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Gumtree my sweet, I'm a fan xx

I'm a big fan.
I've used Gumtree and Ebay for several years as a buyer and seller. They both have their perks, but Gumtree is the hero. I'm just a big fan of it being free. I don't use bells and whistles, but it's nice to have the option.
My take away tip - for new users and the like - take a screen shot of the ad before you buy. Once the seller removes it, it's gone and if you bought something inaccurately described, that's your only evidence. I've never had any problems personally, but there is no insurance for loss through Gumtree and if you want to take up issue, it will be on you. Do the same with messages exchanged as these may not be available either. And record the phone number and seller details. More applicable when buying a bigger ticket item, such a car or the like.
There are other little things that other marketplace platforms offer that Gumtree doesn't. To me, this gives Gumtree an advantage in that it is easy to use, it's relaxed, advertising stuff isn't complicated by having to work out and include fiddly postage details, there is a very localised focus and because of all this, it's free to use. It's a win on all fronts imho.

We are lucky to have Gumtree!

For around 5 years have listed and sold many items, including recently a $28k Harley Davidson to a $25 Lladro figurine, on Gumtree. Has cost me nothing, and 100% of transactions have gone smoothly, and can not report a single problem. Well done Gumtree for providing this free classified service, which I can manage and control from my home.

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Hi Andrew, Thank you so much for your feedback and for using Gumtree! We are always happy to hear from satisfied users of the site and we wish you continued success and positive experiences on the Gumtree. If you have any questions or additional feedback, feel free to reach out to us at any time via our help desk here help.gumtree.com.au All of the best and thanks again. - Lee

Terrible service

I used gumtree for few years and it was working well until the last year .
More and more often my listings are not posted under a pretext that they are duplicate listings , I only have a business and a personal account that does not contradict the policies and never had any duplicate listings. Customer service is non-existant. The emails remain unreplied and live chat is dead 99% of the time . A lot of people I talk to face similar issues .
I completely agree with multiple people saying that the seller and buyer community on gumtree has right gone down the toilet in recent years.
I am questioning , maybe management changed and now the main policy to push people towards selling via eBay where there are paid sellers’ fees. No wonder more and more people gravitating towards FB Marketplace
Shame and disgrace as it was a great platform before

Hi Olga, Thanks for providing your feedback and we apologies for any trouble or frustration. Firstly, please note that due to high chat volumes, there may be delays in chat and we appreciate your understanding. As we are unable to access your Gumtree account information here via Product Review, please do attempt to reach out via chat or reopen an existing support case so we can have a further look: https://help.gumtree.com.au/ Thanks, Olga. -PeterHi Peter Gumtree’s rating on productreview is 1.7 , that must be telling you a lot . Your reply is genetic and pretty useless . You must know that livechat history is impossible to save as it always ends up as an error happening when you are trying to save it . Is there a way to contact you or someone else directly to solve the ongoing issues with my account? Sorry I don’t need your apologies, I need help . Thank you OlgaMy case number is 0001116111.

Gumtree is discriminatory and doesn’t follow their own policies.

I’m a Registered Breeder in SA with a DACO registration number.
Gumtree deleted my advertisement stating it doesn’t meet Gumtree’s policy on sale of puppies.
I’ve read the policy and I was not in breach of their policy or SA Legislation and yet they’ve allowed others to advertise puppies for sale over $500 with no Breeder registration number at all.
This is totally discrimination.

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Hi Libby, Thanks for your message and sorry for any frustration. We don't review ads ourselves but rely on members of our community to bring ads which don't follow our policies to our attention. This is the reason you may see other ads violating our posting policies on the site. That being said, if you see any ads which don't follow our posting policies please use the report ad option while viewing the ad to bring the ad to our attention so that appropriate action may be taken. Please note that we don't allow the sale of pups on the site for more than $500 without being registered with a non-council breeder association. While we require that you follow all local Australian law when posting your ads, we also require that you be registered with a non-council breeder association and that you include the details of that registration in the description of your ad when posting for more than $500. If you have any additional questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to us via our help desk here https://help.gumtree.com.au/ - Lee

