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CGU Workers Compensation

CGU Workers Compensation

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Mine story takes the cake...

A lot of reviews on here are saying how corrupt IMEs are and how they are in CGUs pocket.

Well I have 7 favourable IME reports (2 from my side and 5 from their side) - who all say the same thing and confirm a workplace injury with indefinite no work capacity - and they still refuse to accept the claim.

How can you deal with a company this corrupt?

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Hi Damien. I can appreciate Workers Compensation claims can be extremely difficult. If you haven't already escalated your complaint to a manager please email details of your claim and complaint to wcvcustomerfeedback@cgu.com.au. Should you be dissatisfied with the response to your complaint you can seek further support by contacting WorkSafe Victories by the following ethods: Phone: freecall 1800 136 089 or (03) 9641 1444. Email: complaints@workcover.vic.gov.au. Mail: 222 Exhibition Street, Melbourne, 3000 ~ Jono

CGU pushed me to breaking point..

I had a mental breakdown early last year, brought on by work place bullying. I was unable to work and once my leave entitlements were used up, I had no income to support my young family and to seek professional help.

My employer recommended I put in a work cover claim which I did. CGU was their insurer. Once my claim was submitted I was told CGU would "investigate to ensure I made a legitimate claim", I knew straight away it would be rejected.

CGU arranged an 'independent medical examination' with one of their psychologists who is known for falsifying information and doing back door deals with CGU.

I would often have cars sitting out side my house and following me around, which I have proof from CCTV at my property. I would also have investigators call and email me, not saying who they were but trying to squeeze information out of me. One even threatened and abused me. Way to treat someone with a mental health disorder.

The report the independent medical examinator completed was 100% false and gave CGU no liability of my condition even though my employer accepted responsibility. I made an attempt on my own life.

With help from family, friends and my employer I managed to regain my life back. 5 months off work has been extremely difficult financially and with no assistance from a service set up for people like myself it makes me wonder how these people sleep at night.

I'm a lucky one who got through, but to use the tactics you did with no regard to my condition still make me sick to my stomach. This company is pure evil.

Appreciate you sharing your story with us here Bryce. We are sad to hear you have been left feeling this way after this experience with a work cover claim, and would like to help if we can. I understand you have since moved on mentally and are trying to put this behind you, but if you would like to follow up these concerns with the team that handled your claim, could you please private message us with the claim details via our Facebook page? You can use this link to get in touch: facebook.com/cguinsurance. Thanks Bryce. ~JamieI deleted Facebook because your team were monitoring my account. I've been affected in every way by your team's actions, this is purely a warning to others. No amount of compensation will heel my scars, you would understand if you personally met meHi Bryce, I can appreciate how sensitive workers compensation claims can be. I require more information to help escalate your complaint as it depends on what state you are in for who I can have contact you to help. We don't recommend providing personal details on this site and if you don't have Facebook to message us please contact our claims team on 13 24 80 or use this link https://www.cgu.com.au/business/workers-compensation and fill in the prompts for contact details and feedback to escalate this. ~ Jono


Knee injury at work.
Cgu wouldn’t come to the party with my surgeon.
Went to medical panel.
Cgu wouldn’t give orthroscopy on my partners knee .
Lost her job after 12 mths
2.5 years later finally got surgery and there as a significant tare.
All that pain and suffering for a pathetic system.
Medical panel are corrupt as Cgu.

Hi Joe, If you would like the Social Team to escalate this matter to the Workers Compensation Claims Team, please advise your partner she can private message the claims details to us via Facebook Messenger. We are happy to assist in having this looked at on your behalf ~RenaeYe you can now she had her surgery cgu Won’t pay her while she’s on rehabilitation. PatheticHey Joe, did you get back to us on Facebook with the details of this claim? If so, please come back to us there so we can follow up with the correct team. Thanks Joe. ~Jamie

THE Federal Government of Australia

28 years ago I went to work ..17 Jan 1991..I lost both my hands by due to our company Deer Park Metals buying 1 non-decontamininated item missing the burn-off. My solicitor agreed it was it was Albion Explosives Factories so we attempted to sue the Fed Govt. After so many years I received a minimal payment with conditions they would look after my needs that would be expected to come, as I was happily married life should be fine ....CGU was then given the details to pay me. A month later my wife was diagnosed with breast cancer. I got 11 more years from her. I have now buried 2 wives from breast cancer.. THEY didn't expect me to get to over 60 because now an 8 week repair takes over 12 months having no hands effects my whole life but trying to get anything done by CGU is worse.

