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Since DQ has taken over the previous accounts
I can honestly recommend them!, from speedy customer service to the follow up email support and phone calls, My website was in shambles being hosted elsewhere and emails all over the place to say the least, however after explaining the issues in layman's terms and the DQ team catching on they have made things a breeze! Boots Clothes Safety Team will be surely to recommend DQ to people. Well done team at DQ!

awesome customer service

Since DQ Digital has taken over our accounts we have continued to receive fantastic customer service and we appreciate the efficiency and the support they give. Thanks from Liza@Ornamental Cornice

We love these guys

I cannot recommend DQ highly enough. We have a DQ VPS hosting our complex, high traffic site. Performance is excellent. Service is exceptional. I have purchased dozens of hosting packages over the years from many different providers. DQ is the best I have found.

Outstanding customer service!

DataQuest Digital has resolved all our (local government) website programming needs. More than this though, their customer service leaves a lasting impression. Many thanks to Nick and all the team.

Best Service Ever

The service we have received from DQ Digital is second to none. Every request has been done in a timely and efficient manner. Our email and website has never worked better since having it hosted by DQ.

Great system and great support

The server is really powerful and robust fast. The support teams are extremely helpful and response quickly . I strongly recommend this company . Must sign up with them !

Most friendly and efficient support you could imagine

Migrating all my clients sites over to Dataquest was the best thing I ever did. They always answer the phone and are happy to help. I would recommend them to anyone looking at hosting their website.

Helpful and knowledgable tech staff on call every day

Since my web sites have migrated to Dataquest I have found the tech staff excellent to deal with, very responsive and helpful. Able to attend to and remedy every problem that has arisen. One of my shopping carts that is quite a number of years old looked like it may have to be replaced by an expensive new type, however the techs got together and were able to bring it back to life and it is perfect again, without the huge expense that might have been. A bonus is that I can understand what they are saying when I talk to them. Customer oriented management ensures that Dataquest stays at the front of the field. Very glad I made the decision to go with this company.

Communication and customer service

DataQuest is easy to contact by phone when I need to sort out any issues or ask questions. All the staff know their job, and are friendly and helpful. DataQuest acted immediately on fixing any server problems I have had over the past year. DataQuest make me feel like an important customer with their impeccable friendly service and communication.

Actual gurus!

It's such a relief to finally be with a tech company that is reliable, efficient, friendly and always on the ball. Others could learn a lot from the DQ crew. Very thankful I made the switch!

Online Computer Training for Libraries

Very helpful and working quickly to sort out any problems. Pricing is also reasonable. Response to queries are settled very quickly. I look forward to continuing working with your company.

These guys are great!

Looking for a no fuss, reliable, quick, and Australian IT company to help with some programming, software, and website issues, and I came across DQ Digital. Absolutely excellent service and easy communication. Highly recommend to anyone who wants to listen!

Always Excellent Service

To the team at Data Quest, I would like to thank you all for your attention to detail, fast response times (within minutes) and solving the issues we have had with expert information, customer service and outcomes.

The best thing that we ever did was transfer our entire company portfolio of websites that we host, as well as our own websites over to you guys.

Thanks again.

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