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Hollard Business Insurance

Hollard Business Insurance

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waste of time

Have tried to ring this company fifteen times and only get the engaged tone-- will be putting a stop payment on funds---touch at own risk--Lord help you if you had to make a claim

Claim MadeNo
Good Morning, may i ask what number you are calling. Our Reception number is 02 9253 6600.This is the number I was trying to ring---my currant insurance co tried to ring 0292536600 a number of times to check on my no claim bonus without success

Cannot get hold of this company. Very frustrating

Cannot get hold of this company. Very frustrating have called many many times over last few days
Phone is always engaged no matter what time they call.
Happy to take my money

Claim MadeNo
Good Morning, Sorry to hear this, may i ask what number you are calling and what your enquiry is regarding? - AngelaNumber is 02 92536600 this is off the wedsite My payment is my reason for callingThank you. Can i ask who your insurance is with? Please send me your details in a private message and i can get someone to call you. - Angela

Absolutely hopeless

Lodged a Landlords insurance claim 1/03/2019. Still waiting for payment 2 months later even after a complaint has been lodged with AFCA and they have been told to pay up!

Value for Money
Customer Service
Claim MadeYes
Claim Resolution Time3+ months
Claim DateMarch 2019
Claim ApprovedYes
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Hi Karen, sorry to hear that you still haven't received payment. Can you please let me know if this has been resolved? If not, please send a private message with your claim details and I will follow this up for you. Thanks - Angela

Don't Touch this Insurance Agency

Eleven and a half months ago my house was struck by lightening. I am still trying to settle the claim. Every phone call took at least a half hour to an hour to get through to someone... I actually had to increase my phone call allowance to cope. Every person I consulted was different, rarely were my concerns and needs met in the phone conversations, and unacceptable hours of time were wasted. The frig and solar inverter were replaced within "a reasonable time" but the reconnection of the gas and water costs is still being disputed. Even with intervention from a lawyer nothing has been resolved. Hollard has refused to answer. If you are thinking of using this company... DON'T.

Value for Money
Customer Service
Claim MadeYes
Claim DateMay 2018
Claim ApprovedNo
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Hi, we are sorry to hear that you are unhappy with your claim. Are you able to provide us with a claim number or policy number so that we can look into this further for you?

its a scam, they are based in south Africa,

based in south Africa,
sent 3 text messages to me when im not with them,
trying to confirm orders and claims, telling me ive been in a crash.
complete scam and i dont know how they got ahold of my number.

Value for Money
Customer Service
Claim MadeNo
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Hollard Insurance Company is located within Sydney and provide claim services for a number of insurance brands. We’re sorry to hear you have received unsolicited SMSs. In order to resolve this issue would you be comfortable sending us a private message detailing the communication you have received?

Premium rocketed year after year after a claim

Got car insurance through Australian Seniors Insurance Agency. Had an at fault claim almost three years ago, First renewal, premium up 44.7%. Next renewal, another 19.25%!! Thought the hike was one off and subsequent ones in line with industry average. Apparently not so.
We accepted first hike without complain although it was quite astronomical. Can't accept second since similar increases will probably ensue for future renewals. Will walk.

Claim MadeYes
Claim Resolution Time1-2 months

Motor Vehicle Insurance Policy through Australian Seniors Ins Agency. Underwritten by Hollard.

We have a Motor Vehicle Insurance Policy through Australian Seniors Ins Agency. Underwritten by Hollard. We put in a claim for a motor vehicle accident and its taken five months to process, and then despite producing evidence to prove that we were being scamed by the other driver, our claim was rejected , The claims department is truly unprofessional. Staff don't follow up on what they promise.We wasted many, many hours on the phone......as well as writing letters to them. Hopeless, hopeless! Hopeless! Don't waste your TIME or MONEY with the Australian Seniors Ins Agency - underwritten by Hollard. Do yourself a favour and stay right away from them !!!

Dont touch em

Look at my review history, I never do bad reviews but I can't help it with Hollard/Woolworths insurance

I was insured by Woolworths/Hollard for over a year full comprehensive car insurance, always paid on time always told them everything.