Terrible Service

You must know it. In Australia, if someone report you on gumtree, the gumtree blocks you, without knowing the truth under name of his policy The truth comes only from the court after a judge's sentence I think
This is Anglosasson old mentally very common here in Australia. An idiot can declare anything and Gumtree agrees take action against you . If you want to sue it for defamation, you have to spend about $ 10,000. for the lawyers. Is the law the same for everyone? I do not think this here in Australia

Hi Enzo, Apologies, I'm a little confused by your feedback. I do apologise for any trouble caused or experienced. Please do provide us with some additional detail as to the experience that you had on the site by contacting us directly via live chat or our helpdesk; we're available 24/7: https://help.gumtree.com.au/ Thanks, Enzo. -PeterHi Peter Unfortunately here at Product review you answered immediately but to your help desck you are very evasive and not answer my question, I would like to know the exactly , reason you are blocked me . This is my email :euronica@libero.it if you wish to answer me in private, you are welcome thanks .Hi Enzo, I had a look and can confirm that there was a reply provided to you in February regarding the matter and can confirm that the status of this situation appears to remain the same. If you have any further questions, please feel free to send them via that particular case. Thanks, Enzo. -Peter


Ive used Gumtree for approx 10yrs. Last 2 years Ive noticed u have fraudsters/scammers lurking around. If your not switched on or an elderly person u will get Frauded. Any add that has a response to buy and asks for bank details in 5mins of posting is a scam . Please delete PAY PAL keep a cash in hand system . And all eyes open when these people visit your homes. I dont sell 4 myself anymore I much prefer Cash Converters but occasionally I do sell 4 family members. Just starting to lose my confidence with Gumtree . Unfortunately the world is full of dishonest and jealous people

Hi Vanessa, I'm sorry if you've received any communication such as the communication you've described here. The recommendations you've made is helpful, but please also report any contacts like this you may have received to us at our help desk so that we can look into it and take appropriate action on our end. To stay safe when using Gumtree always remember to: •Only trade with local buyers who you can meet in person •Do not engage in overseas transactions •Do not send any money upfront as you've mentioned Our help pages also include some tips for staying safe on Gumtree. I've included a link below: https://help.gumtree.com.au/AU/articles/en_US/KB_Article/Staying-safe-from-scams-on-Gumtree-AU Sorry again for any negative experiences you may have had on Gumtree. - LeeSara /Lee not sure who im chatting to. Times have changed u have many UNWELL people out in society. Gumtree has similar characteristics like Facebook you are way 2 exposed .I am not confident you people have it under control. When we are talking criminal activity we are talking police involvement and Lawyers . My opinion the safe way to sell items. Cash converters and Swap meets.. Everyone gathers together and sells their items out in full view Not behind a computer screen then turning up to a strangers home . For me I would like this whole site closed down . Just the same way Im fighting for Facebook and all dating sites to be shut down. Exposure on line is an easy link to criminal activityHi Vanessa, Thanks for your response. Because Gumtree is only an online classifieds site and no transactions take place on the site, users are encouraged to meet in person to inspect items and to complete transactions. This does not need to be done at the seller's home. There are obvious safety concerns associated with completing a transaction at your home. Users can arrange to meet in a safe public place instead wherever possible. That being said, when users do have negative experiences on the site which police can assist with, we encourage them to report the incident to police and request police to contact us directly for any additional assistance from our end as we do work with law enforcement as indicated in the following page on our help pages: https://help.gumtree.com.au/AU/articles/en_US/KB_Article/Does-Gumtree-work-with-law-enforcement-AU/?q=police&l=en_US&fs=Search&pn=1&vgroup1=PKB&c=PKB%3A&s=a002I00000XYxKKQA1 Gumtree is committed to creating a safe and enjoyable classifieds experience for all, but just the same as with trading on other online websites, safety considerations have to be taken into account when using the site and the link I've previously provided would also highlight some general safety tips. Regards, Lee

Most unreliable site ever

The app's good from a functionality standpoint, but the seller and buyer community on gumtree has right gone down the toilet in recent years. Either it's time wasters, low-ballers, scammers or generally unpleasant people.

Facebook Marketplace and ebay are superior alternatives.

