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ING Savings Maximiser

ING Savings Maximiser

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Liability o interest rate due to false notification

Yep, they were good - but with this 5 transaction rule - and no notification that I wasnt meeting it - I have not been getting the interest since Feb - then ING send a customer email saying saying that high interest rate has dropped which implies that I was still getting it - only cause I called I was told I am not - I believe that I am liable.... better banks out there.....


Opening children saving maximizer

Don’t even go there. I have told them we are not going to do business with them. Here is the event:
What a hassle opening minor children accounts. They need to provide iD including residential iD. Who is going to give an iD fir child with residential address on it. They don’t have it so ING refused to let them open their individual accounts. I am not going to give my business to jerks who are asking the minors to open an account by them self and provide iD. I am going to report to Banking Ombudsman.

Never looked back since I went to ING

Absolutely fantastic bank, considering they don't have branches and they still manage to be better than the rest! I really like that I can just walk into any Australia Post and simply make a deposit within seconds. 10/10

Lack of regard for customers

You'd think that a fundamental function that a bank would perform properly would be to get their customers' names correct, right?

Wrong! My name is one of those names that start with a small "de" and a space, then a capital. And ING point blank refuses to print it that way on my statement! They *always* capitalize the first letter of a surname, because, apparently, they *always* capitalize the first letter of a surname. That's their reason!

Getting somebody's name correct is a fundamental part of respecting them as a person. ING lacks that respect.

Time to move on

We used to be very happy with ING until they stopped a few years ago, without prior notice, accepting pension payments from overseas. This caused us an awful lot of problems as the funds were returned and we had to provide an alternative account. To get this all going again took us 3 months. Subsequently I closed my Superannuation account with them.
Recently I asked them to stop their ridiculous ads that were built around helium balloons. Balloons are nothing more than single use plastic. They kill our birds and turtles and other wildlife, pets and farm animals. Promoting balloons in such a way is simply not acceptable and constitutes environmental vandalism! I will now close all my accounts with ING, I am just waiting for them to mature.
However, this will be a difficult wait as their online system has not been working for a few weeks. The scroll bar is missing and I can barely do my banking. Last week I was nearly not able to settle my visa card because of this problem. Now I got a message where they asked for all sorts of information about my system but I can only read half of the message because of the missing scroll bar. It seems that other ING customers are also affected. However, from what I was able to read they requested information that require computer skills an average user may not have.
Can't recommend ING anymore. Can't wait to get out of this.

Easy, quick, convenient

this was quickest ever i has opened an bank account and hassle-free. I never had to contact the bank for fixing issues hence cannot comment on efficiency of support desk.
But the App works way like a dream. many options such as opt to check balance on login screen before login. Option to open multiple sub-accounts to manage your savings and expenses. Great choice.
4 starts for now, i will update to 5 if i continue to see same consistent service after 3 months.

Extremely inefficient service from ING

On information so convincingly proffered by the Barefoot Investor (for clarification I don't doubt Scott Pape's asserted independence), to make my money work harder, I turned to ING and I opened an ING Orange Everyday account and a Savings Maximiser ("SM") account.

During the process of opening ING accounts I was asked to put down account details of another account to be linked to the SM account, which I did. Soon after I realised that it made more sense to link the Orange Everyday to the SM account. I then contacted ING to made the change on Friday 17/8/2018. Initially I was told the switch would take about 3 business days say by the following Wednesday. However, a full 4 business later it still wasn't done. So I rang them up to see what happened and told them I needed the switch to be done urgently for transfers. I was told it should be done by Friday 24 August. On 26 August I logged on and saw it still wasn't done. So I rang up ING again. This time, however, it would take 6 business days for the switch to occur, albeit without any guarantee it would occur though. ING told me to contact them again on Monday 27 August if the switch isn't done and then a manager will be notify to "escalate" it. What a waste of time!

I am very disappointed at ING's inefficiency: 10 days to link one ING account to another ING account (both in my name) in this time and age is simply unfathomable.

Obviously ING has become a victim of its own success. It obviously doesn't need my money. So I am taking my business elsewhere.

