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Coleman Flocked Quickbed

Coleman Flocked Quickbed

5998M300, 5998M310, 5998M320 and 5998M322
2.3 from 3 reviews

Terrible Terrible Terrible!

Do not ever buy this product. We had 2 of them for 1.5 years, never worked, always went slightly flat. Then after warranty 1 year period went totally flat. Useless! I would steer clear of Coleman products. Lady said "Sorry, it is out of the 1 year warranty period!" Don't waste your time with this company!


Quick and easy to put up. Feels like a bed at home except that it is bit short. Fits perfectly in our tent and I love that it is off the ground away from all the creepy crawlies
Not sure if this is the same product as mine. But the Coleman product we have is an everywhere bed where it has a stand and everything with it. It is awesome! You are completely off the ground and the mattress doesn't fold in the middle when you lay on it as it is secured to the frame.
Its length is pretty short.

Not very long lasting

Good bed too start with but after a coulple of years they start too leak and you are then having to get up in the middle of the night and inflate it once again. Had 3 now and all have leaked at the seems. Not impressed. Very cold to sleep on in winter regardless of putting a sleeping bag and a blanket under me. Also not good when your partner is a diiferent weight as one person sinkks and the other is left feeling like they are sleeping on the ground.

Just about everything but easy to deflate.

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