was a please to deal with Cameron.

Quality work

Recently undergone upper storey extension with Cameron construction. Happy with the quality of the finished product.Being able to live in the house while undergoing renovation was also a bonus. One stop shop from planning to construction completion.

Pleasure to deal with & top workmanship

The guys always turned up on time and have positive & professional attitudes! Couldn't ask for anything more. Their workmanship was constantly praised by other trades that came onsite. Most importantly, no request was ever too hard, a real can do attitude.


Quality Builders - pleasure to deal with

Undergoing a major renovation can be a nightmare. There are horror stories galore - unfinished work, builders running away with your money and shoddy workmanship. Not with Cameron. Their work was supreme. Their tradies were courteous (especially the builder and tiler). They completed ahead of time and all whilst we lived inside the house. Without a doubt, we would recommend Cameron Constructions. Need more information? Email us at telephoneno@gmail.com

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Most important was the architect John Redpath. Call him first.

Large Second Storey Addition

We extended our single storey home to a double storey. We relied totally on Cameron Construction for the Project Management of a myriad of services including plans, design, decoration, builders, plumbers, electricians, plasterers and others which is a mammoth task in itself. The workers were each individually professional, competent and a delight to deal with. Our home is really well built, solid and beautifully finished. We are very proud of it and would certainly use Cameron Construction again for large projects. The key strengths of our experience lay in regular and extensive communication, and flexibility, always with a quality outcome being the focus.

Pro-active and good communication

We contacted Cameron Constructions in regards to putting a second floor parent retreat with ensuite and renovating an existing bathroom on the ground floor. Overall, the work was completed to a high standard with any problems we raised quickly addressed. The extension fits very well with our existing home (built in early 1900s). The only criticism was that we had to move out longer than we was first estimated.
They were pro-active in getting the project moving forward in terms of plans, appointments with suppliers and approvals with council. Adam our site manager communicated well with us in regards to any issues with the project. Even a year after the project has finished, he has still been approachable in terms of addressing any minor concerns we have had.

Excellent after sales service

Cameron Construction completed our large extension in 2009, after a build that lasted around 1 year. They were very flexible in constructing the extension around us, rather than us having to move out into rental accommodation, which we very much appreciated. Our on-site supervisor Robin Otto, consulted well with us during the various stages of the building process, and he was always very professional and approachable, especially in dealing with any issues as they arose. What has been most impressive though, is the on-going and prompt after sales support/advice we continue to receive. It has been a very worthwhile quality investment.

Professional Service.

We used Cameron Construction to demolish the back of the house, and build a new open plan living space. All work was completed to a very good standard, and our inquiries were handled in a professional and courteous manner.

Parents retreat

We contacted Cameron's to discuss the idea of building an extra bedroom upstairs above our garage enabling us to have a parents retreat zone and still continue to use our existing ensuite area. The extension visually marries in very well with our existing home and replicates our facade so it looks like it has always been there. The extension has provided us with a separate stair case and a zoned home which works wonderfully well with our teenage/adult family.
Our site manager kept us informed on the job progress and was in communication with weekly email updates. The contractors were polite and respectful and minimised intrusion onto our home whilst getting the job done. We are pleased with the end result and now have a lovely spacious parents zone.

Best thing we ever did

How we came about using Cameron Constructions seeing an extension that they had done in our surburb that was 2 1/2 years ago at first I didn't want to use them but my husband talked me into it... well I'm glad we did... best experience we had a great team of tradesmen they were always on time and polite, the co-ordination of everything was great... our site supervisor was excellent always consulted us on everything. The only down fall was miss calculation of the number of bathroom tiles that was required. And recently we had some repairs that needed to be done and was completed without a problem. Highly recommend this company very professional great communication ... we have recommended Cameron Constructions to our friends....and we would use them again..

Great from start to finish.....