Great interest, no fees

The interest on the Savings Maximiser is one of the best around, considering you can withdraw money and not lose your bonus interest. Just make sure you meet the conditions, which are pretty easy to do.

ING going the same way as big 4

Have been with ING for over 10 years & was very happy with Maximiser & Orange accounts.
They also have very good Australian call centre.
After changing the rules earlier this year I am no longer investing my savings with them as I can't do the 5 debit card uses per month. I have found I can get a better interest at another Australian financial company.
So ING will loose my savings as they mature & Maximiser account already moved.
I really think the managers at ING need to look at their knowledge of how some of their customers use the accounts..

Windows Phone online access terminated...

I have had an ING Savings Maximiser account for about 12 years. I just found that I can no longer access my account using my Windows Phone as they prefer everyone to use Android or iPhone. I think this is sad, because I do pretty much everything from my phone and there is nothing wrong with Windows Phones, except for having fewer apps available than other smartphones. Not only has ING discontinued the app, but they have also made it impossible to access online banking, as none of the available browsers work with Windows Phones anymore. ING is the only company of any type in the world with which I have encountered such an issue, and I have been using Windows Phones for about 8 years. I initially only came on to ProductReview to look for another online bank, purely for this reason, but I thought I may as well leave a review while I was here. I typed it all on my Windows Phone too! Amazing!

Taking my account elsewhere

Up until now I've been more than happy with ING. Today, just by chance I noticed that I am no longer getting my high interest rate because they changed their policies back in March 2018 to make you use your card for 5 purchases a month. Apparently all I need do is purchase 5 cups of coffee!! All I want is a savings account not another visa debit credit account and the last thing I need is to remember to use it 5 times or lose my interest. Bad move ING I think you will lose a lot of customers, me being one. Ubank have a very good interest rate with no withdrawal penalty and only $200 deposit a month up to $200,000 as opposed to ING capped at $100,000.

The worst savings account ever

They closed my Savings Maximiser without any warning at all so I complained to them but they totally ignored me and they were extremely rude to me and to my Mum as well.

Savings interest rate is HUGE!

I have opened my account with ING last months, just because they have the highest ongoing interest rates in Australia.

*Their interest rate is 2.80% which is quite high compared to our BIG 4 banks.
*They are offering a referral bonus $100 when we open the account via an existing customer's referral link.
*If you deposit 1000$ a month into your orange everyday account you'll be using all the Australian ATM's for free plus their is no account keeping fee..
*From March 2018 there one more condition to get service free months is need min 5 purchases sing POS
*Atlast, their customer service is excellent!

Staff call center are inconsistent

I spoke to one person at ING regarding the identity check done via Australia Post when opening a new account, and then received the form via email I would complete and have Australia Post verify. I go to Australia Post and Australia Post tell me that this is the wrong form!

I call ING again and explain what Australia Post has said regarding the wrong form, this ING staff member tells me that there is NO such form and I have to wait for the current supplied details to be rejected by them and THEN resubmit the right ID to the original application - It would be nice if the first ING staff member told me that!!!

Fast forward two weeks and account ID all completed and account was opened.

I request a bank statement with my residential address on it (something I have done with my last Bank which took 5 minutes) and make SURE that the ING staff member understands that I NEED my residential address on the statement, go as far to say "it will be useless to me with any other address on there" He seems to understand and said it will take up to 3 business days, annoying but okay.

Two days later I receive my bank statement with my POSTAL address on it - How much more clearly do I need to make myself?

I call them flusted and annoyed today as I needed this document like yesterday. She almost did not believe me when I told her then said "I need to check your file first" I did not receive any sort of apology OR explanation only disbelief and contempt.

In my experience the ING call center is clueless in doing even the simplest chores and a business that relies SO heavily on it's call center because they have NO shop front is not acceptable. For this sort of thing to happen once, I can accept that but twice in a matter of weeks?

Based on my experience today, I will NOT refer anyone to ING untill they sort out there obvious issues.

