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Heinz Little Kids Mini Corn Cakes

Heinz Little Kids Mini Corn Cakes

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My daughter loves them!

I came across these rice cakes at the supermarket and I decided to give them a go as they are not packed with sugar and nasties. My daughter loved them straight away and can't have enough of them! They come in a fruity flavour and tomato flavour, which my daughter loves. They are a light, healthy snack on the go and I always have a couple with me when I take her out. Easy to find (I buy them at Coles) and reasonably priced too.
Light, healthier than most snacks, tasty

The only rucks/corn cake my baby will eat

The only rucks/corn cake my baby will eat...they are great, but cant get them in the supermarket anymore. I have had to go online to purchase. Well at least I can get them considering my daughter won't touch anything else. They must taste good and I know they are the right size for my daighters little fingers...

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