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Carlton Mid

Carlton Mid

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Kevin W

Kevin WCairns

  • 19 reviews

Very disappointed!


Many years ago my two favourite beers were Carlton Cold and Carlton Mid. I stopped drinking Carlton Cold when they reduced the alcohol content from 4.0 to 3.5 and reduced the stubby size to 330ml. The alcohol content went down, the stubby size went down and the price went up; go figure. They are now doing the same with Carlton Mid, the alcohol content has dropped from 3.5 to 3.0 and this weeks price at Dan Murphy's was $48.00 per carton. I refuse to pay that price for a low alcohol beer.

Purchased in March 2019 for $35.00.

Watery rubbish


Have drunk this as my go to midstrength for years but no more! It just tastes like non carbonated water y rubbish
Great northern will be the choice from now on



  • 9 reviews

Carlton Mid


This will be the last time I'll be buying Carlton Mid. Just bought a block. Its like drinking fizzy water. No flavor, none at all.
I'm guessing changing it from 3.5% to 3% was a financial decision, only for them as its the same price.

I do hope as many people will complain as I have done, otherwise they won't learn . But I thought they would have learnt from the mistake they made with VB ??
Clearly not.

Watery beer.


Cartlon stuffed up VB once, not that I drink it, but they have done it to this beer as well. I moved to Coopers Mild after years of drinking this. Carlton no longer get any money from me. I suggest those who are annoyed with them, do the same. Don't feed CUB anymore money.

Bob W

Bob W

  • 3 reviews

Watery Beer


I have been drinking the stuff since 2004 but no more it tastes like water now I drink Great Northern



Was my beer if choice


Since the reduction in strength (not
Price) I have stopped buying my ex-favourite beer, I will never understand the need to change a good beer to a watered down imitation, now to find another decent mid not lie beer

Fully Sic

Fully SicBargara

  • 2 reviews

MID no more, now Carlton MILD


Tastes very watered down, I was shocked to see they had reduced the ABV to just 3.0. Very sneaky but still the same price, it should be same price as light beer. I have not drank this product for over 6 months and I used to drink a carton a week for about the last 10 years.
I refer to it as Carlton MILD nowadays.

Alcohol reduction from 3.5% to 3%.


I have been drinking Carlton Mid for years but with the reduction to 3% I am finished with it. If this happened a year ago I only just found out about it July 2018. I drink it because it has a better taste than XXXX gold, but I also like to get a buzz out of my beer.
Sounds like profit gouging to me and that is probably the main reason I am giving it away, I hate being treated as a fool even though I may have been for a year.



Not on!!!!


Bring back the real Carlton mid!! and stop ripping people for a light beer priced at a mid strength. Drunk it for 9 years .. no more ...xXxX for me and I know a dozen that have done the same since the drop in alcohol content and watery taste.Shame on you Carlton!!!!! Sales figures would have to be telling you by now it was a bad mistake!!



My beer of choice for many, many years.

I estimate that tens of thousands of these have been consumed in my shed.

No more.

The audacity of these people to change the beer, increase price and think we would not notice.

ripped off


Have drank this beer for a long time till now ,I can not believe that not only did you drop the alcohol content without notifying us but still charge the same and taste not even close to what I had enjoyed. If this is a ploy to stop us drinking your product (WELL DONE)



Another Customer Lost by CUB


Been drinking Carlton Mid for approx. 20 years since Swan Gold changed its name and content. Was a big fan of Carlton Mid but not will look for another since the taste has changed, so will mine now. I don't subscribe to CUB's story of how people are changing to lower Alcohol content as Mid Strength beer sales grew by 18 per cent. I believe that it is to save the company paying higher excises. The price has not reflected the drop in content.

CUB - watch out for Great Northern

Bad move Carlton


Been drinking this for years, but not anymore, they dropped alcohol content to 3pc, and increased price. Taste not the same. I will buy Australian owned from now on.

Was good up until someone changed contents Sept 2017 I noticed straight away.


Carlton mid 3.0% + taste not for me any more unless it goes back to the way it was, it is all about money in their pockets carlton/ governments, $36 up to $50 in 4 rs hello for what water allmost.

Nowhere near the same taste since the alc vol was reduced from 3.5. To 3


I have been drinking Carlton mid stubbies for many years but I have purchased my last carton since the alcohol volume has been reduced they are nowhere near the same taste I hope someone of importance reads this because your sales are going to suffer because they taste terrible now.



  • 2 reviews
  • Verified purchase

Used to Love it but it seems to be changing


I'm a long time lover of Carlton Mid even after fellow family members went off it years ago because they thought the flavour changed. Recently I have noticed cans with different codes on the bottom taste different. The 'A' cans taste like usual but the 'C' cans are flattish and dark and don't tempt me to drink them at all. So much so, I've been trying other mids while waiting for customer service to finally resolve my problem. I contacted them about it close to 20th of Sep and now they are trying to fob me off because I have gotten impatient as a result of it taking so long. I'm not drinking my fav beer, what do they expect? I hope for a positive outcome but if this a permanent flavour change, they have lost a customer.

gone from great to bad


since around oct.nov.2013 i & a group of my friends [9] have found that the taste or flavour of mid has gone.We have a common view that the beer now has a acid taste & the head or collar has gone from creamy & smooth too big bubbles to flat looking in fact it has turned all of us off which was our favourite beer to would you beleive 4xgold

as above


garboPerth, WA

  • 14 reviews

More bitter than most


A very good Mid strenght from Carlton and its double hopped brewing gives it a nice bitter taste though not over the top. Tends to get a bit gassy after a few but with all mid strenght brews those who drink it would be doing it to lose a few kilos and last a bit longer.
Slightly more bitter than most.

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