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Hollard Home and Contents Insurance

Hollard Home and Contents Insurance

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stay away to avoid disappointment

Get real about REAL insurance (trading name of the Hollard Insurance Company)! The fact they disbanded their loyalty division speaks volumes of the company. I've been with them for 8 years. Received a renewal for the landlord insurance for next year with the premium jumping by 88% (from $226.42 to$425.99). The company (customer service) refused to budge. Don't bother with their internal resolution team with the predicted outcome not in your favour.

Value for Money
Customer Service
Coverage TypeHome Only
Property TypeApartment/Unit
Claim MadeYes
Claim Resolution Time3+ months
Claim ApprovedYes
Claim DateJanuary 2019
Good Afternoon Boris, I'm sorry to hear that you are unsatisfied with your renewal policy. Can you please send us a private message with your policy details and I can have a Team Leader look into your policy and give you a call? -AngelaHi Angela, Thank you for responding to my comment. The policy in question is LAN104383113 renewed on 29/07/2019. The renewal premium was $425.99, up 88% from the last year premium of $226.42 ($336.42 stated amount and $100 voucher). Best regards, BorisThank you Boris, i have passed your details to our Customer Service department and a Team Leader will be in contact with you shortly! - Angela

Inconveniencing us because they can

Update 3: claims/total loss case manager refused to transfer my call to a supervisor when requested, then denied she was refusing to do so. Every time I speak to them I'm told something different. From the start I've been told they would contact the other insurance company on our behalf, now they claim that this is not true. It seems she also lied when I asked if there was a complaint department--I've found a complaints process with contact information despite her claiming there was no complaints department.

She was very condescending and tried to tell me I didn't understand the process when I explained that I'd been provided conflicting information each call.

They still have the wrong address despite us changing it when we moved and then asking for it to be changed at the start of this process when they revealed it was wrong! Worse than useless!
(They don't have their car insurance branch up for review)...Had another vehicle rear end me at the start of May. Other party at fault but our insurance (Real underwritten by Hollard) said that they'd contact the other insurer etc but we could make the claim online. Did the claim and didn't hear from them for over a week. All we got was a text saying we had to get a quote from a place that is *38km* away from where we live!

Never able to contact as we both work-- partner was left on hold for a long time today and had to hang up.


I was finally able to call them when I was off work recovering from surgery. They changed the location for the quote. Over the phone the guy tried to get me to agree to a write off and to arrange a tow truck. I told them that we would have the assessment first. The first person I spoke to assured me he was going to send details for assessment. They never got sent!! Had to call again for the details to be sent!

I went Tuesday week ago (2nd July) and the smash repair gentleman took pictures. He said he would send it to Hollard and I should expect a text by Thursday with a date and time for the repairs. Two Thursdays have now passed and in two days, it will have been a fortnight since I took the car for 'assessment' (which was just some photos).

Now we will have to call AGAIN and as I'm back at work, it will be really difficult to sit in hold!

Update 2:

The smash repair place hadn't sent the quote, but the individual I spoke to called them and it was sent within seconds. This person told me the car would be repaired. On Monday we were told that the car was in fact being written off, but we could request to keep.

Today we are told by claims department that despite the other person saying they would make the decision, we actually need to beg the other insurance company to keep the car. Absolute circus. Can never get through and then they call back at inappropriate times (or don't call back when they say they will)! I will avoid any insurance underwritten by this company!

Value for Money
Customer Service
Property TypeOther
Claim MadeYes
Claim Resolution Time1-2 months
Claim ApprovedNo
Claim DateMay 2019
Hi Winter, Sorry to hear you are having a bad claim experience. Can you please send us a private message with your claim details and i will get one of our agents to give you a call? Thanks, AngelaI managed to call them myself, but after taking my car for assessment have heard nothing for two weeks! I was hoping this would be sorted out before I went back to work this week.The saga continues-- first we were told the car would be repaired. Next we were told it was written off and that we could ask to keep the car, but the claims department would decide that. Now we've been told they don't make the decision and to contact the other insurance company! Every person we speak to has a different story! Sick of it! Never again!