We engaged Cameron Constructions to add an additional living area to the rear of our home, and build a second storey comprising a living space, master bedroom, ensuite and walk in robe. Our first meeting with a Cameron representative, [name removed], was excellent. We had spoken with 3 companies prior to meeting with [name removed] who was open to our ideas, made suggestions of his own, which he didn't attempt to force on us. After a couple of meetings, we decided to proceed with Camerons. The ability to have a company take the project from end to end was very appealing to us, and the communication, professionalism and project outline shown by Camerons was excellent. It was also a plus to have access to the owners of the business, who at times made a visit to check on the progress of the works.
The project manager assigned to the build, [name removed], was excellent. He kept us to date with the progress of the build, kept us in the loop with any issues being encountered, and provided an outline of the works to be conducted at the commencement of each week. The various trades used during the build were great, very accommodating to our needs, as we continued to live in the house for the duration of the works, and whilst one crew were changed over during the build, the changeover was seemless and did not disrupt the build. We had one incident on a weekend of heavy rains when the tarp covering our roof partly collapsed and rain leaked into our lounge. Within a couple of hours (on a Sunday) [name removed] had arrived and rectified the problem. The slight damage to the ceiling in our lounge was repaired without fuss or dispute.
Overall we are very happy with quality of our extension. We have had nothing but positive comments from friends and relatives, and even had a request for the details of the Camerons contact from friends who are renovating their home. I think that's endorsement in itself. From dealing with sales, to the planners and architects, to project managers and the trades engaged on our project we have nothing but praise for thanks for making the process a very smooth one.
We have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Cameron Construction - I know it will be the first call we'll be making if we undertake further works to our home!

A pleasure to do business with

Cameron Constructions built our second story extension in March 2014. Throughout the process we had contact with a large team of their employees. ALL of whom were helpful and accommodating. From the office, sales and design team right through to the contractors who were on site to complete the build.
They completed our project well inside time and absolutely to our satisfaction.
Cameron Constructions were professional, helpful, skilled and client focused.
We are now one year on from the start of our build and have had not a single issue. I wouldn't hesitate to use or recommend their work.

Not a great experience for us unfortunately

Camerons were engaged to undertake a large extension and renovation for us The renovation took over to 18 months to complete even though we continually had assurances from various project managers and sales people of anywhere between 4 - 6 months. Our maximum contract length was 384 days which went months over that timeframe. We even signed a pre-inspection handover document with a committed completion date (which was already months after contract expiry) and even that committed date went a couple of months over. The job could have been completed in a satisfactory timeframe, but while we were contracted to Camerons they had what I believe a high turnover of project managers and trades people and the work was not completed to specification and basic satisfactory standards - this meant continual rework. We had most items completed multiple times because of not being completed correctly the first time around, or to plan - everything from weatherboards, flooring, tiling, walls, bathrooms, plumbing, etc. In my view there was no logic to the progression of work i.e. plasters come in and plaster over the top of electrical cabling, then electricians come in and drill sizeable holes in the plaster to find cabling, then the plasters come back in to fix the holes. This is only one example of poor workmanship and supervision and one where everyone is left frustrated, including the trades people. The communication from the project managers we had was appalling and, after numerous complaints, they finally sent their best tradesperson (of which they seem to have only one). Watch out for the use of "existing" materials - they will use your old base boards and leave rusted iron roofing without any consultation simply because it is "existing". Once you raise the issue, because you finally become aware of it, they might agree to fix certain aspects of "existing" but not to the professional standard that you would expect i.e patched up. When you have a variation and suggest that you might get your own tradespeople in to complete it, simply because they have grossly over quoted, you will be told that you will not get their "builders guarantee" if you choose to use your own tradespeople. Make sure you put financial penalties in your contract for going over the contracted time and a clause related to the quality of their work. There may be times when they will tell you that they only have to build to plan and unfortunately not about a quality finish. We hired our own project manager for approximately 12 months to manage the project from our perspective, primarily because of the issues we were facing and us having no idea of the building trade - thank goodness we did. He made sure everything was completed to specification and made sure we got what we had signed up for.

Good luck, I would definitely not recommend them.

Our beautiful double storey extension, which won the 2014 HIA under $300,000 renovation award!

Cameron Constructions built a new extension that blends really well with the original style of our house. We’ve had lots of compliments from people who have said it doesn’t even look like an extension and could have been there from day 1 (that’s 110 year’s ago!).

The designers put in a significant amount of time planning our design and had great ideas for what we could and should do with this style of house, and this was one of the key reasons we decided to go with Cameron Constructions. The overall size and shape of our extension is just what was needed.

