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Go Cruise 3.5" Motorcycle

Go Cruise 3.5" Motorcycle

3.8 from 8 reviews

Amazing value, lasted me > 5 years

The usability, screen visibility and mapping software was awesome- I found so many tracks through this unit and it has led me on many adventures through the years. Some roads very actually locked and some were extremely steep, but most little tracks were accurate. The routing software was easy to use. Using it with a bike glove was good. My mounting system was outstanding and never gave a problem in the 5 years. It has now died- although it turns on the software does not load... :-(

It was good, then turned bad!

I was given this GPS as a present, and while it did work for a while, I have not been able to use it for about 6 months as every time I press the Navigation button, nothing happens. My box came with no instructions or a CD. I am glad I didn't pay money for it as it's a blatant waste of money. The older model GPS I have used before this however, no issues. My mum also has the same models as me now, and she now has the same issue with the Navigation button. Not good enough. Lack of technical support. Go buy yourself a Navman or TomTom. I am a big fan of ALDI, but this is the worst thing I have received from there.

Update: I have called the technical support number off the packaging 6 times today to no avail. I keep getting automated responses, leave a message with my number, and nothing. I have been on their website and can't even find a link to redownload the software in case this may fix the issue. Never again. This is way too time consuming. Changing my review from two stars to one.
Everything else. I can't even get into the navigation screen nor update the maps. It's going in the garbage.

Tough Unit

This unit is easy to use, glove friendly, and survived being dropped off the bike at 100 K's. I have the bluetooth version and it has plenty of volume even with an open face helmut. Uses I-GO software
I have had it on when the heavens opened up and the water did not effect it, unlike a well known brand that is 5 times the cost.
Tough, cheap, reliable.
only comes to fit 7/8" bars

where do i go to update the mapsIf you find out how to update maps let me know please, and not using Geek-speak, as I am a dinosaur.


Weather you're tech savvy or not, this is a good buy. Nothing else comes close in this price bracket. (You might find the same unit with a different brand on it; they're made in China and the branding is done in batch orders... same device different label.) A store like Aldi will put their name behind it in regards to a 1 year warranty, so your $pend is covered, and they do 30 days satisfaction or money back (I believe). Overall, a great little unit.
You can get these things from Aldi for around $170-200, which is VERY cheap for a motorcycle GPS. It's $500-600 cheaper than the nearest competitor! The software supplied works well and the maps are more current and complete than those supplied with current Garmin GPS units. It is built on a generic design that uses the embedded Windows CE platform, which means you can load any other Windows CE GPS software utilities/suites that you like (if you know your way around such Windows devices, there are ample Internet sites with "how to's" that can help). Has exceptionally good satellite reception, better than both my Garmin products. The touch screen is sensitive enough for detailed use (in Windows with a stylus) and yet it works well with gloves on too. It's cheap! (Did I mention that?) It works! (Surprisingly well too.)
The FM earphone works OK, but it's illegal (in AU) and not advisable to fit these kind of things to helmets (if you value your head)... but that goes for any similar devices like Bluetooth etc. The bracket uses weak fasteners that can strip easily if over tightened, so use Thread-Locking compound or replace the bolts and nuts. The screen isn't big, but the display is uncluttered (with the supplied software). Might be hard to fit to bikes with "clip-on" style handle bars, easy with normal bars though. You're less likely to get lost with one of these... so you'll need more/other excuses for being late home after a days riding.

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I have the bluetooth version which is awsome. I do not know what the complainers are doing, because I have dropped it off the bike at 100k/h and went back picked it up and put it back on it's mounting properly and it did not miss a beat. Really easy to use, glove friendly, and plenty of volume even on an open face helmut.


I made a simple L bracket to mount under the mirror stalk on my Honda 250 scooter but this allowed too much vibration and eventually cracked so the MkII version is a flat and thicker alloy plate. I also had trouble with the FM helmet receiver battery going flat so I replaced that with a Chinese FM radio that tunes to the GPS transmitters' 86FM frequency (AU radios are 87.5 to 109.5 range) and modified a set of ear phones by removing the standard speakers and replacing them with a pair of 40mm flat speakers available from Altronics and a stick-on velcro button holds them to the helmet lining and fitted them to both of my helmets.
Generally a good GPS unit but with screen visibility problems in bright light, however I have found a couple of glitches in use (a "keep right" that should be a "keep left"is the main one).
For the price a reasonable unit with issues.
Cheap for a waterproof GPS unit. Spoken street names (only helpful if street signs are available and readable). Australian voice available but you lose spoken street names.
Not really a "motorcycle" unit, the Route 66 software was designed for car, lorry or pedestrian use. No Motorcycle or even bicycle option. No mounting option for scooter or enclosed handlebars (see opinion below). Can be difficult to see in bright light conditions. Fiddly locking screw (even with gloves off)definately NOT designed by a bike rider. Helmet receiver battery limited charge holding and what do you do if it goes flat mid trip?

cheaper than a melways!

I Was looking around for a gps for my trip to queensland, from melbourne with a budget of $150. I saw the aldi go cruise, 3.5 inch gps for $59.99. First I thought the only destination this gps is going to take me is back to aldi for a refund! But wait, this little unit is quite competent. It has full touch screen, voice directions, plus it won't swear at you if you take a wrong turn. Unlike the wife.it has a lot of the features of more pricey units, the only thing it won't do is tell you that it loves you and pay for dinner, besides that why buy a melways for $40, when you can have this.
cheap,reliable, if it breaks buy another.
battery life


Basic unit, Cheap price, Could be a Lot Better - Disappointed !!
ALDI will refund your money, but these units should be better tested and more information available about what they won't do before you purchase.
Go Cruise S350 - Purchase price
Product Technical back up - poor, one screen shows round abouts as a mirror image pointing in the wrong direction, while the Go Cruise GPS has Blue tooth it will recognise other blue tooth apps but not let you communicate with them (motor bike intercom etc) Very Poor


This navigator is a very good option at an affordable price. It would be improved if it had a better mounting attachment to improve its versitility.
simple and easy to use
The handle bar mounts is too small a diameter for many bikes but one can improvise easily eg mount the ball clamp post directly to a wrap-around flat metal strap, using the screw on the ball clamp to tighten the strap. Or drill and tap the steering head bolt. It is also possible to use the Contour suction mount though its not cheep and the ball clamp size is larger needing some packing.

Questions & Answers

I am after a charger for my blue tooth piece , where can i find one? it did not come with the second hand bike Thanks Craig
2 answers
Hello Caj, You will need to check the voltage on the device. Then just check some of the chargers that you have for other devices, we all have to many of the dam things. Failing that, take it to an electronics shop, mane Jaycar??Thanks for the help mate. Craig

Where can I get a usb lead for a DIN type cigarette lighter?
1 answer
Sorry, I do not know

Is it possible to hook it up to a normal 12vdc outlet? without its origional leads I mean. Thanks
1 answer
Well if you put a cigarette lighter plug on the end of the original wiring that normally attaches to the Battery