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I am very sorry to hear you've had a difficult experience with CGU, It's not what we want to do. I'm happy to have someone follow up your claim and contact you if there is anymore we can do. Please Private message us your full name, dob. case number and state. ~ Jono


My claim has been with CGU for 5 weeks with no decision. In 5 weeks all they have done is take my witness statement and request medical information. My work says they have no contact since initial acknowledgement of claim and no witnesses have been contacted. Staff give misinformation and conflicting information and wont tell you what they are doing to progress the claim. Have had to go to work cover for assistance. No complaints section for WA apparently so cant even lodge a complaint about their staff. Staff were unhelpful - even to CGU staff from other states trying to get contact details for a complaints section. Appalling treatment of people. Doing everything to delay and prevent payment.

Dirty Tactics

The law says a medical panel ruling is binding (think again) CGU uses dodgy independent doctor to say you have a work capacity & will overturn it, & send you to work rehab, They have no chance of winning when it goes back to court but they know you will go through more years & stress to fight it, if you don't walk away or top yourself in the meantime....the whole system is designed to make you feel like the criminal but keep fighting I can see some investigations and lawsuits in the future.
*UPDATE* CGU rang to inform me that all payments will be stopping & then I found this report from the Ombudsman
Explained a lot and then some, I lost sleep and felt quite ill after reading this & the scary thing is State Government
allows it.

Lost my job

I was injured in the workplace I have been an employee at Mcains foods since 1975. I injured my knee in an area that had been reported as a high risk nothing was done I became injured and have injured my right knee before this was an aggravation of an old injury they denied the claim and I have waited just on 12 months to get my knee operated on. I'm not the first one for this to happen but see I'm the Ohs officer and I reported this the pictures that were submitted were doctored up Cgu workers insurance have a history of knocking back claims for necks shoulders and knees because there a part of the body that takes a long time to heal no such thing as caring for injured workers they cost me my job.

Sneaky company

I highly discourage anyone from even making an inquiry with CGU.
All I did was inquire (Through a third party I might add) and without a single signature or commitment of any kind I was locked into a 12 month insurance contract. Despite several attempts to resolve I was told I had to pay the full 12 months upfront or have the account sent to a debt collector.

All after only an inquiry. So now I'm FORCED to pay over $1700 for a service I didn't sign up to, only inquired about.

Its a Disgusting and sneaky way to treat POTENTIAL customers.

Years of more stress and pain inflicted by CGU to serious and liability confirmed worker injury

4 Independent assessments suggested MORE treatment - they pay for less. They lie, switch case managers when you prove their lies ( im on to 6th in 3 years) Nothing is processed without several emails and phone calls. CGU incompetence makes me take time off work and makes me physically sick with stress as they promise payment and then no delivery. This is NO WAY to treat injured workers they sell insurance that people cant claim . They just want patients to go away.
Incredible level of incompetency if management are aware they should be fired.
If they are unaware they should be fired.
Or injured and made to use CGU process as a customer.

Absolute Criminals

Have been battling CGU for 17 years.

1. Deny
2. Settled - but not without taking $ 300000 of income with them
3. Denied 6 more and went to dispute 6 more times in 2 years.
4. Few more years later ... 11 Section 74's
* denied that i had permission to see my doctor - when its in the injury management plan
* denied that I had permission to see my specialist - when I had written permission
5. Appoint 2 IME's with conflicts on interest
6. Withhold documents during disputes but lie to arbitrator and say they have given them ... and still never had
7. Deny access to medicals
8. Deny even when their own IME says they r wrong
9. Lie in their briefings to IME's
10. When important documents are called via notice to produce - CGU says, "oops cant find them"

They are the scum of the earth.

Accepted liability for injury yet still refused to pay!!!

Hubby had a work injury that cost us approx 30k. Cgu accepted liability but refused to pay and declared they owed us a total of $114 !!!! They never return calls or emails. Lie. Fail to to comply with mandatory deadlines. And as yet have not even paid the $114 they decided they owed

These reviews help others.

Hearing how others have been treated is very helpful to those struggling with ill health and then the claims process. Thank you to those who take the time to share their problems and painful experiences. The recent report from the Victorian Ombudsman is also very helpful in setting out the sorts of distressing problems that can arise. I hope that information will reduce any damage done by the claims process.