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Hi Samuel, Thanks for your message and sorry for any negative experiences on the site. Please contact us via our help desk to report any negative experiences you may have had to us so we can look into this further. If you have any feedback about any aspect of the site you can also submit this via our help desk. We have options for both email or Live Chat here: https://help.gumtree.com.au/AU?cu=1&fs=ContactUs&l=en_US&lang=en_US&q=&s&ab=10 - Lee

Scam Central

To start off with, I used Gumtree all the time. When I was moving out of home a few years ago, I bought almost everything second hand through this reliable website/app. I also used to sell a lot of my stuff on Gumtree with ease.

I haven't used it much in the last few years but when I used it today to post an ad, almost immediately I got not 1, not 2, but FIVE replies within an hour of posting. They all asked me for my email to 'further discuss' the ad (even though Gumtree itself had a messaging feature) and I noticed they all signed up in Feb 2019 (I posted my ad on 5 Feb 2019). This all screams scam to me.

Please sort out your security features. This is unacceptable.

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Hi Anjela, These definitely sound like scam attempts and I'm sorry you received these messages. Please contact us via our help desk to report this so that we may take appropriate action. When a user contacts and asks you to provide your email or to email back, this is generally a sign of a potential scam and so my recommendation is that you don't respond to any messages which ask you to communicate via direct email. To stay safe when using Gumtree always remember to: •Only trade with local buyers who you can meet in person •Do not engage in overseas transactions •Do not send any money upfront Our help pages, which I have provided links to below, can explain more about how such fraudulent requests work: https://help.gumtree.com.au/AU/articles/en_US/KB_Article/I-received-an-SMS-asking-me-to-respond-on-email-How-do-I-know-if-this-is-legitimate-AU?vgroup1=PKB&c=PKB%3ASafety&vcategory2=Suspicious_Offer_or_Reply&s= Once again I'm really sorry any frustration caused. - Lee

No customer service

I posted an Apple watch. I won it in a competition but unfortunately I don't have an iPhone so I thought I would sell it. It was brand new sealed in it's box along with the receipt which they gave me incase my wrist size or color was incorrect. I posted my ad successfully then within 24-48 hours after communicating with several potential buyers my account had been 'restricted' as per their terms of use. I requested the actual reason rather than a link to their 'terms of use' however no response. Surely someone could advise what I did as a first time user. Customer service is what keeps businesses afloat. Can't see Gumtree surviving too long in such a competitive market. I will NEVER use Gumtree again! There are so many other more reputable sites. Always look at reviews before you use a service.

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Hi Mel, I'm very sorry for any frustration experienced For security reasons we may restrict user's accounts as per our terms of use based on various factors. That being said, please do contact us via our helpdesk again so that we can review this further. Once again, I'm very sorry for any frustration and inconvenience caused here. - Lee

Absolute joke

They have locked me out of my account for no good reason, all my ads are furniture and electrical products and sent me an email saying I am restricted, absolute crap and not resolved not using them again..

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Hi Katy, Apologies for any frustration. If you could, please revisit your submitted support case if you have already submitted, or submit a chat and we can have a further look: https://help.gumtree.com.au/ Do note that we're unable to access your Gumtree account info, here via Product Review. Thanks, Katy. -Peter

Zero stars If i could

Gumtree has sold its soul it seems they've struck up a deal with the Nigerian and Indian scammers and went combined. Gumtree blocks your account whenever they feel like it. They remove your paid ads when they feel like it. And if you manage to log in and post a ad it gets deleted straight away. What the hell is going on? How is anyone supposed to use your trash website or app if you don't even allow us to post anything on it? And if you do manage to post something without it being deleted, the only replies you get are from scammers telling you to email them. Unbelievable. Gumtree just shut your site down and leave already. Apparently Gumtree is for "local" users but somehow the scammers can access the Australian website from overseas and see all our phone numbers and contact us. I have a question for Gumtree : you obviously want your business to crash and burn, why are you still even operating? I'll take my advertising elsewhere, you absolute rubbish scums.

