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Hisense 32M2160

Hisense 32M2160

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Not Very User Friendly

Bought this T.V. for the bedroom. Only comes with Quick Set Up Guide. The User Manual you need to download from the internet and much to my dismay, has very little information regarding the operation and features of the t.v. Picture quality is o.k. and sound is o.k. with a few different options to change, i.e. Music, Movie, Standard, User. I find it works best on standard. As someone who likes to set Timer Recordings I don't find this T.V. very User Friendly. You can't use the Arrow buttons to select your time inputs, having to do it manually with the numeric buttons. Also, the yellow button for the EPG Schedule programme Record List won't show me the list of my scheduled 'set to record' programmes. It brings up the box, but it brings it up empty, even though I have many programmes set to record. Other t.v.'s have this same Yellow Button feature, so I should imagine it should work the same. It doesn't! Extremely frustrating! In order to see my Scheduled Programme Record List, I have to go through the entire menu system to locate the list. Also doesn't highlight the programmes I've set to record in the EPG list. Once again, very frustrating. Also does not show you the days of the week, only the dates. And the most annoying aspect of this t.v. is the Menu being really small, it does not fill the entire screen, only a very small box in the centre of the screen, so you have to squint to read all the EPG information! Another thing I've discovered is, playback on recorded programmes in HD will flicker, so recording in HD would not be recommended unless you can put up with that. Besides these issues, I'm happy enough with the picture quality and sound. But the conclusion here would be if you do a lot of Timer Recording then this is not an ideal t.v. Other t.v.'s have a much more simplistic way of setting timer record.

Purchased in April 2019 at Harvey Norman for $249.00.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Picture Quality
Sound Quality

pretty quality, sound could be better

i have own mine since feb and the sound could be better. I do need to get a better sound bar for her but for now it is working fine.

my kids love the tv and happy kids are the best part.

communication was easy.

I managed to break my remote and Hisense sent me a new one for free.

Date PurchasedFeb 2018

Nice cheap good quality tv 3 years warranty

This TV is probably the cheapest in its category for 32 inch but comes with a standard 3 year warranty not just one year and you don't have to buy and additional warranties. Its Hisense so its a well known brand. The quality is great - I bought a cheaper unbranded model and the screen was affected within 6 months so had to return it and swapped it for this. When at the lower price of the market its the warranty that sets this apart from everything else. Perhaps the only negative is the TV guide menu is not as user friendly so get a demo of this first and compare with the next Hisense on offer. Go to Harvey Norman - The Good Guys at Alexandria had terrible service!

Date PurchasedNov 2017

great value

Schedule recording, great picture even from my indoor antenna. HD stations are crisp and clear. The sound from the speakers is not of high quality but if need to a sound bar will work well. The channels were easy to set up and I am very happy with this purchase.

Date PurchasedJan 2018


I didn't know what to expect. Got it online after my Phillips LCD died after long 11 years! Which, apparently, is pretty good effort! After a long study of research, this model came up constantly as a very good tv with a great picture & I have to agree. I was very pleasantly surprised. You can't go wrong really. Especially with a good price on the tag! Plus 3 years warranty so that says it all!

Date PurchasedSep 2018

good value for money smart tv

can't really fault it. picture quality is great. easy navigation for the smart tv features. only thing i would say is the on screen channel guide is hard to read though (small and fine font). also noticed the manufactures warantee and direct ph contact for faults appeared over and above what came with some of the other price/product comparable options i looked at

Date PurchasedMar 2018

Good quality picture

Good picture quality for a respectable price. In the 32 inch range it was our first choice after doing plenty of study. good value with smart TV functions that work well running off WiFi. Currently wall mounted in a bed room and would happily buy another one in the future.

Date PurchasedAug 2018

What a great tv

I got this TV half price from the good guys via the offer from office of environment and heritage about 5months ago. I wall mounted at myself with a $30 kit from eBay. My son and I are very impressed. The remote batteries were supplied. The screen is big, clear and vibrant as is the sound quality. Menu is easy to navigate. Only bad thing was the antenna lead wasn't supplied and you do need one. Hisense customer service was friendly and helpful. I would definitely recommend this TV.

Date PurchasedFeb 2018

Awesome Value TV Love It

My dad recommended this particular model as the best bang for the buck at the moment and I think he is right! The picture is just beautiful to look at. Netflix and Stan looks amazing on it. I cant believe how long I put up with my old TV! The remote is kind of complicated but basic functions are there and make sense. This model has a really outstanding picture and I would recommend it to anyone!

Date PurchasedMar 2018

Super TV No worries at all

We love this little bedroon TV. It probably gets watched more than any other one because of where it is. It has a lovely crisp clear picture with good contrast, good colours and good darks. Sound quality is OK - ish. I f I ever get around to it I will add some speakers but its fine as it is. The remote is kind of complicated and has a few things I havent worked out yet buy over all is very usable. Good set

Date PurchasedSep 2017

Nice Clear Picture

Very happy with this Hisense TV. Its my first time trying this brand. They have been around long enough now, so I thought why not? Well, the picture quality with this TV is just stunning. Clear and crisp with lovely proper colors and good separation of dark shadows. The remote is good and comfortable to use and the sound quality fine -pretty good for a tv these day. Overall this is a good TV and I am happy with it.

