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Commonwealth Bank Pensioner Security

Commonwealth Bank Pensioner Security

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This is a free account for pensioners, with a set amount of free transactions. Commonwealth has the most amount of branches and ATMs, which makes them the most accessable in Australia.
This account is free for pensioners and over 55s. You have the option of keycard access or a passbook if you prefer older style banking, making visiting the branch a must. Accounts can be accessed by phone banking and the internet. Overall it is a comparable product to all the banks
There are only a small amount of free transaction, and if you write cheques and its in excess of your free limit, it costs $1 for each cheque.

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Recently I became the power of attorney and enduring guardian for my elderly mother in a nursing home who has a pensioner security account, passbook only. It is a nuisance to update the passbook at a branch for current savings status to balance various direct debit arrangements. Is there a way to set up mobile, phone or online banking for it? How and where do I start? Thanks in advance.
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