Hi Emz, Thanks for your message and I'm very sorry for any frustration experienced. Gumtree is committed to providing a safe and enjoyable classifieds experience for all users of the site. If you have any negative experiences on the site, please bring it to our attention by contacting our help desk so that we can look into it further and take appropriate action. When ads are reported to us for violating our posting policies they may be removed and multiple violations of our posting policies may result in restriction of the account. All users agree to follow our posting policies when creating an account so we do take action on ads reported to us for violating our posting policies, however, if you are unsure of why your ad was removed or if you're having trouble with your account our help desk would be able to assist with this as well and provide more information. Again, I'm sorry about your experience, however, please do contact our help desk for further assistance so that we can look into this for you. We have options for both email or Live Chat here: https://help.gumtree.com.au/AU?cu=1&fs=ContactUs&l=en_US&lang=en_US&q=&s&ab=10 I hope your future experiences are much more positive. - LeeI certainly have not violated any posting policies. I have paid ads which keep getting deleted. Even my kitten ad got deleted and whenever I post something it is deleted straight awayHi Emz, If you haven't done so already, please do contact us via our help desk so that we may look into this and assist further. - Lee

Needs a bit of an update

Gum tree is handy to look up businesses, real estate, vehicles and to locate goods and services.
However its search engine, the ads on the home page or search page, can get a bit frustrating.
If only there was a more updated and simpler version, this would be a more used website.
Plus having categories within categories if that makes sense.
Still a good site though

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Hi there, Thanks for your feedback and thanks for using Gumtree. You can be sure that we take into consideration all feedback and suggestions we receive from our community as we are constantly looking for ways to improve the site and the user experience for all users of the site. Please do reach out to us via our help desk to pass on any additional feedback or to provide more detailed feedback about the improvements you suggested so that this may also be passed on to our development teams for consideration. You can reach us the contact option on our help pages here: https://help.gumtree.com.au/ Thanks again for your feedback and I wish you continued success on Gumtree. - Lee

Ads never appearing and customer service not helping

I am writing this review out of desperation since Gumtree customer service has been useless in resolving this matter. I had tried to post an ad and it doesn't appear. It is searchable through the ad ID but only when i'm logged on to my account. If i post the link with the ID into another browser it says 'sorry ad no longer available and 'SOLD'. The customer service reps amended this problem by blocking my other accounts, which did nothing. If i could PLEASE get an answer why this is happening, that would be great.

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Hi Peter, I'm sorry for the trouble that you're having. I can confirm that we're unable to access your Gumtree account information here via Product Review. Kindly submit a chat or new case or reopen an existing case if you've submitted and we can have a further look for you. Apologies for the trouble and we hope to hear from you soon: https://help.gumtree.com.au/ Thanks, Peter. -Peter

There people that use gumtree site as a platform for scamming!!!!

There are some scammers out there and they use Gumtree as well. I like Gumtree but feel that there is darker side that I along many others are not aware of. People need to be aware

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Hi Kea, Thanks for your message and I'm sorry if you've had any negative experiences on Gumtree. If you have been contacted by any fraudulent users of the site or if you have been the victim of fraud yourself, please do report this to us via our help desk so that we can look into this further and take appropriate action. We are committed to providing a safe and enjoyable classifieds experience for all our users and we will be sure to take appropriate action with regards to any report received from our community. We have options for both email or Live Chat here: https://help.gumtree.com.au/AU?cu=1&fs=ContactUs&l=en_US&lang=en_US&q=&s&ab=10 I also recommend that you check out the following link which includes tips on how to stay safe on the Gumtree website: https://help.gumtree.com.au/AU/articles/en_US/KB_Article/Types-of-Scams-on-Gumtree-AU/?l=en_US&c=PKB%3ASafety&fs=Search&pn=1&vgroup1=PKB&c=PKB%3ASafety&s= I hope your future experiences on the site are very positive. - Lee

Inappropriate listing

I opened an account to sell a camera lens i no longer needed. After i rejected a low offer, my ad disappeared. I contacted the help desk and they notified me that my ad had been deemed inappropriate. No further information could be provided and my account was deleted. How inappropriate can a picture of w camera lens be? I will never use gumtree again.

