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Don't waste your time - online discount con

What an utter waste of time trying to purchase a hairdryer online with Hairhouse has been. I tried to claim the "first order 10% discount" by using the proffered code word, but it simply did not work - it was "invalid". Was forced to sign up to "style society" and provide all my personal details and my CC number to claim discount - but that didn't work either - system told me "WELCOMEGIFT" was an "invalid code" for the discount. I emailed for support, another waste of time, nothing that I was advised to do worked either - all INVALID - or similar message. I wonder..... is it false advertising, an inept online system or just a con. However I no longer care

Don't waste any time making an order online!

I purchased some items online in January; The Post called and said package was damaged and leaking; they offered to send it back, which they did. I tried contacting via the email (only contact available on their website) and they responded back offering to resend the items or a full refund. I asked for the items to be resent. After 4 months and 6 emails back to them, I have yet to hear back from anyone at HH! Do not waste your time ordering anything from these people online. If anything goes wrong, you’ll be out on your own.

Paid $230 for balayage but they destroyed & burned my hair the day before my holiday. The owner refuses to resolve it

I went to shellharbour stocklands hairhouse warehouse on anzac day for my booked & prepaid appointment, asked to have my balayage color touched up, my hair was a healthy milk chocolate brown with toffee blonde balayage from the mid sections, I wanted it touched up as I was going on holiday in the morning and to an important dinner, date etc... The girl put bleach all over my hair and on my roots on top of my head - left it on for an hour whilst attending to another customer, then another girl washed it out, my hair became like jelly and broke off in chunks, I confronted her and she played dumb, then said she'll fix it, and put something else in my hair, it turned out a greyish ash blonde, ugly and gross... Not balayage... Then I saw my roots were yellow, she wrecked my newly coloured brown roots, then got angry as if I was in the wrong, she said she'll dye the roots back how they were when I walked in, and she put black dye and looks like a stripe.. I wasted almost 5 hours there... My hair was burned, damaged and too late... Anzac day, almost 6pm. I went on holiday and was depressed, embarrassed and couldn't do my hair... Looked ugly. Upon return to Australia, I went to the salon, owner wasn't there, a staff girl copied my receipt and took notes, said she'll contact the owner and he'll call me to offer a refund and treatments and fix my hair, 4 days passed, nothing... I went there today and the girl that destroyed my hair was nasty, rude and snarky, other staff laughed at me, told me to leave and refused to call the owner, I stood my ground, they called security, the owner got on the phone and was disgusting, refused to resolve this, refused a refund, refused to fix my hair... Told security to get rid of me... An argument ensured, security physically assaulted me, embarrassed me in front of hundreds of shoppers dragging me like a thief... Customer in the salon was laughing and filmed me on her cell phone... I reported this to police and an investigation is in progress for assault. Please do not trust these horrible unprofessional goons! They destroyed my hair, self esteem, confidence, had me humiliated and assaulted... Now i'm taking legal action... Shellharbour hairhouse warehouse - shame shame shame on you!!! Just disgraceful!!Look at how my hair looked before they touched it ( 1st photo ) to how it looks now. Omg!!! :(

Fantastic customer service

My review is o my for Ben at the Richmond Store where ikea is. He was a pleasure to be served by and helped me out by leaving with more than I wanted but ended up paying the same amount!!

11/10 customer service and overall bloody food bloke

Have not received my transaction money from my online return.

Nearly 3 months ago, I purchased 1 x Fastlane Ionic Ceramic Straightener at a total of $79.95 (including GST). The product was significantly different to what I was after - which I was fine with, as mistakes in retail can happen. I shortly sent the product back to their warehouse with correct return labels etc. I have not heard anything back about my order return. I have sent several emails to their enquiry email contact now, their Customer Service contact email, and have tried to find a number to ring for my order return, but there unfortunately is no number available.

I have not been responded to by ANY of my SEVERAL emails, which I am utterly disappointed in.
Meaning, I wasted $79.95 on this company.

I will definitely be making a visit in-store when I get the chance, to talk about this face-to-face with staff.

I do not recommend purchasing online from this company at all.

First time was great

The first time I went there it was great was really happy with my experience but the second time wasn’t so good!she did a bad job and I wasn’t happy at all.there stuff is so expensive too

Way to expensive

The ladies were very nice and everything was fine. All I got done was a wash, trim and blow and it costs $65. The lady did a good job I just personally think they charge way to much for a haircut.

So rude and disrespectful

So I have short hair and deal with hair loss so my hair is very thin. I walked in asking for a trim and she says $40. I tell her that it's just a trim and so I ask for the manager. She calls over the manager who was incredibly rude and dismissive, saying that the lowest she can go was $45, and I'm like the other lady just told me $40 and you upped it?! I would never recommend this to anyone. Absolutely disgusted by their behaviour.


extremely unhygienic!!!! they take nothing seriously, they don't listen to customer opinions, completely careless and wreckless... the piercers think its a joke and are not serious about their job. Will not be coming back here

Have not received my order although paying for it. No phone number to call & no response to my emails

On Tuesday 5th March 2019 I signed into my account & ordered the 3 for 2 deal 3 Matrix products. I went through to Afterpay which all completed successfully (order number 67637073). The screen then said something about processing my order and after about 5-10 odd minutes I decided to hit refresh. At that point I was kicked out of the system. As I had not received a confirmation from Hairhouse I assume the transaction did not go through. If I look at my cart the products are still there. I am reluctant to try again as I'm sure this will result in my paying again.