On the initial call they had asked if I had lost my licence I said yes, they asked if I had any fines in 2 years - I said no as I was told parking fines don't matter - when I goto claim after an accident that was not my fault they stated if they had known about a parking fines they would not have insured me and there fore wouldn't pay out.

I open a case with them and they send through audio files 12 times (no joke ) and each time the audio is distorted so the spoken words cannot be understood

They ended up sending me a cd with the audio files after 8 weeks.

I then take it on the chin and say fine, cancel my policy and stop charging me as you were never going to pay me out or ever insure me. They do this.

2 Weeks later the re insure my totalled car at a lesser value due to my driving history - what a joke. They say they wont insure me on my car so they don't have to pay me out and then charge me premiums on new comprehensive insurance on a totalled written of vehicle.

What a joke do not even tempt yourself with the idea of touching these people.

Insurance claim madeYes


I Lodged a claim after they said my car was covered, they then wrote my car off, and then said they would not pay using wording in there policy to get out of it. They are crooks.

Insurance claim madeYes

Don't buy any Hollard Insurance product

Stay clear from all of Hollard Insurance products (and there are plenty masquerading as other companies' products) 48 pages of conditions for cat insurance shows you that this company never wants to pay out on any of its product as they are quick to point to a one line clause in page 37 of their T&Cs. Like most insurances these days they are set up not to pay out! The Competition panel should be looking into the practically monopoly this organisation has on the specialist insurance market.

Insurance claim madeYes

Never use this Company, no stars

I have full comprehensive insurance so thought l was covered, while driving home from work at 11pm one winters night l hit a wombat, l couldn't see much damage so continued on my way (another 27 Ks) almost home the engine light came on so l crawled home, next day l took my car to my dealership who have worked on my car since new, 6 years old), they said the wombat has done more damage so go through insurance, they sent a quote to Hollard. When we never heard anything we called our dealership to be told that my car was towed to another repairer. At no stage were we notified of this and we were very concerned as the repairer they sent it to was over an hour from our home in the country.Countless calls to Hollard who really had no idea what was happening so after 6 weeks l have my car back, first day of driving it all fine then second day almost to work and the light came on again, mind you to get to my work it is along 30 ks of very narrow country mountain roads and l work shift work.called the assessor who assessed my car and now he says to take it to my dealership and insurance will pay for it providing it is the result of an accident, What the !!!! anyway if l am fully insurered why didn't they use my repairer instead of taking it to some person who has no idea of the history of my car, l will be taking this further if l can actually find a phone number to complain to .

Insurance claim madeYes

Business interrupted 8 months later still haven’t paid even a progress

I spent big premiums with this company for the unforeseen event shall happen to protect my business.
That day happened 31-3-18
Took 4 months to get a list from the recovery company what was damaged
Items we were advised weren’t damaged, customers have sent back as in fact Damaged
The Assessor’s don’t call back I left numerous messages and texts to their phone for a follow up. As my customers were depending on this information to know when they would receive goods back, untarnished .
Now 8 months later, they’ve got bad, bank statements, merchant statements , receipts , stock tested and aware the stock is damaged and business was interrupted severely pending bankruptcy.
I would strongly suggest anyone in business looking for business cover stay very far away from this company unless you want to end up in my shoes. A distaste strikes and the biggest disaster is the insurance paying up so you can get back into business like you are supposedly covered for !!
The worst

Insurance claim madeYes

Terrible - No Stars

You will literally be waiting 6 months for your claim to be assessed or concluded. Don't even think you can give them a call......no chance.

Insurance claim madeYes

Disaster! No Stars!

Am am insured through Seniors insurance. They use Hollard.
I had a fire in my bathroom in February. Demolishers were sent who did a great deal more damage to my house.It's now October and so far only the preliminary plumbing has been done. ie. no walls, no floor, etc.
Meanwhile every room of my house has been impacted and looks like a workzone and not a home. cluttered with bathroom furniture and the black plastic they stuck to the floor has ruined the surface.
No stars!!!

