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Coopers Sparking Ale

Coopers Sparking Ale

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A hard earned thirst needs a big cold beer, and the best cold beer is..

I have found among my peers polarised opinions regarding this beer. Anything from too sweet to too carbonated, too bitter etc. This is probably why most punters will go for the weaker Pale Ale which I suspect was created for marketing to the greater crowd.

For those with an improved palate, we have got something that you can proudly call a traditional, authentic and real "Australian Pale Ale". I have been drinking this ale since I could drink and thankfully nothing has changed. It still has the crisp and yeasty taste that I have always been expecting.

Being born in Melbourne but growing up in Adelaide I am thankful to say that my taste in beer was revolutionized by this drink. I can call myself a little different because I demand nothing but the best. And the best cold beer is *NOT* Vic!

what is going on...

Love this Beer and it is the only Beer I will drink, but what is going on?
Never have had a problem with the product until recently

This is the best. Have been drinking for 50 years

Been drinking this for 50 years. I'm from Adelaide. In Brisbane in mid 80s and Storey Bridge owners told them they didn't want to send package beer interstate. Things have changed dramatically today. Sold in most pubs in bottles( Some kegs but I prefer bottles). Any bottle shop must stock this fan product. I usually invert and rotate mildly before opening. Chilled is good but I can drink at room temperature also. Love the 5.8 % alcohol content. Love the fact the Cooper's family have kept growing and ownership. Love the product . Well done guys. Keep up the good work.

Packs a punch

Coopers sparkling ale is a high alcohol content ale that packs a punch, not for wimps. To the palate, it's full flavored hops right the way through to the after taste. A little challenging to drink at first which is it's strength but with an easy satisfying passage down. Unlike it's Pale ale cousin, the balance of flavors holds it's own right to the bottom of the bottle but better decanted into your favorite chilled jar. The cloudy appearance gives this beer an authentic experience true to its origins that has lasted along with it's popularity and has stood the test of time. A true beer for the purists. When you buy a bottle of Coopers Sparkling Ale, you are buying a piece of Australian Culture and History which translates into every bottle that is sacred. Cheers to a top Australian drop.

1.7 Standard Drinks of cloudy goodness

It's absolutely my favourite and the price while all others have gone up has actually come down from an average of $60 a few years ago to $51 at my most recent purchase last weekend at Liquorland in Revesby. The best deal I ever got was from Liquorland in Padstow Barn at 2 cartons for $90.

To experience the ultimate in taste go to Coopers Alehouse in Adelaide.

King of beers.

Coopers red label is the king of beers. If it is served ice cold it's a winner. I experience no headaches the next day and no chemical after tastes as the night progresses. A pearler of a drink! The perfect cold drink after a hard hot day at work.What more can I say.
Beautiful natural taste.

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