I logged into my account on Wednesday 6th March 2019 & completed their Customer Inquiry form as there is no phone number provided on their website. No response so completed form again on Friday 8th March 2019. This time a lady called Emily responded asking me how she could help. I explained to her the situation. From that day until now I have emailed her & lodged more Customer Inquiries & have not received any response at all.

I know we are not talking about much money but the point is that I am paying for these products through Afterpay & have not received them & the ultimate rudeness that Hairhouse can just not be bothered responding to me to resolve the problem which would be pretty easy to resolve.

Walked in with healthy hair , walked out with frizzy and completely ruined hair.

Walked in with healthy hair , walked out with frizzy and completely ruined hair. So much so considering cutting all of my hair short. Left hair colour on for 3 hours as they were too busy to get to me and then charged me $500 . Considering legal action , totally disgusted and disappointed beyond comprehension. No refund offered and had the ordasity to ask me to respond to their email in 3 days or repair products would not be supplied.

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I went in today , and the support that was offered by the manager Hayley was amazing . My hair has improved greatly and I will definitely be back , my hair is much better and I appreciated that they listened , offered products to restore My hairs health and did an amazing job today , thanks

Do not buy from HW - plenty of better places to get these products!

I needed a new hair straightener and ended up getting two from hairhouse warehouse online for my birthday! So we contacted Hairhouse about returning one. They said to go in-store and ask them. Went to two stores and they both said they wouldn’t return it in-store. Called three more times before we got a hold of someone who gave us the address to mail it back and get a refund. So we mailed one straightener back and have heard NOTHING. Have called at least ten times, have only gotten actual people on the line maybe three of those times. One person said they couldn’t help and the other two say they will get back to us. But they never do. My birthday is beginning of DECEMBER and we are now approaching the end of MARCH. Absolutely infuriating as they now have my straightener AND my $150, which is essentially just theft at this point as they’ve taken the return and taken my money! Nonexistent customer service and terrible resolution of problems. I will never buy from them again.

Rushed out

I am a teenage guy. I went in to Highpoint Hair House Warehouse with longish hair to get it washed and cut. The whole process I had with the blonde woman cutting my hair was fine, up until the moment her friend walked in, waiting for her to finish up, to which she dropped everything and said ''All done'' while my hair was still wet!! Poor customer service provided here.

Customer service online orders

Made a mistake with an order and trying to reach anyone at hairhouse warehouse to cancel my order before dispatched. There is no number to reach only sending email or online notification which you receive no response. I’m still waiting. Shame on you hairhouse warehouse for your inability to contact your customers. I won’t be ordering anything ever again from you

Not happy

Went to warn ponds hairhouse wearhouse to have my hair done asked for a quote as i always do was told 135.00 dollars i then asked when can i book it they said we can do you now that was around 2pm i left there at 5.30pm extremely disappointed i was in tears when i left the colour wasn't what i had asked for and when i went to pay her and she said $271.00 dollars i had purchased some shampoo and conditioner set and that was $35.00 dollars that is included in the 271.00 I'm really really not happy as i have never ever payed any more than $150.00 to have my hair done it has always been less than that and i have had exactly what i asked her to do today i will never go back. every every dissapointed grrrrrrr and would love my $100.00 dollars back that i over payed

bad customer service

the worker saw that me and the friend that i was with were teens and tried to make us buy way too many products by telling us that our hair wasn't done well, overall the worker was very rude and i wont be going back any time soon.

Nose Ring.

I bought a nose ring awhile ago, and my nose got instantly infected, and now it won’t go away, been applying detol and everything that can get rid of the infection, nothing it working, horrible pericings.

Worst blowdry ever

I popped in hairhouse warehouse in cairns shopping centre and decided to get a blowdry. I asked for big and bouncy with curls and volume, but unfortunately the hairdresser did not have a clue how to do this and it took her an hour to to just make a complete mess of my hair and in the end spent 5 mins using straighteners to curl the ends to salvage it, as i was eager to leave as the appointment had overrun.

The girl was lovely, so i did not want to be rude to her and tried to guide her at one point (to no avail) as I often style my own hair in this way.

I am shocked that a qualified hairdresser cannot do a blowdry, but more than anything i begrudged paying $50 to get my hair done, when i could've done a better job myself.

Online purchase - item not received!

After a recent online purchase I was asked to write a review of a product. It was not posted on their website - yes it was more about service but their customer service is so poor I needed to get the message across.
I made the purchase online on the 8th October 2018 - after numerous phone calls and emails I am still waiting for the product - 2 month wait for the product is ridiculous!! I had ordered other products within this order which arrived with minimal issues.
I will never buy any product or service from this store again - for such a seemingly large company it’s customer service is absolutely deplorable!!!

All round terrible service

The hairdresser I had, spoke down to me, didn't listen to what I wanted with MY hair, was pretty rude in general. But this was a while ago... Just now when I called for a quote because if I don't have to spend too much, I won't, she sounded really irritated just to be receiving the call. So nothing has changed from my past experience to now. Wow, thanks, appreciate it.

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