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Huds and Toke

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Turmeric horse treats

I have been using turmeric horse treats for about 1 year now for a horse with a saroid which became very aggressive after surgery I was making my own until I found this product so thought I'd try it after around 6months of feeding a small handful every day the saroid fell off stopped feeding over winter started back up 4 weeks ago as the saroid had started to grow back in 4 weeks it has completely gone this time I will continue to feed as it helps to build up the horses immune system I would recommend this product over surgery or creams any day


We have a horse that is very clever and very hard to catch, but these treats sick him in anytime. He would come anywhere and do anything for a handful of Huds and Toke treats. Thanks guys, they are fabulous.


These treats are amazing!! All my horses and dogs come running for these creative tasty goodies. The no melt iceing is perfect for the aussie humidity ensuring my treats arrive in perfect condition. Couldnt be more impressed!!

Neat Treats....

Our dog thinks these treats are neat......so many options to choose from! She sits immediately she sees we have a treat - good behaviour training has never been easier. Now we need a horse for the horse treats.....

The Proof is in the Pigs ears

Can not fault the speed of service and convenience for a busy corporate like myself. The quality is second to none as i see myself wanting to eat the bikies with a cup of tea as well they look so good. Oh and the dog loves the pigs ears.

Teddy over the moon on his treats and learning to behave as well......

Ted just keeps coming back for more, really happy as we find it a great way to reward and train Teddy who is an 8 month old Stafford Shire Bull Terrier. Thanks Huds and Toke we love the product and service.

Happy Hound

My dog loves this product, makes training him so much easier. He'll do any thing for a reward. I like the fact too that its Australian owned and my dog is getting good quality products.

Australian made and owned

Love this product - its Australian owned and made and my Kelpie cant get enough of the treats. Gave a friend some of their horse treats as a present for her horse and she was blown away at the quality and pricing. Cant recommend highly enough especially when large multi national companies these days dominate the market.

Happy dogs, happy life.

If my girls (4 & 13) could type, they would be on this site themselves to give 5 stars to Huds & Toke for inventing micro bone treats. We've tried a few different flavours and they're all equally popular. I like the fact they're natural and made locally, no chemicals so I'm told. They are small enough to offer regularly and cheap compared to supermarket brands.

Our Horse absolutely loved its Treat

The service was prompt and our horse loved it's delicious treat.......great products all round. Their range is so unique. Awesome Australian business.

Super Cute Doggy Birthday Cakes!!

We had never seen a product like it!! Even though it wasn't our dogs birthday we got one for him anyway just for fun from our local pet shop!! Highly recommend the fun you have watching your dog devour the whole cake!! Quite a healthy big treat with a yoghurt topping and happy birthday written on top!! So cute.. will celebrate his real birthday again soon.. Thought it was awesome!!

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