Beware! totally lacking empathy and would do anything they could get away with

Extremely unhappy with the car insurance claim process. Had an extensive damage to the car - I would not be feeling safe at all even if their repairer claimed they could fix it safely (costing about half the insured value). Asked Hollard / Woolworths insurance to pay me the cash instead (about half the insured value - same as the repairs cost, instead of paying their preferred repairer...), but they refused. Raised a complaint which they say in their PDS they would resolve within 15 days. Also asked them not proceed with the repair (which they agreed) until the issue is resolved. In a matter of few working hours, they called back saying repairs had "almost finished" and too expensive for them to undo the repairs!!! Even after a month, they would not confirm if the car repair was "finished" since it was "almost finished" in a few hours from when I asked them to hold off. Their 15 days period per PDS, passed by without any response on the complaint - their update in effect was that although they say 15 days, legally they can get away for 45 days - so they were in fact happy to issue misleading PDS evidently with no intention to deliver on their promise!!!

Still waiting to hear back from the staff in the complaints department who spoke to me in the morning of 18th April and promised to provide update / resolution by end of the day.

Such a lack of empathy and don't care attitude to customer service...

#Hollard #Hollardinsurance #Woolworths #woolworthsinsurance #carinsurance #AFCA #ASIC #bradbanducci

Update after I copied their CEO:

Finally got formal response - ignored all of the issues raised in the complaint and basically stated that they don't care because they believe they could get away legally with their terrible service

Value for Money
Customer Service
Claim MadeYes
Claim Resolution Time1-2 months
Update: By the way, got a confirmation subsequently that the car is still not repaired!!! and an admission there is unrepairable damages. New excuse: the damage (which could be caused by "hitting the gutter / kerb" as per assessor) was already there before the accident in which the car not only hit the gutter / kerb but with such force so as to go across and take down a house fence and totally smash the front / side of the car. No mention of the damage not related to the accident in the original assessment but only when queried if the car is safe after the supposed repairs!!! #profitbeforesafety #profitbeforeservice #Hollard #Hollardinsurance #Woolworths #woolworthsinsurance #carinsurance #AFCA #ASIC #bradbanducciHi there, We are sorry to hear that you are having difficulties with your claim. Can you please send us a private message with your claim/policy number so we can look into this claim for you. - AngelaHi Angela, Claim No. #919663 if you have the desire and ability to right a wrong. Your organisation including your Internal Dispute Resolution Committee has put in so much effort to defend the initial wrong decisions of staff handling the case, it's not funny. if you had put in just half that effort to listen to your customers and community expectations and customer service, you would not have all these negative comments in the review. if your management believes they are doing a great job, just ask them to read the comments in any of the review sites and that will open their eyes. I have contacted your IDR, your claims team, your settlement teams, your CEO and still no response. If it assists you to trace the claim, I could provide you the full details of the email trails through this message board - just let me know. Below is an excerpt with the outstanding questions: Could you please let me know how you intend to process this: i) re-examine the claim and correct your earlier errors and make the full payment (less excess) or ii) reopen your IDR or iii) to escalate to AFCA and let them direct you to pay the insured amount, which could potentially enable you to cover your staff's wrong and unethical position to push an unsafe car to your customer risking our lives rather than admitting and correcting a wrong that you are so fiercely trying to protect. And, by the way Angela, could you please update your misleading PDS that provides incorrect External Dispute Resolution scheme details, has misleading statement that you will resolve complaints in 15 days while you have no demonstrated desire to do that; and also, update your website that falsely provides director information stating independent director while in fact working in the company. #profitbeforesafety #profitbeforeservice #Hollard #Hollardinsurance #Woolworths #woolworthsinsurance #carinsurance #AFCA #ASIC #bradbanducci

It's a Nightmare with holllard insurance company

The Nightmare continues with Holllard insurance company. I put the claims back in November 2017.
The hollard insurance company make out the you are negotiation and not to pay you out that's all.
My claims was water damage by laundry hose to my washing machine. That's when its came nightmare to me. Hollard insurance company make false reports to the FOS over my claims
The FOS want my way in my claim, hollard insurance company didn't win.
Hollard insurance company and greenstone insurance company.
This is the biggest scam in Australia by hollard insurance company.
You think that's you are insurance but you are not that all by underwriters hollard insurance company and greenstone insurance company.
I was talking to bank managers Morayfield, she said very cheap insurance and bad insurance she said any people's are having big problems with holllard insurance company and greenstone insurance company.
If you are not satisfied with FOS please contact legal services for information on your situation.
I am with RACQ now nice insurance people's.

