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Hirudoid Cream

Hirudoid Cream

4.6 from 22 reviews

Miracure !

I've got a large varicose vein 50 years left calf - this stuff is erasing it ! If I was diligent in using it - it would have disappeared. Highly recommend it !

Great for swelling and bruising from sport injuries!

Im a figure skater, and i tend to fall a lot, as im starting to to larger and harder jumps. I end up with large bruises on my knees and sides. A few weeks ago i hurt my knees so much they swelled up and it hurt to bend them and even walk so i brought some of this and used it a few times a day. The results were great, and the bruises didnt get any darker or larger from the first time i applied the cream and the swelling went down really fast and i was able to skate again after a few days, it just hurt more when i fell, but much less than with bruising a few days old without this cream. It’s become a must have in my skating bag : )

Post failed hip surgery

I have a permanent bruise on my left buttock caused by a surgical sinus, which is a remnant from my 4th hip surgery.
This bruise is about 25cm in diameter with another 3cm extending past that as red and aggravated tissue. It was so painful that compression shorts and pain killers weren't working anymore. With nothing to lose, I have applied 3cm of Hirudoid to the site. The black/purple bruise has become a yellow/green and the swelling has reduced by about 80% within 48 hours. It is as itchy as anything. I can now sit straight and lay on that side, which I haven't done properly foor nearly 6 years.

Did nothing for spider veins

Would not recommend.. Complete waste of money, finished one tube and my spider veins look exactly the same as when I started. I took before and after photos for comparison.

Not as good as it is made out to be

With Very High Reviews on this product,I am now on my 2nd Tube & it may clear up some of the staements it Makes (but you have to wait at least 3-7 weeks
Would I purchase any more
No way,way way way over rated

Amazing - so happy with results on my ance/ance scaring

So I tried this cream on my face... not thinking it would do much except maybe settle a pimple that was itchy n sore, well wasn't I so wrong! It not only settled that spot but it also made a massive change to my whole face! I have had some dermabraision and scar tissue removal (for the very deep scars) on my facial scaring that I got from cystic acne that came up when I turned 20... I have never ever used a cream that settles my skin so fast. My scars look amazing right now, they don't look as raised or red. My acne that I do have is clearing up and my complexion is looking so much better in general. I can't believe it, these scars are not new so I didn't think they would start to heal now!! I just wish I had of known about this years ago! I have told as many people as I can about it!

its working though its slow

its pretty good and safe and has no side effects. yet i see people prone to acne problem should use the gel otherwise they will had aburst of more pimples. the cream fomula suits the dry skin. i use it partially on affected areas only. i use one day fucimid to get the dry effect one day n use this gel the next day to avoid future bursting pimples

Mouth Surgery

After having extensive mouth surgery, I was very bruised so went searching for some Arnica. The chemist only stocked Hirudoid cream so I decided to try it. I can only say how fantastic it is. My bruises have disappeared much faster than normal and as an added bonus, the reddish scars from my chin have also improved dramatically. I am so impressed with this cream, I am now trialling it on my inflamed leg vain.
Do yourself a favour and go and buy some today.


I get bruises easily on my legs, this cream is a miracle!
Dramatically speeds up the healing process of bruises by increasing blood circulation and reducing inflammation.
I can't live with out it ;-)

Super product for bruse and swelling

After two weeks surgery of my back , I tried the Hirudoid it really works , it reduced swelling and bruise after applying this miracle cream , there are different size and prices but make sure use the strongest one .

Reduced swelling after permanent eyeliner tattoo

I used Hirudoid on bruising suffered after permanent eyeliner tatooing. The swelling and pain reduced almost immediately. When I suffered bruising from the first treatment I used only ice packs. Hirudoid was much more effective.

Buy some immediately!

This stuff is amazing! I can't believe I only just discovered it. I get constant bruising on my knees from volleyball and after applying this miracle cream, I notice the bruises heal in little to no time. If you're considering purchasing this product, stop hesitating and go buy some immediately.

great stuff

Healed a severe black eye in half the time than it would take normally. Great product. Avoid use on open wounds it can sting.

Hirudoid cream - no medicine cabinet should be without it.

I first used Hirudoid Cream 30 years ago after having a car accident. It is wonderful for bruising, from whiplash to sprains. It actually cuts the bruise healing time by 50%. Its a "must have" in our household.

Hirudoid cream...great relief

I have been experiencing sore legs and bulging veins and the pharmacy assistant suggested this cream.
I have been using it a couple days now and I can definately feel an improvement. I will spread the word, its a miracle!

Miracle cream!

As any fellow pole dancer would know, bruises are part of the journey. Without this cream, I wouldn't have the courage to walk out in shorts. Used twice a day, it has sped up recovery time tremendously and I can't live without it. Amazing, have recommended it to all pole girls and will continue to do so!
Miracle cream

Hirudoid cream

I have suffered severe varicose veins for years and clots, this product relieves the pain of the clot which can cause a burn like reaction to the surface of the skin. Once applied the cream immediately relieved the pain and eventually the clot desappeared. Great stuff!I recommend this to anybody suffering varicose veins.

Excellent product, easy to apply and reasonable price

I used this several years ago when I fell over and severely bruised a section of my upper leg on rocks. This product was excellent at bringing out the bruise - at first it looked much worse - then lessening the damage to the skin. It was straightforward to use - I simply rubbed on the area once per day. It was reasonably priced, and I would definitely use this again if I needed to.
easy use, reasonable price, lessening skin damage


This cream was recommended to me years ago by my doctor after having surgery. Since then I have used it after every operation for scarring. All of my scars are barely noticeable. It takes away the reddish, then purplish look. It may only be a small tube but the small tube goes along way.
Fantastic for reducing the appearance of scars. I keep it in my bathroom and simply apply after a shower. It's that easy.
No cons that I can think of.


I have used this when we have a function coming up and need to get rid of bruises on my legs a bit quicker. My grandmother also uses it frequently as she bruises a lot and it really helps her as well. Easy to apply, doesn't leave stain on clothing or smell funny. It just helps with the healing process a little more for a quicker recovery. In all fairness I have only used this product for bruises but I believe it suppose to help with sprains, swelling,and treatment of scars. At any rate I think this cream is worth having in the medicine cabinet.
Great for healing bruises just a little quicker.
None I know about.

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