Banking Customer Service by Manfreet of ING Direct that exceeds the best level of customer service,

Dear ING Direct

Today, it was necessary for me to contact ING Direct on a Saturday evening. While the call queue wait time was painful. The service that I received from Manfreet exceeded expectations. He was professional, courteous, kind and compassionate. It was an honour to be treated with such courtesy from a bank representative with such professionalism. I would hope that ING Direct would extend my sincere thanks to Manfreet for such exceptionalism.

ING Savings Maximiser

The change of policy beginning in March 2018 is sure to cause a lot of angst with existing customers resulting in many to jump ship. To be honest I cant really see the point of it all, its irritating if nothing else to remember to do your five purchases, then if you miss one I guess you are locked out of the bonus interest data base. It all sounds like a disaster to me and wont end well.

Changing the policy

Was a great account , What a shame it's all about to change in March 2018. Feeling very angry having to make purchases every month to get higher interest on Savings Maximiser . I will now transfer to Rabo Direct or Ubank .This should not apply to existing customers

Great experience, bar the no bonus interest "glitch"

ING's Savings Maximiser pays a good competitive interest rate (1.5% standard + 1.3% bonus) and their app works well. Login online is a lot simpler than other banks, requiring just your client number and a 4 digit PIN- somehow I feel this is less secure? You can set alerts to notify when a certain amount has been withdrawn from your accounts.

To get the bonus interest rate, you have to deposit your salary with them. On my statements, I was getting an "Interest Credit" every month, so didn't realise I hadn't been getting the bonus interest for 8 months until I did a rough calculation. When I rang them up in May, they sorted it out straight away and I started seeing "Bonus Interest Credit" entries from then on. Back-paying me my lost interest was going to take longer, they say, as many other customers were affected. I didn't mind that much- they said they'd keep me updated and it wasn't a huge sum in question. I've had one or two missed calls from them and each time I rang back, was told they were working on the problem. Finally, after 4 months, I've got my lost interest. I'm just a little surprised it took this long- must've been a whole lot of manual work involved?

The interest rate is okay, didn't receive the $100 bonus for opening a new account tho

- 2.8 interest rate is good.
- Not happy with the $100 bonus thing, never receive it, the conditions weren't consistent, different conditions to meet in referrer email and their own website.

Did you receive the bonus rate?

Opened account in Jan 2017, never received any bonus rate. Called in May 2017, same glitch: we are having a system error.... we will manually fix this for you.
Called four times already, nothing has been done yet!

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Questions & Answers

Does ING cover the $250,000 Bank guarantee when it comes to insurance?
1 answer
For your insurance I would recommend going to Westpac or RACV.

Has anyone had issues with their Direct Debits not working? Loads of issues with multiple payments not coming out (showing as declined to merchant but with correct details and sufficient funds). It's from our Orange Everyday Account and their customer service is stumped and unhelpful.
1 answer
I would recommend going to Westpac and opening a Westpac Choice Account.

If I transfer monies from State Super (superannuation) what can I expect from you? I am retired and living from the superannuation. Therefore are you an investment bank type that I can use for fortnightly living expenses, with remainder being safely invested and earning.?
3 answers
Susie, I am not a financial adviser. However my wife and I are in a similar position to your and I did my research before choosing our options. It's not clear exactly what you're thinking of doing. Are you thinking of withdrawing money from your Super account and putting it in a standard investment account? I'd recommend you think carefully about this, as you will lose all the taxation advantages that super offers. Depending on your personal situation, you may not be able to put it back into super again in the future. If you're thinking of changing from State Super to ING's super fund, I'd only recommend doing some careful research. I think State Super is an industry fund, and ING is a commercial fund. Time after time the industry funds have, on average, outperformed the commercial funds, often by big amounts. These matters are not simple. I would *strongly* recommend you see a licensed financial adviser. They may ask you for a fee for their advice. If he or she does, then *good*, because they are working for you, not for the various companies who are paying them commission. Everybody's situation is different from others, so your own individual factors will determine your best options. Just my $0.02 worth.Thank you so much. Advice taken on board. XxI would recommend going to Westpac and opening a Westpac Choice Account.


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