Don't do mistake by choosing this cgu

Very bad bad bad bad horrible experience with cgu and their staff. Government should closed this company I closed my policy last year and still looking for money. ☹☹

can not beleive what they have done

My wife is having the same problem as osd , were paying compo and for all treatment ,then all a a sudden they decided to get a so called INDEPENDENT DOCTOR to access her ,out come from report , nothing wrong with her , and they have stopped all payment and treatment ,( scans must tell liars?) still ongoing with lawyers.

Treated like a number and determined to get you off their books

I am in a continuous battle with CGU for a work injury claim. Within 6 months I've been shuffled around to 5 case managers and still without one when I'm supposed to have one to 'care' for me from day one. Only contact is when they are reducing payments, declining payments or don't have enough paperwork so decline payments.Despite having constant care from GP, pain specialist, professor and physician for 6 months specify my treatment, they sent me to their independent accessor for 1 hour who opposed that treatment. Unfortunately my other practitioners hear this all the time. I'm now fighting this but it's been the most stressful, unprofessional, incompetent and depressing experience. CGU have failed in any care for me and go to every length to make you give up.....to be continued.

Couldn't care less about your health or well-being.

After accepting liability for a work injury that has impacted on every aspect of my life, including, but not limited to: family activities, sporting interests, getting up off a chair/toilet, in and out of a car, leisure pursuits & sex life/positions, CGU refuse to pay injury-related expenses! EVERYTHING is a battle!! They openly lied to me when I asked a simple & direct question. They do not return calls & only forwarded requested information after a conciliation form was lodged. I did not get rewarded, but rather PUNISHED for trying to minimise the expenses and burden of my injury. They have upset my young children by sending police to my doorstep at dinner time, when what I actually begged for (in tears), was a physiotherapist - NOT law enforcement! I have lost sleep due to them & the pain of my injury, & I have sought constant support from my doctor and feel that soon I will need the support of anti-depressants! They will not give any support, help, relief or aid to the pain & suffering due to my injury at work. My employer should be ashamed & embarrassed at the way CGU treats their hard-working employees! I get PHYSICALLY ill......literally want to vomit, whenever I hear their name, receive a letter, get a call from them or have to speak to them. It would be impossible to find a company who provides a worse service, or cares less about their there clients, than they do! They don't even deserve ONE star. Heaps of other people I have spoken to feel very similar, but are too exhausted (mentally, physically, emotionally & psychologically) to battle them. They engage in a "war of attrition" & rely on people "not being bothered" or finding it "all too difficult" or " "too exhausting" to continue their battle. Not sure how they are allowed to stay in business!! CGU's treatment of me is nothing short of inhumane - given the toll it has taken on me, my marriage, my sport, my kids, my sex life & my general mental & physical well-being!

Questions & Answers

IME, apparently stands for an independent medical examiner. Don't be fooled, it really stands for INSURANCE medical examiner. Paid massive amounts purely to decline a claim. One easy way to sort these clowns once and for all. Most of these examiners have only ever done these assessments their whole career. That wouldn't really class them as qualified in a field. Most are old and have not done any further study in many years. They are insurance companies henchmen. The whole system is designed to help them pocket bonuses, with there end goal you give up or you end up in the ground. If you can handle losing all you have after the 3 SSS (stave, stall, settle). You will finally see them in court with their tales between their legs. It's only a matter of time that the rude awakening comes back to bite you CGU. People seem to think Work Safe is there to help, guess again. Just big brother to the corrupt 5 insurance companies. Maybe one day soon, someone will give you a lesson that changes it all and tips the favour for injured workers.
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CGU are scammers. My partner has been fighting to get knee surgery for 2 years . Cgu kept rejecting her surgeons recommendations and had to go medical board and there under the pay packet of cgu saying her knee was ok because scans didn’t show much. Cgu medical examiners saying her knees fine and didn’t happen at work when it did . Knee swallon sore getting worse. Such a corrupt system not caring about injured workers . She lost her job. Then 2.5 years later after lawyers finally got surgery and there was large tear. Now there not paying for her to recover and now another hall of conciliation and medical board and more. Stress . Its a system that’s so corrupt that it keeps everyone in a job. And Worksafe support are so corrupt that they don’t fight for you against cguHi Elle, we appreciate important feedback such as this and would very much like to follow up with you to address your concerns. Could you please use this link https://www.facebook.com/cguinsurance/ to Private Message us your name, DOB, policy number and the state your work was based in and we will arrange for someone from our Workers Compensation Claims team to contact you and help you with your claims complaint. ~ Jono