Easysafe Can Opener

Easysafe Can Opener

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Awesome opener

I bought this product I think when they first started selling it at the caravan and camping show at Maitland show ground, it has only now broken down, luckily for me I have one in the caravan. I am going to buy 2 more, these are awesome. phill from Tamworth

It worked great for the first 30 cans... disappointed

I purchased this opener on line approximately six months ago and it worked great for the first 30 cans, then it started to only partially open the cans leaving all the contents in the can unless its a liquid which can be poured out of the part that has been opened.
The cause of the failure appears to be either the actual blade that cuts the rim of the can has lost its cutting edge, which is understandable given that has been cutting metal for the last 30 cans, or it could be the distance between the cutting blade and the metal roller, that guides the opener around the lid of the can, having exceeded the acceptable tolerences. I may work on cans that have been constructed using a different gauge of metal.
I am glad my opener didn't cease operation while I was in the outback with only tin food to eat...talk about a forced diet.

Best can opener ever!

Over the years we have had many different can openers from inexpensive to expensive including electric. Most had a limited life and some were difficult to use.
We have been using the Ezysafe for nearly a month now. As advertised it removes the lid with no sharp edges. It is simple to use and does not require excessive strength so older people or those with arthritis will have no trouble.
Best can opener we've ever had and we're confident this one will last.

Only one that works for me!

Bought this Ezysafe Can Opener at the Caravan show 3 years ago as it was a can opener that I could actually get to work. Great for people with arthritis or decreased strength in their hands. Have since bought another one so one can stay in the caravan permanently. I can't go without it. A bonus is no sharp edges and the can stays rigid without the lid making emptying the can easy and safe.

How the hell ... ???

I have used a SOG Paratool multitool which has hung on my belt for the past quarter of a century to open cans with.

Simple ... indestructible ... utterly idiot-proof. Before that I used to use the little disposable tin affairs that came in my ration packs back in my army days - a few of which I've kept and found that they will actually open a few hundred cans if treated well. I found out very early in life that, since they stopped making can openers in OZ, their feeble foreign replacements were about as disposable as the ration pack ones!!

HOWEVER, my wife has small wrists, and doesn't like the levering motion required, not to mention the ultra-jagged edges of the exposed lid which these primitive (but bloody effective!!) tools leave in their wake.

SO ... every 18 months (or less) we would outlay $20-30 for the latest bit of rubbish ... which would work OK for a few months and then get thrown away ... much to my loud amusement as my old opener just soldiered on ...!!

Time for the latest throwaway, and decided we'd check ProductReview to try to find something more worthy. Thanks to the folks that reviewed this earlier we thought we'd give it a try .. and what an absolute delight. Marketed by the apparently Aussie owned BJ Enterprises, we were able to link with them via e'bay and promptly received our opener a couple of weeks ago. Well priced at $35 delivered. No notation whatsoever on the product in relation to country of origin ... but I can guess!!

I just can't get my head around how this thing works ... it does exactly as the marketing stuff says ... it somehow parts the lid from its joining seam, leaving a neat, concentric opening at the top of the can, and an almost tent like peak inside the top of the lid itself ... which allows the lid, in effect, to be mounted back on top of the tin reasonably snugly again if desired.

Wife declares it requires a reasonable, but not uncomfortable amount of force to drive it ... and again as stated in the literature, there is no contact between the can contents and the opener. Therefore it never requires cleaning, and the literature actually advises against it. BONUS!!

SO ... I think we've finally seized upon the Valhalla of can openers. Let's see if it outlasts the 12-18 month imposters hay!!!

Finally Found a Worthwhile Can Opener

Had our eye out for a truly decent can opener for many years. We probably purchased a dozen 'fails' before finding the Ezysafe. Had actually given up hope for a long lasting, well designed can opener, so was surprised by how great this is.

Intuitive to use, no pressure or force required (I had no trouble using it with a broken thumb). It opens the can where it has been sealed, so no sharp edges anywhere! Has opened all shapes of cans, including the tab top ones. And what I think is best of all is that nothing actually touches the inside of the can or the food.

For my wish list, I'd love to have a 'luxury' version of this can opener in all solid, brushed stainless steel. It has become a staple in our kitchen, and I can see this can opener lasting many years. Would be nice to have one to go with the rest of my stainless steel kitchen tools.


What a magic little can opener. Does everything as promised.
Very easy to use, and as stated no sharp edges.

Questions & Answers

I bought an Ezysafe can opener at the Melbourne Home show about two years ago. Has worked well up till the last few weeks when it seems the small wheel that grips the top of the can has worn away to the extent that it doesn't grip the can any more. What do I do? Can you get spare parts, and if so from where?
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G'Day Terry. I haven't a clue ... but I would suggest starting with their webpage. I'm thinking that these folks would be pretty good to deal with. Would love to hear how you go mate.I am sorry to hear your problem Terry. I have only had the opener less than a month and believed from research that longevity should be more than you've experienced. Not sure of guarantee, but I guess 2 years would be more than you'd get. Can only second Wisey's suggestion of contacting the website to see what they say - they should know. Good luck.I too have had one of these for about 5 years, and it now will not open some cans. It seems the wheel that Terry mentioned has worn and lets go of the can.