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Frankly - its been phenomenal!

I have been taking the Entersogel and Samento drops for nearly 3 weeks now.

It is the first time i years that i have experienced long periods (many hours in between doses) with no buzzing - (which i assume is inflammation or a reaction of some kind).

I get hungry, but not the rabid "must eat now" or i will start falling apart feeling. Coffee is all good - tastes awesome, and just gives me a nice lift instead of throwing me into a spin.

Frankly - its been phenomenal - i have felt normal - balanced - and so clear headed.
Turns out i am not that dumb. The only negative symptoms i had to start with, was a feeling of having a dodgy stomach - a few weird things going on downstairs (wind, and some runny stuff) - but it passed after 2 weeks and was not a burden in any way - Now - totally normal.

I have even had the energy to walk in the morning - been waking up early - no buzzing - and i have normal strength again (without joint pain).

If this is the key to unlocking my issues by whatever the Endersogel or Samento is doing - then you darling are a superstar.

I have woken a few times feeling buzzy (not as bad as usual) - and within 20 mins of taking both supplements, i feel normal again. Incredible. So what i need to know is what is it about these products that is having this positive effect - and what does it mean longer term - what does it mean when i stop.

I have about 5 days of Endersogel left. and another whole bottle of Samento.

Kaytee Doyd

This is awesome product! I was waiting for such product more than 20 years!

1. My order through New Zealand online shop was simple and efficient (paid by credit card though PayPal). All good!!!
2. I used to standard shipment, it took 9 days to receive it in AU from NZ. Honestly, I thought it will be a bit quicker.
3. The package information, instructions were easy to understand.
4. Was surprised that Enterosgel is patented by Swiss pharmaceutical company, nobody promoted this.
5. Sorry, I cannon understand taste. The instruction said free from preservatives, colouring, gluten, fat, sugar, lactose, flavours and sweeteners.
6. Action was great and rapid. I used for hangover and my stomach problem.
7. Second time used for my daughter Lora (5 years old), when we were on the Mirang Pool campground (Heathcote National Park). This product stop her stomach disorder in couple hours.

Nothing more, thank you for the good product. Would recommend!

August 7th 2017 Update: Used Enterosgel for my grandmother (74)

My grandmother (Maria) in Poland was under surgery one month ago. I was surprised that her doctor before and after it strongly recommend to use Enterosgel to fast recovery. She is so well now. The Enterosgel patient information leaflet does not have instruction about. Her doctor

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