Date PurchasedAug 2017

Excellent TV Really Good

We were amazed by the picture quality of this tv when we got it. I think Hisense are keeping their advertising budget slim and just focusing on the products and letting word of mouth do the job. Its working well, because I am happy to tell everybody how good the picture is on this. The remote is well laid out and changes quickly too, something I appreciate. It looks good too. Can't go wrong with this model its great.

Date PurchasedJan 2018

High Quality Picture

Really pleased with this TV. It started off in the guest room built the picture quality is so good it's now our master bedroom TV. It is less than a year old but it has put in many a worthy netflix session already.
It is very slim and stylish and looks nice. It took a while to figure out all the menus but I fly through them now.
If I could change one thing I would prefer slightly fuller sounding speakers but overall I am more than satisfied for the money.

Date PurchasedJan 2017

pretty good so far

We are happy with the picture quality. We find it a bit annoying that you actually have to scroll trhough all the tv channels before the EPG will show you what on them. The sound is disapointing, its loud no problems there but we just find clarity an issue for us.

Date PurchasedJan 2018

Damaged screen equals irrepairable

I was watching my barely 8mth old television and a chunk of the screen dissapeared before me. Upon inspection by Hisense the TV was deemed damaged therefore not covered by warranty.. fair enough although I have no idea how the damage was incurred.
I asked if the screen was repairable and how much it would cost? The answer "probably cost more to fix than the cost of the TV. You might as well buy a new one".
Since reporting the problem to Hisense the screen has gone completely black and no longer functioning at all.
My verdict is that this TV is too fragile.. if you have kids (who may very well be responsible for the damage), dont buy this TV. Pay a little extra and buy a more well known and reliable brand.
I didn't like the interface of the television when we got it home.. too cheap. Now I hate this brand even more.

Date PurchasedJul 2017

Perfect love it

The best TV I have brought to date and I have five other TV’s in the house it has a great picture,lots of channels,crisp ,clear really easy to operate .Just a great TV for the price the best we have ever own .Slim line ,light to carry all in all very good.

Date PurchasedDec 2017

cheap for and does the job

bought this on sale, and does the job. although not the best "smart" tv as it has its own software - which appeared to be configured for another region/country.but hey this does the job - watch news and play some games and happy days. cant complain about quality as it is a cheap product

Date PurchasedDec 2017

He needed a new tv

I told my husband to buy this TV as we needed a new one. It’s smart. Had you tube and Netflix etc built in. Easily wall mounted and easy to use.
Great TV and I remember it being a great price too. We have foxtel which was also easy connected. Great definition on the TV

Date PurchasedApr 2017

Great cheap tv, but issues

Bought the tv 6 months ago. Good quality and easy to use. Netflix amd youtube work easy on the smart function. Although the tv occasionally turns itself off and on again, and sometimes it will lose sound and make a high pitched noise. Cant complain for the price although it does become quite annoying.

Date PurchasedApr 2017


Love my TV!!! HD quality all the time Netflix and YouTube at push of a button easy playback through Freeview cannot fault at all! Easy to use remote settings are user friendly and with the warranty you can’t go wrong my next and future tv purchases will all be hisense!

Date PurchasedJan 2015

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Questions & Answers

My Hisense 32M2160 is only 6 months old, initially I could watch Channel 33 but lately it is not possible to get any channel between 24 and 70. I have Auto scanned my TV several times but to no avail. Regards Tom.
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Try auto scan again but if no luck then it’s your reception ie your aerial, you may need a longer pole on the aerial as you are getting a weak signal, this happens to ch 7 channels for me when it’s cloudy/raining but is no problem when sunny. It’s not the tv you would have the same issue on any brand of tv. If not aerial then cable connection from tv to cable wall socket. It’s a try and see before the aerial replacement.

Why does the Yellow EPG Schedule Timer Record button not show me my scheduled list of programmes set to record? It brings up the box, but brings it up empty, even though I have numerous programmes set to record. Please help.
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Have just purchased this t.v. but am finding Timer Record set up incredibly frustrating. The yellow button which is for Scheduled programmes set to record, does not bring up the list from within the EPG mode. Only brings up a blank box, even though I have programmes scheduled. The only way I can see the scheduled programmes I've set to record is to go right though the menu system. Why does the Yellow Schedule Button not work? Information on this t.v. is severely lacking, also the menus are really small making it hard to read. I'm considering returning this t.v. for a refund. I don't find it user friendly at all.
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Hisense 32M2160
CategoryHD TVs
Price (RRP)$299
3D CapableNo
Energy Star Rating5.5stars
Smart TVNo

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  • MPN: 36422892
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