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Hi Adam, Thanks for your message and sorry for any inconvenience. So we can look into this further please contact us via our help desk again for additional assistance. Please respond through the original case you had for further assistance. Sorry again for any inconvenience, but thanks for your patience and understanding. - Lee

Gumtree is GREAT

I just read though all the feedback and honestly it is not Gumtree's fault that people are unreliable and rude.
I have used this site for over 5 years and yes you have to use your head when dealing with people especially when it comes to your own safety and keeping your word when buying something but how would you expect Gumtree to control the public. I agree there should be customer feedback on seller and buyer like ebay. That would help shift through all the rubbish buyers & seller (because they are out there!!!)
But overall this is a great place to find things locally and I recommend this to everyone I meet who want to buy or sell unwanted items.
Thank you Gumtree

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Hi Oli, Thanks so much for sharing your feedback! Very happy to hear that you have enjoyed your use of the site and have had success. Yes, we do encourage all of our Community Members to review our site safety tips: https://help.gumtree.com.au/AU?lang=en_US&l=en_US&s=a002I00000X33UrQAJ&c=PKB%3ASafety Do note that we have implemented a rating system on the site and you should have the ability to provide a rating. If you have any questions, concerns or feedback, please let us know directly, via live chat or our helpdesk: https://help.gumtree.com.au/ Thanks again, Oli. -Peter

Waste of time

90% of sellers are scammers, and don't reply. Adverts have been up for years and not current. 90% of buyers are total scammers. Can't even give stuff away for free.
The site needs to either have a lot more security checks or shut down....total waste of time. Not worth it.

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Hi Jason, Apologies for any trouble or confusion. Firstly, please report any matters of concern to us directly via live chat or our helpdesk: https://help.gumtree.com.au/ I can also confirm that selecting "Give Away" will list your item as a freebie. If you find any posts that you feel are out of date, please report by clicking the "Report" link on the ad page. Again, please let us know via the previously provided link should you encounter any matters of concern or have additional questions. Thanks, Jason. -Peter

crap customer service

When I got scammed [Name Removed] from Gumtree was horrible to me. He ignored my first complaint and in my second one actually defended his rude customer service and then ignored my reply! So if you use gumtree beware the horrible customer service doesn't give a damn if someone scams you. I sold my itunes gift card and stupidly agreed to a bank deposiit and to this day it hasn't shown in my account. If it was eBay they would be able to contact the seller. So don't sell on gumtree there's no protection and horrible customer service.

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Hi Fergo, Thanks for your message and I'm very sorry to hear of your experience. I can assure you that we take reports such as these very seriously on our end and any information provided during the report would be used to look into the user further on our end and take appropriate action to prevent a similar situation from occurring again. As no transactions take place on Gumtree we don't have buyer or seller protection, nor the authority to get directly involved and in transactions. That being said, we do work with law enforcement to assist in providing them with information which may help in their investigation so if you haven't already, please report this to the police and kindly ask that they contact us directly so we can provide them with any require information directly. If you haven't already, please also contact our help desk once again and open a new case to provide any feedback related to your experience with our customer service team as well so that we can look into this further there. I'm sorry once again about your experience. - Lee

Be wary & use common sense

We've bought and sold MANY things on Gumtree over the years and it used to be great, but it has changed alot since the earlier days and scammers and time wasters are rife on the site now, so we don't sell on it anymore, it's just not worth the time or trouble! I've listed items that are still in pristine condition for Free quite a few times as well and I have been gobsmacked at how demanding, picky and rude people have been when they enquire about them, so I'm not inclined to do that anymore either. And with all the recent news reports of attacks being made on sellers it doesn't really motivate us to sell items via this platform.

We've had experiences of scammers trying to dupe us when we were selling cars on two different occasions and both used exactly the same tactics, fortunately we didn't get ripped off. They contacted us via text but it came up as Private numbers, and they both requested to be contacted on an email address for communications, they insisted that they definitely wanted the cars sight unseen, and they also wanted to make payment via Paypal and send a courier to pick up the car(s) ASAP. I foolishly fell for the email contact rouse with the 1st car but I soon became suss that something was dodgy about the buyer with his lengthy & complicated story, then the scammer had the cheek to say that they had already made payment and demanded our address for collection or a refund. When we refused to give them our address or refund them anything they started to send threatening emails about going to the Police to report us, that's when it started to get amusing and we played along and actually encouraged them to report us, they persisted with a few more abusive emails and eventually gave up when we ceased responding. If you have received a fake PayPal invoice email, please be sure to forward it directly to spoof@gumtree.com.au and phishing@paypal.com.au so that the information it contains can be assessed properly by their system.