Insurance claim madeYes

Worst customer service EVER!

Crashed my vehicle 6 weeks ago... Hollard has had all my relevant documentation since 3 days after crash.. here I am still without settlement amount, being told it will be in my account Mon... Then told Thurs... Then Mon again. What a joke! Do not recommend!

Insurance claim madeYes

Courteous and efficient

I crashed my car the day after I bought it! While getting them to assist me on a Sunday (when the crash happened) took a fair bit of time because it was the after-hours team, the rest of the process was actually surprisingly smooth. Unfortunately they did decide to write off the car but once the assessment was made, they promptly transferred the amount owing to my account and were polite throughout the process. i was pleasantly surprised.

Insurance claim madeYes

The worst customer service

Made a claim now I am treated as criminal they send investigates to my house for a problem that has nothing to do with my claim.
Still going I am going to ring consumer affairs regarding this. Do not insure with this company.

Insurance claim madeYes

Very disappointing will not continue

I am using car road side assistance with hollard paying them since one year my car have problem with battery and they can help only one day by using jump start, another day I have to spend for tow it to mechanic, not coming back on second day. Not Good At All will not continue with it.

Insurance claim madeNo

By far the worst company I have EVER dealt with (BEWARE)

My brand new car was crashed into 6 months ago. I was pressured into having it fixed even though I was demanding a write-off. The car was valued at $24,000 wholesale without damage.. the current repair bill is OVER $24,000. And I've spent thousands on hire cars, days off work etc.

By far the WORST customer service I have ever experienced. Hollard owns a number of Australian insurance companies such as Insuret, Medibank, real insurance Etc. I would never EVER recommend any of these given that Hollard owns them.

Insurance claim madeYes

Compliments to Joseph Doherty - Home Client Manager

I would like to send through my compliments in regards to Joseph Doherty (Home Client Manager) with Hollard Insurance.
Earlier last week, I had the worst experience with Woolworths Insurance to the point of having to send through a complaints email to their customer service.
That afternoon, I received a call from Joseph in regards to my claim. Joseph Doherty was very professional and polite and listened to my complaint and frustration to the best of his ability.
Joseph Doherty then explained the processes & procedures that he would need to follow and Joseph Doherty also ensured me that he would resolve my claim at the earliest possible time.
My claim has been resolved and I have received payment earlier than mentioned by Joseph Doherty.
I would like to thank him heaps for relieving the stress that I was in due to the insurance claim.
Thank you Joseph Doherty for turning my bad experience into a good one :)

Insurance claim madeYes

Questions & Answers

Is anyone answering the phone or are thay ALL on holidays
No answers

hi my lost car was written off and total value was 2000$ and i pay 800$ fro the excess and they have charged another 168$ for less outstanding premium, its not in my policy, please correct that
1 answer
Good Morning, Can you please send us a private message with your policy details/claim number so i can get a claims consultant to give you a call to discuss this? Thank you, Angela

Has anyone had their car written off by Hollard due to hail damage? What is the rationale for them deduct the unused portion of the car rego and CTP? It is mentioned in their product disclosure, but no other insurance company I've spoken with seem to do this. Even Service NSW staff whom we enquired with found this to be an unsual practice. Like all other insurance, the only deduction we were expecting was the excess in our policy. We still had half a year of the Car Rego and CTP left, which Hollard now claims will be deducted from the settlement amount. Why??
3 answers
Hollard is a scam, choose a different insurance companyHi Alice, We’re sorry to hear you are unhappy about your claim. In order to resolve this issue would you be comfortable sending us a private message with your policy number/claim number so that we can look into this for you?To answer your question more generally, your car’s Agreed Value is to cover all on-road costs. In the event of a total loss or write off, these costs are removed (along with any applicable excesses or outstanding premiums) from your total settlement amount – this is included and often described as “deductions” by most insurers. In NSW the deduction of CTP costs from the settlement amount is common as you will be able to apply to the RMS for a refund of your remaining CTP costs, once your car’s registration has been cancelled.

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