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Heinz Pureed Apples

Heinz Pureed Apples

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a natural flavoured can of apples that is enjoyed by all..can be added to cereals and is very affordable. definately a food to have in pantry
great sized first food to give to young children, can be added to cereals to give added natural flavouring. Comes in handy size can easy to transport no refridgeration necessary. easy to open and feed from, simply pull the ring tab open and use a small spoon..ive even been known to eat the leftover from the can
once opened can can become sharp so watch little fingers...can become runny if unused proportion is stored in a container especially if originally spoon was used to eat from can and kept being put back in for next mouthful..rarely a problem here though as i eat the left over myself


I bought the Heinz pureed apples for my daughter when she was a baby. They are a great first food for babies as they are healthy and smooth so they are easy for babies to eat as well as good for them.
They are a great food to add to other foods to bulk up a meal. I often added them to a yoghurt or a custard to make them go a little further and to be a little bit healthier.
We still use it in this house now as i still add them to the yoghurts and custards, they are also good to add to cakes and muffins for flavour.
An inexpensive product which is healthy


Lovely smooth all natural apple puree with no added extras. Great first food and to keep in the cupboard to add to other foods. Always keep some tins on hand for gastro as one of the best first foods to have after being ill.
Cheap, Freezes well, small convenient tins
All apple with nothing else added, cheap

Great first food!

This was an easy choice when my little girl started on her first solids. Good, plain, smooth puree, easy for little ones to swallow and simple to add to other foods like yoghurt, custard and cereal. A perfect serving size as well.
Simple, No Additives

so easy, handy to keep in hand bag

great easy to whip out anywhere,baby happy to eat cold straight from can. best thing---- totally helps unblock bowels, my little guy had troubles with constipation and this helped.

Not very nice. I wouldn't eat it.

I have had three children and none of them have liked Heinz Pureed Apples. It has a sour taste and does not really ressemble apple at all. The consistency is very runny and falls of the spoon easily. The cans are also annoying as you cannot pop them back in the fridge like a jar. Even thought I use some jar food for baby I think steaming and freezing your own apple in cubes is much tastier than this.
Everything else


Easy food for babies and nothing but apples in it so I know it is healthy. I actually quite like it myself!
Lovely and smooth. Cheap and a good size. Healthy.
You have to be careful feeding baby directly from the tin (ie if you are out). My son reached out to the tin while I was feeing him and cut his finger. It was really my fault but if it wasn't in a tin it would not have happened.


This is an excellent baby food. I liked the jars better than the tins as you could refrigerate any left over portion for the next meal. It is natural and is very easy, instead of cooking it yourself.
This is a great natural baby food and is excellent when first starting solid foods. It has a runny consistency and is packed full of fruit with added vitamin. It is always high quality and is made by a trusted brand. It is sold in small serves and is very good value for money
I liked everything about Heinz pureed apples and can't think of any cons.


Very good if your on the go. And if you are trying bub out for the first time on solids.
Over all. Very happy
If the left over food is un-eaten it can be stored in a air tight jar and it will last up to 48 hours once open.


This is a tasty, healthy baby food which my baby daughter loves to eat. It is well pureed so that it is nice and smooth so it is easy for her to swallow. It would be good if it were just a bit thicker because it is very runny and makes a bit of a mess.
It is a natural ingredient,the tin is cheaper than the glass jar
If the food is not finished it cannot be stored in tin. When you pull the lid off it leaves a very sharp edge, and my older son cut himself on it.


This is a great 'emergency' meal for babies. It is well priced and tastes good (just like home cooked!). As it is a fruit, it does not need to be heated up. The can transports easily (as opposed to other products that are packed in glass jars), has a ring pull to easily open and has a long shelf life (i.e. longer than the period of time that a baby would be eating pureed foods). Once the can is opened, if being used away from home any uneaten food must either be discarded or transferred into another container.
great price, easy to transport, a neutral food (and flavour) that every baby likes to eat!
once the can is open any leftover food has to be thrown out or transferred to another container, which can be annoying when it is being eaten somewhere other than home.

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