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Rushed out

I am a teenage guy. I went in to Highpoint Hair House Warehouse with longish hair to get it washed and cut. The whole process I had with the blonde woman cutting my hair was fine, up until the moment her friend walked in, waiting for her to finish up, to which she dropped everything and said ''All done'' while my hair was still wet!! Poor customer service provided here.

Customer service online orders

Made a mistake with an order and trying to reach anyone at hairhouse warehouse to cancel my order before dispatched. There is no number to reach only sending email or online notification which you receive no response. I’m still waiting. Shame on you hairhouse warehouse for your inability to contact your customers. I won’t be ordering anything ever again from you

Not happy

Went to warn ponds hairhouse wearhouse to have my hair done asked for a quote as i always do was told 135.00 dollars i then asked when can i book it they said we can do you now that was around 2pm i left there at 5.30pm extremely disappointed i was in tears when i left the colour wasn't what i had asked for and when i went to pay her and she said $271.00 dollars i had purchased some shampoo and conditioner set and that was $35.00 dollars that is included in the 271.00 I'm really really not happy as i have never ever payed any more than $150.00 to have my hair done it has always been less than that and i have had exactly what i asked her to do today i will never go back. every every dissapointed grrrrrrr and would love my $100.00 dollars back that i over payed

bad customer service

the worker saw that me and the friend that i was with were teens and tried to make us buy way too many products by telling us that our hair wasn't done well, overall the worker was very rude and i wont be going back any time soon.

Nose Ring.

I bought a nose ring awhile ago, and my nose got instantly infected, and now it won’t go away, been applying detol and everything that can get rid of the infection, nothing it working, horrible pericings.

Worst blowdry ever

I popped in hairhouse warehouse in cairns shopping centre and decided to get a blowdry. I asked for big and bouncy with curls and volume, but unfortunately the hairdresser did not have a clue how to do this and it took her an hour to to just make a complete mess of my hair and in the end spent 5 mins using straighteners to curl the ends to salvage it, as i was eager to leave as the appointment had overrun.

The girl was lovely, so i did not want to be rude to her and tried to guide her at one point (to no avail) as I often style my own hair in this way.

I am shocked that a qualified hairdresser cannot do a blowdry, but more than anything i begrudged paying $50 to get my hair done, when i could've done a better job myself.

Online purchase - item not received!

After a recent online purchase I was asked to write a review of a product. It was not posted on their website - yes it was more about service but their customer service is so poor I needed to get the message across.
I made the purchase online on the 8th October 2018 - after numerous phone calls and emails I am still waiting for the product - 2 month wait for the product is ridiculous!! I had ordered other products within this order which arrived with minimal issues.
I will never buy any product or service from this store again - for such a seemingly large company it’s customer service is absolutely deplorable!!!

All round terrible service

The hairdresser I had, spoke down to me, didn't listen to what I wanted with MY hair, was pretty rude in general. But this was a while ago... Just now when I called for a quote because if I don't have to spend too much, I won't, she sounded really irritated just to be receiving the call. So nothing has changed from my past experience to now. Wow, thanks, appreciate it.

Would you like to be berated?

Asked for balayage, and hair to be lightened.
Lady was combative, and speaking down to me. She had an appalling attitude and made me feel extremely stressed.
She tried to rectify this, but after starting the service would ignore me, and speak very sternly to me. For spending $285, I got a few foils (not even a half head), and 1 toner treatment, plus a blowdry.
She could not interpret what I was asking for, and kept telling me she wanted to darken my hair. It was very stressful, and I wanted to leave all the way through.
A waste of $285, my hair looks exactly the same. I will have to spend another $300 somewhere else.


Just some feedback on the atmosphere of the salon.
Would love to have a calming, pampering feeling to my experience. This means the music too... especially so.
Whilst I generally like the upbeat happy tunes, not so much the rap and heavy metal. But in either case, in this situation I would really enjoy something beautiful, relaxing that makes me feel like I'm in exclusive surroundings before I head back out into the real world.

Terrible hairdressers and customer service

Rude customer service inaccurate information was given to me and they did a horrible job on my hair and went give me a refund

Amazing service!

I went to my local Hairhouse Warehouse for a haircut and the service was wonderful. Really nice staff and I got an absolutely beautiful haircut and colour. This isn't the first time I've been there either. The first time I went for a nose piercing and again staff were absolutely lovely and had no issues! Will definitely shop from again.

It was the worst haircut in my life

It was half long and half short and I asked for it to be cut at my eyebrows and half was but the left side is nearly hitting my mouth and half of it will stay on the side it is meant to and the other half is not and before I walked in it was and ok length I just wanted a certain style but they changed it on me without my knowledge

Awful Shopping Experience!

Went to the Shellharbour Hairhouse Warehouse store to buy a Kerastase shampoo. There was no price label on the shelf where the product was and it wasn't scanning at the counter. A couple of staff members started looking through a product catalogue to try and figure out the price but soon got bored of it and decided to guess the price. They all agreed that they thought the product was about $48.95 and charged me accordingly. I left the store and called the Wollongong branch to price match who told me the product was $40. A 25% price markup is pretty significant - especially for an already expensive product. The whole affair was dealt with very unprofessionally and I won't be shopping there again.

Communication communication communication

Have been many times for piercing and jewellery, no problems there apart from the steep rise in jewellery prices and much less to choose from. But guys, if you don't have a piercer anymore let the public know ay? You don't take appointments so just drop in! But you can't have a piercing tho. Why don't you nip up the road 20 miles to mount Druitt? I was told. Pretty difficult when you are carless. Grrrrrrrrrrrrr

Went to the Robina store to purchase my usual Muk 500gm hairspray at $15.95. Was given a 290gm can

Cheated. Charged for a 500gm can muk spray and given a 290 can. They refused to refund my money. Will never shop there again.

Slow shipping

I bought a hair trimmer from the online store and as I needed it quite soon, I decided to pay for the express shipping option. Within Australia, express shipping usually gets to me within next business day or the day after. It has now been a week and still no package?!!! This is unacceptable and I will never shop here again.

Every bad haircut

Just had a very bad hair cut from the just cut top Ryde. The front is ok, but the back is uneven, messy cut, it is looked worse than the home haircut. The is my first time to get the haircut from there, it is also my last time to get the haircut from there. Never recommend to anyone.

Plenty Valley, amazing staff

The moment you walk in a staff member is there to assist. I have been to the Plenty Valley store multiple times and each time the staff were friendly. It's great to go somewhere and have staff excited for your purchases, willing to help and have a laugh with you!

I've even had a hair cut at the store and absolutely loved it.

Hairhous Warehouse Mornington Central store.

Hairhouse warehouse Mornington store is amazing for ear piercings my 9 years old daughter had her ears pierced last week 29.9.218 , the piercer Jacob and Tracey at Mornington are wonderful and very professional, friendly 100 % recommend!!!

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Questions & Answers

I have chin length thick curly hair, how much would it cost to have it cut it into a pixie cut
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Thinking about getting my frizzy hair permanently straightened the girl told me veey little damage and grows out long hair price about $350 has anyine had it done suggestiins please
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how much is it to get a belly piercing and do you need to have an adult with you if you're younger than 18?
1 answer
I used to have one, but it turned out crooked. Yes you do need a adult if you’re under 18, and I’m pretty sure it’s around about $65 or $85.