Insurance claim madeYes

House Insurance

Policy through Australian Seniors Ins Agency. Underwritten by Hollard. Hollards claims department unreliable. Put in a claim and had no problem dealing with Hollard Claim Central. Its the claims dept, staff hopeless and don't follow up on what they promise. Wait time on phone hopeless. Bye Bye ASIA and will make sure whoever I use next wont be underwritten by Hollard.

Insurance claim madeYes

Don't buy any insurance with Hollard,

Don't buy any Hollard insurance whether through Real Insurance or Woolworths - They are cheap for a reason, you can't claim anything from them. They are absolutely horrible. stay away from them. Go to Allianz, CGU

Insurance claim madeYes


It is cheap for a reason! Their customer service is terrible, they don’t call back when they say they will. If you need a claim they will do everything they can not to pay. My house was damaged from a storm and all they can say is that it is caused by gradual deterioration which is an absolute joke. Please don’t make the mistake I did, spend the extra dollars and go with the RAC

Insurance claim madeYes

Don't care about the people

Has taken 8months and still going to find out who is at fault but i have sent them a video which clearly shows what's happened definitely taking my money else where.

February 8th 2018 Update: Take too long

It’s been 16 months and my car still ain’t fixed the fuel gauge keeps beeping saying it’s empty after accident but it’s not empty can’t drive it anywhere because of the constant beep and the panel shop has sent in a request to get it approved back in October 2017 and no response no phone call back no nothing, they are so slow in trying to resolve things they do not think about the people and how this will impact there life. Half the car has been fixed and the other not.

Insurance claim madeYes

House fire

Had a house fire 5 months ago, has been a nightmare dealing with hollard. Very unprofessional. 3 builder's reports to fix property all over $400000 , they offer $153000 . Refused the offer and have had min contact from them since . Going to the ombudsman now .

Insurance claim madeYes

Disgraceful Insurers

Unfortunately a tree hit our house in June and we have been dealing with Hollard who are our insurers (for woollies).

I don't really know were to begin but it's only been 5 weeks or so since the incident and it's been an absolute nightmare, they really are a disgraceful company to deal with.

They farm out the grunt work to a company called claims central who are pretty much a call centre with no real authority to make decisions and a communication system that causes absolute chaos.

They sent out experts to resolve the damp issues and despite mould growing on the walls, water seeping through the walls, and moisture readings off the charts (6 x higher than normal) they continue to ignore or tackle the root cause (half a days full of water in the walls). To make maters worse the experts on the ground recommended that we go back into a hotel until the issues are fixed but after countless promised call backs that never materialised we have just been told that some person that has never stepped foot in the property has over ruled it and now we have no choice but to sleep in a room full of mould.

All of the tradies they have appointed to date have been shocking, holes ripped in the roof, our electricity not restored to its previous state, it really is no surprise to come across these kind of similar reviews.

We have been keeping a diary of events and our own moisture and damp measurements which thankfully we can compare to measurements before the incident. We also have photos before and after the incident show we can prove what was damaged by the tree, many of which they excluded from the scope of works despite the engineer confirming to us that they needed to be fixed.

From what the tradies have told me Hollard and Claims Central lean on them to reduce the scope of works that are required in order to save costs, thats the sort of moral standard they have.

My advice would be to never ever use them but if you have a claim don't trust a word they say and keep a record of everything, unless theres a dramatic improvement in relations our claim will certainly end up with the ombudsman.