Cameron Constructions put in a massive effort in organising our build and helping to solve any issues quickly. I could even continue working from home during the whole process, and they were flexible with times when I needed a “no builders” day. Their level of service was really excellent and it was a pleasure dealing with them.

Very poor communication, poor customer service, extremely slow...

My husband and I decided to do a renovation in July 2014, we paid for the concept drawing/quote in Sept 2014 to Cameron Construction, then the progress went very slow...In early Nov the designer(our main contact) had family issue and went overseas, Cameron construction called and said only going to be couple weeks, then no contact until mid Dec, by then our project got seriously delayed and we decided to move on to another builder to avoid further delay. We asked for refund in Dec 2014 as we have received nothing from them (no concept drawings, no quote), chased up couple time in between, still got no response from them until 30th Jan 2015 (more than a month after we asked for refund) when we received concept drawings/quote by post in our letter box (the drawings are nothing like what we want, and quote is three times the amount the current builder is quoting me), it is very poor practice if they just made up a concept drawing/quote to avoid refund. We then sent a formal complain to them, their Admin replied and advised their director is going to get back to us, but nothing since then...if the director of the company does't care about such poor customer experience... then the company is definitely not customer focused... very disappointed about the experience as they promised the world when we first met them... I will not recommend Cameron construction for a renovation project if you like to stick to your budget and stick to your timeframe...

Excellent service. Professional and listened to my concerns and ideas

I had [name removed] come to our house recently to discuss an extension. He answered many questions I had and it helped me understand what my options and limitations were. Excellent service.
Your entire team has been very professional when I have spoken to them, and I have certainly noticed it in comparison to other companies I have spoken to. Well done.

Our home has been transformed

In 2013 we decided we needed a bigger home, So it was either moving out, or adding a second storey to our one storey house. We opted for the latter and contacted several Construction companies for quotes. Cameron Construction was the most advantageous and the one we liked best for design and price.
Our renovation began June 2014. Our house went through tarp covered nights, freezing cold days, storms and high winds. Cameron Construction worked through it all. Our house was transformed from a one storey building to a beautiful two storey, four bedroomed, three bathrooms home, with a huge living room downstairs complete with a natural gas fireplace. Cameron Construction took care of it all for us from design to completion. We are very happy with the overall high standard quality of workmanship and finish and we recommend Cameron Construction to anyone who is thinking of renovating their home.

A beautiful, striking renovation

Cameron Constructions have quite simply built us our dream home. A striking, beautiful, light-filled home that fits our family's needs exactly. We enlisted Cameron Constructions to build our renovation in 2012, and while the build took a lengthy time, we were pleased with the overall quality of service. The renovation they created for us combines great design aesthetic with plenty of practical features so that our new home is beautiful to look at and live in.They provided a smooth, approachable service from design through to construction to ensure how needs were met at every stage.

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Questions & Answers

How expensive are these guys? I want to add on a kitchen, living and dining room to the back of my house!
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I am interested in hearing from anyone that has had a similar experience to the 2 very bad reviews on this site. Has anyone lodged a complaint?
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I only had minor issues with the quality of work that was easily rectified, but the project that should have taken 6 months to complete took almost 2 years, and I incurred additional cost. Cameron Construction is like any other company that accepts more work than its in house workforce can handle, its project managers are overstretched and they have to use more subcontractors than they would probably like. Advice that I give about Cameron Construction holds true with whoever you use. 1. Before receiving a quote decide on exactly what you want done right down to all the fixtures. Do not allow them to sell you the idea that you can make changes later because the mark up is huge and it never ends well. 2. Ensure that the schedule of payment does not result in paying large amounts up front as that acts as a disincentive to get things done by the builder, and can create issues with your lender. Ensure that the final settlement amount is of some substance 3. Constantly inspect work and get things rectified as they happen, and harass them if nothing has been done. 4. Ensure that there are penalty clauses for not completing work on time without unreasonable caveats, and I am talking about cash deductions from the final settlement amount. I would probably have the penalty escalate as time passes 5. If I had my time again, in the contract I would supply as much ‘post lock up stage’ material as possible and have the builder just provide the trades. 6. Depending on the cost and what you need done, having your own project manager to deal with the builder is probably a good idea.


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