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Hahn Super Dry

Hahn Super Dry

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Dave B.

Dave B.Metropolitan Adelaide, SA

  • 2 reviews

Tasted it for the first time this week and its horrible


Found that it tasted funny but the worst part for me was the horrible after taste, it reminded me of when you use products containing aspartame and the like (fake sugar) never again.

Purchased in January 2020 at BWS Physical store for $20.00.

Craig M.

Craig M.South West, WA

foul tasting yuk


Loved this beer for many years, however since the green bottle I've changed to Carlton dry. Hahn say they haven't changed the recipe so how can so many people be wrong in their reviews. Hahn ultimate crisp isn't s bad alternative.

Not like it used to be makes me sick


If i could rate zero, i would. I used to love this drink but now i cant even stomach a few moutfulls before the taste makes me vomit. I'm not joking either, i literally get freakin nauseated after a few moutfulls and i didnt used to. This drink has definitely changed!!!!!

Purchased in October 2019 at BWS Physical store for $20.00.



  • 2 reviews

Tastes and smells terrible now!


Always purchased Superdry or TEDS in bottles and was satisfied however bought a carton of Superdry today and couldn't get over the bad smell. It's like a metho smell or something of that nature. Poured it into a glass and still same bad smell. Taste is terrible since green bottles too, however in the pub out the tap it still tastes okay. Will be buying TEDS from now on you lost me on Superdry.

Purchased in August 2019 at White Horse Inn Bolivar SA for $50.00.

Allan P

Allan PSouth Australia

Superdry can cartons


A positive criticism.
Love the beer, but the packaging of cans in the cardboard 6 packs is awkward to unpack & continually drop them. Previously they were packed singularly & easy to remove. Surely reverting back to singular would be a great benefit to your company, saving on materials & print costs. Keep up the great work & as I stated earlier it's a great beer, & have no intentions to change.

Purchased in April 2019 for $4,990.00.

Dylan C

Dylan CQueensland



This was my favourite lager and now it’s ruined. It taste like water and batteries. Change the bottle back for Christ sake. Surely after everyone’s responses you will start listening.

Purchased in April 2019.

Tastes changed now


Have drank and enjoyed this beer for many, many years..not enjoying anymore.. the recipe has definitely changed. I agree with everyone it's just not the same, everyone can't be wrong..c'mon Mr Hahn tell us what's going on

Purchased in March 2019.

Was perfect before change bottles


Old brown bottle 5 stars, was my beer till this green bottle. The beer now taste horrible.... what they have done to it!!!! I hope they go back to the old flavour.

Was a good beer. Green bottles tastes Crap !


Since the change to Green bottles never brought a carton again. They claim same recipe but listen to your customers we all can't be wrong. Who ever in Management that came up with this idea of Green bottles should be fired. Terrible beer now never again.

superdry blue v's superdry green.....Rating Brown Bottle 10/10...Rating Green Bottle 0/10...


I only drink Hahn Superdry.Being a Diabetic,I love(d) the full flavour the old brown bottles had.I tried the NEW green bottled Superdry over Christmas Day....now I have a almost full carton of 24 that I am stuck with...YUK!!! TASTES THE SAME AS THAT OTHER BRAND,"PURE BLONDE."Looks like I will have to start drinking bottled wine now whenever I feel like a drink.Hahn has lost me as a loyal customer,sorry to say.

Who’s the ‘genius’ that had the green bottle idea?


Long time super dry drinker. I’ve never had more ruey beers than in the last 6 months since the green bottle idea has developed. More uv light exposure means the greater chance of the beer going off. I’ve actually started drinking Budweiser at times to satisfy my need for a normal bottle. Please bring back brown super dry bottles before I end up doing something stupid and starting drinking VB.

all aboce comments


For all those claiming the beer flavour has changed i just have to say this.. I had a carton of the olfd brown bottles and a carton of the new green ones blind folded 6 mates and gave samples not 1 person could tell the difference

Change it back or lose profits


The beer is low carb so it is impossible to be the same tasting beer.
Whoever's decision it was to change the beer needs to stand down from their position.



Never drank the bottles only a can man the cans have a redesigned appearance and the flavour is also gone to hell, terrible taste so now looking for a new beer to turn to one that's not owned by LIONS BREWERY otherwise they don't care the money still rolls on in very disappointed that they treat loyal drinkers with this contempt.



  • 2 reviews

Receipe changed and tastes horrible


Hahn claim the receipt is the same. crap. The beer in the green bottles taste different and I no longer like drinking it. After 5 years I will now be drinking something else. Carlton Dry taste better. Another Hahn customer gone.



  • Verified purchase

Please change back to brown bottles.


I loved the beer in the brown bottles. I do not know why it should taste differently just because it is now in a green bottle, but I think it does not taste as good. I wish Hahn would change back to the brownies.

Brown bottle tasted better should also go to 375mm the 330 are too small


They were on a winner why change doesn't taste the same in green bottle also hate how they all go to 330 ml bottles coopers hasn't I'll drink coopers from now on.



  • 2 reviews

It was a perfect beer


For the last 4 years I have drank super dry two classes a week in summer. Since the first green bottle I opened that was basically flat & opened easy I have not brought another case it's definitely not the same beer wake up to your selfs change it back you's must be already really down in sales??

Why do they have to change a good thing.


Why did they change my favourite beer?????
I new something was up with the change to the green bottle.
So I sat down and tried the old and the new, this confirmed the change in taste, not for the good!!

Thanks Hahn for the years of bliss but now, I’m done!

Change of bottle


Why have you change the bottle. Brown to green. Please go back to the brown bottle. I actually drive around perth to see who has any brown bottle cartons. Love the brown bottles. Please go back. Don't know why you change.

Thanks Allan

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I recently bought a carton of Hahn Super dry, which when we opened the bottles didn't fizz like previous cartons, tasted flat & had very minimal bubbles. What can I do to get this carton replaced?

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Alan K
Alan K

say 5 hail marys move on from this my child

Daniel friedrichs

Daniel friedrichsasked

Unfortunately my favourite beer was being sold out of date at a bottle shop in stanmore!! I so want that stopped!!! Who sells out of date beer??

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