Insurance claim madeYes

Waste of money

Took ages to receive a report back that was to 1 builders opinion. I ended up having to pay for repairs myself. Later discovering once the damage was exposed, that what the assessor/builder believed the problem was (wich voided our claim) had nothing to do what caused the problem.
Very unprofessional and untrustworthy.

Insurance claim madeYes

Amazing Service

I dealt with a lovely gentleman with an English accent called Liam. He was incredibly helpful and understanding and made my experience with Hollard very pleasant. Very pleased and proud to say I use Hollard for my insurance. Thank you.

Insurance claim madeNo

Take your money, refuse claims.

A great policy until you have a claim.
Then you get the run around. Said they could not contact.
Said they sent emails. Claim they had wrong email address. No problem sending email renewals and other information.
Have Landlords Policy, tenant trashed house, animals the whole bit. awaiting still for rejection information, 3 phone calls and 3 emails and 4+ weeks.
They just don't want to pay and I think this is a process to frustrate the customer so they give up.
Off to Fair Trading and the regulatory bodies.
Give Real Insurance/Hollards a miss.

Insurance claim madeYes

Once Again, No Claim Acceptance.

Last episode, further investigation gave me a small amount for damage the company did to my contents,1, 960. This time, water flooded downstairs, laundry and garage. What was different was, I had a good assessor, not a lazy one. He climbed in behind house, under the verandah as well. Had a good look at laundry and damage done to wall downstairs in office. Some advise was given, I acted upon it straightaway. The plumber came and hopefully fixed the problem. The assessor, person taking photos came. 2 or 3 weeks after the event. Again photos lost because of problems with phone. So, the photos had to be taken another week later. This is useless!!! The insurance company, Hollard, should not have Real Insurance attached to it. They only work Monday-Friday, 8-5. Again they are not paying the claim. My argument is that damage done in the first place, could have been prevented the second time, had I had an assessor who did his job and let me know what needed to be done. I have never done anything like this before these 2 happenings, if I could help someone else, prevent same mistakes happening to others I would be happy. Thank you! Sonja

Insurance claim madeYes

Hollard is Woolworths Home Contents Insurance DO NOT BUY

Woolworths Insurance has been slow moving, and not proactive at all. I have had to call the majority of the time to get updates on my claim and most of the time the answer is effectively "I don't know". I am powerless and apparently they are too even when dealing with their own contractors. I do not feel someone is working doggedly on this on my behalf. There doesn't appear to be a plan to remedy the issues in my claim and it doesn't feel like someone is working doggedly to get answers. It was a huge mistake trusting Woolworths with my Home Contents Insurance. Never again!

Also in the majority of cases they want to give you vouchers instead of cash to pay out your claim! AVOID!

Questions & Answers

Why is it when you ring to enquire about a claim you always go on hold for more than a hour and nobody ever answers and you can try at any time of the day and it's all ways the same thing
1 answer
Hi Carl, Sorry that you are having difficulties getting through to our claims team. Can you please send us your details in a private message and i can get someone to give you a call? Thanks, Angela

Wow...it really depends on who you deal with at Hollard insurance. I thought that things were being finalized after 4 months. Now I have to deal with another customer service rep who seems to be going against everything that I have been told before and have in email. Information, model #s etc of water damaged electrical items were sent through by restoration guys in December. I was told that JB hi fi would replace these soon. Now a different person is asking for model numbers, again!!! Do they lose information there? Someone is supposed to fix water damaged wooden furniture. Some items had to be thrown away. They want to give me less money for an item and now are asking for receipts...which of course I don't have after buying this furniture a while ago. I guess new for old is not true at all. Be very careful. Things are dragged out and then you can be told totally different information. Kylie g
4 answers
Good luck with your claim. They will run you ragged hoping you will go away. Don't fall for this trap keep persisting with your claim and if need go to the ombudsman.Thanks for that. It's very clear from the lack of communication that they just want u to go away. Unless u chase them up u get nothing.Hi Kylie, we are sorry to hear that you are having a difficult claims experience. Please private message us with your policy details and we can look into it for you.

Where can I find details of my ASIA House Insurance policy?
No answers


Hollard Home and Contents Insurance
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