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Coopers Pale Ale

Coopers Pale Ale

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reliable flavour, when hoppy beer becomes too much you can always come back to coopers pale

This is 101% perfect


I have drank 3 glasses today, but magically need not to go to toilet
To me this is a good beer, other brands is different

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AntSouthern and Hills, SA

Not what it once was


It can be a bit hit and miss.The last lot I bought was horrible.I drank three and the other three have been in the fridge for about two weeks now.

Purchased in October 2019 at Verdun for $18.00.

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ChloeHunter Region, NSW

Coopers Beer


My boyfriend and I enjoy a fresh tasty beer to enjoy. Unfortantly after having just one cooper beer we both experience a stomach ache and headaches. Could be from something else but only happens when we drink the coopers beers. On a positive note, it does taste great!

Purchased in September 2019 for $65.00.

Chris O.

Chris O.Greater Melbourne (Outer), VIC

  • 2 reviews

Great taste, cloudy hangover


Not a fan of the cloudy hangover and restless sleep.
But a great tasting beer, coopers have always had a great taste who doesn't like the little bit of sediment to prove the authenticity.

Purchased in January 2019 at BWS Physical store for $50.00.


MetalGodzHunter Region, NSW

  • 48 reviews

Very Overrated and Ordinary


The title should say it all. There is very little flavour in this beer unlike the Sparkling Ale. I don't know if it is the yeast, the water, the hops, however this is not much better than the other mega swill beers sold throughout Australia.

Purchased in December 2016.


EvansGreater Melbourne (Outer), VIC

  • 2 reviews

Best beer in Australia


It's rugged, it's wild, it's punchy. Leaves that great beer taste in your mouth. I never thought I would review a beer in my life but I just did, so go get it!

Purchased in February 2019.



  • 28 reviews

Tastes vary!


I Iike the milky texture, at times it goes down a treat.Each to their own.
If its Stinking Hot I'll go for a Bitter
VB,MB or West End Red Can.



  • 13 reviews

Forced to drink it


Coopers Mild ale 3.5 has been the only beer available at the Gold Coast 600 super car event. Whilst it's ok to have one or maybe two having a long day of slow constant drinking on this stuff is near impossible. It's too strong in flavour and low in alcohol and if the headach don't get you first the sick feeling will. Maybe it's a way of deterring drinking. Nobody I talked to liked it. Even the people serving it appolagised for it. So many better mid beers to choose from. Steer clear.

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Unrefined but true to its origins



  • 26 reviews

One of the best more commercial beers


As a fan of craft beer, I find Coopers Pale Ale to satisfy my taste for something different to your typical lager. The malt and hop ratio is nice and the cloudy unfiltered product is so different to the other commercial beer available here in Adelaide. Sometimes it gets a bit heavy after more than a couple but that's what a proper beer does! Coopers make some other great beers primarily their stout. Definitely recommend it highly if you get the chance.

The gals love it


The best Aussie produced beer you can buy. Thanks SA for an easy drinking full flavoured fruity pale ale. We have been consuming this beer for years and it's still our favorite.



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Great and cheap beer


Coopers pale ale is refreshing and crisp. Being bottle fermented lends to the great quality of this beer. The pale ale has a light hazy amber colour with a light fruit taste with a small nip of hops on the follow through. Hardly a craft beer but miles ahead of many local run of the mill breweries beers.


garboPerth, WA

  • 14 reviews

One for the lads


This is a pearler from Coopers and it ticks all the right boxes. Full of flavour and taste and easy drinking if served icy cold. Dont forget to roll the stubby before you open it to stir up the sediment a bit and as they say in the classics" steak and eggs in every glass '
Fruity flavour and unique taste.


AlexioVictoria, Australia

  • 2 reviews

Forever my favourite.


This beer is a true Australian classic. The taste shows the right amount of hops with a satisfying finish. I enjoy the fact that it is less filtered than other beers, with a nice amount of sediment left at the bottom. It is a perfect summer beer and one that I can drink consistently and not get sick of.
Easy drinking, Selective filtering

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pale ale is a great beer to enjoy one of or many at a pub or party.definately thumbs up coopers on a great tasting beer.
great beer to enjoy in an ice cold stubbie or even better on tap
only downfall is not enough pubs have it on tap


jsambellVictoria, 3672

  • 71 reviews



All I can say is I like everything about this beer. It's smooth, has a great flavor and mouth feel without being too strong, and doesn't leave any odd after taste in your mouth.
The only negatives, and they are minor, are that there's not as much yeasty sediment as there used to be, and the head retention isn't as good as other beers which aren't bottle finished.
I like everything about this beer.
Fresh, not too heavy, good hops without being over bearing.
Good value, especially when bought on special or in a slab.
One of the best ways of spending a hot summer's day is with a Coopers Pale Ale.
Not much sediment in the bottle, even though it's bottle finished.
Not as yeasty as it used to be.



  • 68 reviews



If I wanted a carton or slab of beer, and there wasn't any other choice available, except this, then I might consider buying it. I wouldn't drink a lot of it though, as it is a bit flat compared to other brands. It's not a bad product, just not really for me.
A subtle, smooth beer for people who don't like overpowering strong brews.
Not a beer I would drink often. Tastes a bit flat to me, but that's a matter of preference.

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john polson
john polson

great beer -----what is the sugar content ???

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what are the health benefits to this ale?

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I would think in moderation and responsible consumption a good source of vitamin B plus antioxidants. There is a fine line between healthy and unhealthy benefits. The recommended maximum daily intake of of alcohol is 2 standard drinks which would equate roughly to 1 Coopers Pale Ale. Any more would be considered unhealthy.

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