Hi there, Thanks for reaching out and relaying your experiences; apologies for any trouble or concern caused. Firstly, it does indeed sound as though you're describing a fraudulent request that you have received. We do ask in these cases that the matter is reported directly to us via our helpdesk or chat: https://help.gumtree.com.au/ and that yes, any false invoices or other falsified documents received are forwarded through to our Spoof Team's automated email address at spoof@gumtree.com.au. Please also ensure that you review the supplied information regarding these matters, taken from our help pages: https://help.gumtree.com.au/AU/articles/en_US/KB_Article/I-received-an-SMS-asking-me-to-respond-on-email-How-do-I-know-if-this-is-legitimate-AU/?q=SMS&l=en_US&fs=Search&pn=1&vgroup1=PKB&c=PKB%3A&s= https://help.gumtree.com.au/AU/articles/en_US/KB_Article/Suspicious-emails-AU/?q=SMS&l=en_US&fs=Search&pn=1&vgroup1=PKB&c=PKB%3A&s= Also, please be sure to review our general site safety tips as well: https://help.gumtree.com.au/AU?lang=en_US&l=en_US&s=a002I00000WqDoWQAV&c=PKB%3ASafety Please do make sure to report any matters of concern directly to us and we can investigate further. Again, thanks very much for reaching out and relaying your experiences. We do wish you have far more positiver experiences on the site moving forward and again, please contact us directly should you wish to report a matter of concern. Thanks. -Peterhttps://au.news.yahoo.com/warning-womans-massive-mistake-selling-item-gumtree-041444938.html

Ok except for the humans

Care to be effed around endlessly?
Then Gumtree is perfect for you.
Seriously though it's a good site EXCEPT THEY SHOULD PROVIDE FEEDBACK AND REVIEWS of at least the sellers, vet everyone preferably.
This won't happen of course. So you take your chances, NO GOOD FOR THE TIME POOR.
buyers are FAR WORSE though both sides will get you the crazies, flakes and unreliable.

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Hi Serabravo, thanks for the message and sorry to hear you may have had negative experiences on Gumtree. Please contact us via our help desk so that we can keep a record of your suggestion and so that you can provide us with more detail about your experiences on the site. We have options for both email or Live Chat here: https://help.gumtree.com.au/AU?cu=1&fs=ContactUs&l=en_US&lang=en_US&q=&s&ab=10 - Lee

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I am trying to post more items for sale but each time I do it is shown as deleted? Whats going on there?
1 answer
Hi Wayne, Sorry you're having trouble posting. So we can look into this further, please contact us via our helpdesk. We have options for both email or Live Chat here: https://help.gumtree.com.au/AU?cu=1&fs=ContactUs&l=en_US&lang=en_US&q=&s&ab=10 - Lee

I recieved a message four days ago from a potential buyer - but it won’t let me reply as the “other party closed the conversation.” Is this normal?
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Hi Scout, Sorry for any trouble. When messages are deleted on Gumtree by you or the other user the conversation is closed and no further messages can then be sent. The conversation also cannot be opened again. A new conversation would then have to be started through a different ad. You could check the user's profile to see if they have any ads which you can respond to. You can do this by clicking their name from the closed conversation. If you're having trouble checking this you can get in touch with our help desk and we'll be happy to help.We have options for both email or Live Chat here: https://help.gumtree.com.au/AU?cu=1&fs=ContactUs&l=en_US&lang=en_US&q=&s&ab=10 - Lee

Hi, if a person you have been messaging deletes their ad will they still receive my messages?
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Hi Erica, Thanks for reaching out. If the conversation thread remains open, you should be able to continue to converse via the thread. Please reach out to us if you could, so we can have a look into the message thread and confirm it's status: https://help.gumtree.com.au/ Thanks, Erica. -Peter