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ParkerGreater Melbourne (Metropolitan), VIC

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Excellent Inverter - no problems


We had a Fronius Primo inverter installed as part of a 6.6kW Solar System in Melbourne in July this year. The installer recommended hard wiring the Inverter to our Data Router and we've had no issues with the connectivity or the App. Both the Desktop and the Mobile versions of the App seem to provide all of the performance information clearly. There's only minimal fan noise. The installer also placed a stainless steel shield above the Inverter to block direct sunlight on the unit. We did have to clear a bird nest that formed last month in between this shield and the top of the inverter as it was blocking the top air vents and probably would have caused the unit to overheat. We have since placed bird netting over the shield and inverter.


DavePerth, WA

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No help once they have your money.


I have a Fronius Symo inverter, it appears to be ok but the monitoring app won’t connect to it. The installer came out and tried and could not get it to connect so said he would get his boss to look at it. Months later Still not heard from Green Wiring (installer) so emailed Fronius Asking for advice and they have not even bothered to acknowledge the email. Obviously once they have your dollars you are not a priority to them. Disappointed but obviously too big a company to care , sure someone in company would but they would be shielded from reality and not hear about real customer problems.


DenisIllawarra, NSW

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Inverter is good, but the app and customer support is poor


I had solar panels with a fronius inverter installed to my house in February 2020. The inverter seems to be working OK, however the app is basically useless. Half the time I cannot get it to connect, I have installed a WIFI extender, it works some times and sometimes will be off line for weeks and then all of a sudden it will connect again. I have contacted the support team via email several times and they just ignore me. it is a pity the Australian section of teh company do not provide good support.


MeredithCentral, SA

The App is terrible


A local company installed our solar system with a Fronius Inverter.
It seems to be working ok.
The salesman talked up the Fronius Inverter and the way you can view how things are performing via the app.
The app is so complicated. I usually can eventually work things out however this one beat me.
Kept going round and round asking me to put in data I had no idea about.
I tried ringing the company that installed the system and guess what ...they never returned my call.
What I would recommend to anyone considering a Fronius Inverter and using the app is to make it very clear to the salesman that if you require help with the app that they are available to assist you.


BellVueQ1Greater Melbourne (Outer), VIC

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Good inverter - compact and does the job

Patrick McDonnell

Patrick McDonnellFar North Queensland, QLD

False Product Name - Fronius Primo 5.0-1 AUS


The Fronius Primo 5.0-1 AUS is marketed and sold as a 5kW Inverter by Australian Solar Installers.

The AUS version of the product sold by most installers is a 4.6kW Inverter.


Our installer sold us a 10kW system with two of these inverters. What we received was a 9.2kW system and we only realised this after we paid and then eventually found out the system was not capable of the performance of the system that we had been lead to believe we were buying.

Doug C

Doug CSunshine Coast

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Great product but hopeless mobile app


disappointedPerth, WA

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Fronius Primo inverter


My solar system was installed recently. The Fronius Primo inverter was faulty straight out of the box. It didn't work following installation and had to be replaced. Quality control should have pulled it out and saves everyone time and effort in rectification.

So loud - unbearable


On the first day my new solar system was installed I thought wow that's really quite noisy. Maybe it will settle down. No. This inverter does actually work effectively as far as making electricity goes but I can't live with it, I am having it removed. I can hear the electric motors running inside my kitchen, living room and bedrooms. I have no peace outside in my garden anymore. I hate this product.

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my system boosts the power to my house from 240v to 262v which makes my unit shut down what can I do

3 answers
Patrick McDonnell
Patrick McDonnell

I had this problem, the installer was aware of the issue but as far as he was concerned this was not his problem. I had to get in touch with my electricity supplier who were able to reduce the voltage at the supply transformer.


I have been down that road all checks out fine If I shut my inverter down my voltage returns to 240v. This all happen with full sun on the panels so 3 to 4 hour of tripping out is the result


We have not had this issue with our install. I know in Vic we have indenendent checks that can be carried out on an installers work. Maybe this is an aevenue for you if your installer is not coming to the party



can I expect to receive 6200w from a 6.2Kw solar array

2 answers

I was sold a system quoted as 2 x 5kW Inverters each with 6.6W of panels as I have 2 phases.

As far as I know, my inverter output has never exceeded 4.55kW. Maximum output on a sunny day with generally flatlines at around this.

Doug C
Doug C

You will generally get a bit under this as the maximum production for a short period in the middle of the day. Expect maybe 5.00kW at peak. I've got a 7.6kW array and regularly peak at about 5.5-6kW. Panels are not all at optimum angle though we did the best with the roof we have. The quoted outputs, while discounted, still reflect some ideals in conditions, mounting etc.

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