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Kavli Crispy Thin

Kavli Crispy Thin

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Why can’t I buy my very favourite biscuits? I look for them everywhere

I did just read that you cannot buy these anymore, WHY NOT. Last time I bought them was at IGA, I LOOK FOR THEM EVEEY SUPERMARKET I Go TO?.. Dennis Walter even discusses these a few weeks ago, said you can buy them anywhere & how good they are....I went looking again, not anywhere

Long lost childhood friend

I loooove these as they were my staple as a child.
Light and simple. Memories of butter and marmite squeezing out the sidea
Where can I get them???

Missing family

I'm sure there are many others grieving ever time they walk down the biscuit isle of their supermarket.
Just to look up & see that part of your life was back would be an amazing . I might even start believing & apologise for all my sins , then again that's probably not going to happen.
Cheers to all my Kavli family & hopefully one day we can be reunited.
But for now R.I.P Kavli


Why the hell they took it off the market in Australia? No other crispbread comes near the Kavli. Not one!

Your (Kavli Krispy Cracker) was the BEST cracker ever!!

So would love if there was any way ever that you could produce Kavli thin krispie crackers again! I forgot about them because “out of sight out of mind!” Moved from Colorado to New York. Then read the reviews and no one was able to come close in copying them! Or the plant needed to be
Replaced. At this time too late to do? Please think about it! It was the perfect cracker! So so sorry!

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Why why why did they screw up???? It was the best cracker? After reading all the comments about the thin crisp fabulous Kavli cracker....somebody screwed up. OK, there was a fire at the original bldg. Yes....these things happen. But...normally this is not a problem to replace elsewhere! But for some reason those that have tried, do not have the original recipe. So if Kavli can’t continue making them....obviously they don’t want anyone else to make them either! So I suppose “that’s it!” Guess we’ll never know....so sad really! They were perfect & I miss them!

Eaten them as long as I can remember.

We had a large stockpile at home as they were not stocked locally. We were told the machine had broken and would take six months to fix, so we increasing rationed out supply. Now have just open the last pack, although a bit stale well after their use by date, we are savouring our last few bites! Unfortunately there is nothing else like them.

I wrote to Kavli

Like everyone else here, I loved these crackers and have not been able to buy them in recent years. I emailed Kavli to ask them if the crackers would ever be available again. Here is their response:
'Due to an unfortunate fire in the production plant we have for quite some time been unable to manufacture our products. The plant is being rebuilt, but we unfortunately do not know when, or if, we shall be able to restart production. We are sorry that we do not have any better news for you.'

So, what's everyone doing without them? I tried Finn crisps once, but they were way too salty. Have been eating Ryvita, but would like to find something more Kavli like. Has anyone tried making their own?

Great crisp bread! Sad I can't buy it any more

Really loved Kavli. They have been around for years and suddenly they are nowhere to be found! Anybody know where we can get them or who makes them?

Wouldn't buy anything else

Have used Kavli Crispy Thins for many many years. Unfortunately I have not been able to purchase them anywhere in Perth Western Australia for the last 18 months!

Where can we get them ????

Where can we get Kavli crisp reads from ????? My favourite for 30 years Please please someone tell me please x

I can't find them any more

I loved the light wholesome taste. They were perfect with cottage cheese, I know, a slimmers type lunch but they went so well together. I wish Kavli could see the need for the return of their beloved product.

Why did they take them off the shelves

I can't buy them anywhere neat Rouse Hill NSW its annoying I don't know why they stopped selling them .They were nice and light to eat.

I can't live without it they are just beautiful

I cant buy them anywhere near Liverpool NSW I used to get them at Coles Liverpool but they don't have them. They were lovely with Pecks paste.

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Where can I buy them in NSW

the best ever

Our church uses the crispy thins for communion at church. Imagine our horror when they were no longer available on the shelf in country south Australia. Bring them back please

Kavli rye thin crispbread tragic.

Have sorely missed this product from the Tasmanian grocery shelves. It has been a pantry staple for years and no other product that I have subsequently tried compares with respect to its delicate taste and texture:-(

Just the best crispbread ever!

I am devastated that no-one seems to stock this product in Brisbane any more. I agree with others that there had been some changes in the recipe over the past year or so and it had lost some of its lovely subtle nutty flavour, but was still excellent for a snack. I did once manage to order a supply from overseas via i-herb but they are now listing it as discontinued.
The broken machine story sounds dodgy to me too,

This is the only grain crispbread I can eat.

I was thrilled when I found Kavli crispy thin, as it was the only bread like biscuit I could eat being made purely of Rye, I have allergies to all of the other grains I think mainly due to genetic engineering!
Now these wonderful crispbreads are no longer available. I am very dissapointed. I would be interested to know the name of the new name for these, or I will have to make a concerted effort to make my own, which is disapointing as it was one of the few things that I could make ready made. Come on Kavli get your act together and retunr Kavli crispy thin to the shelves.

Kavli Thins Murdered

Not able to get these in Aust any more. Before they were dumped manufacture moved to Germany and they tasted horrible. The cover story is the machine making them broke and it will take 12 months to fix it !!! - very un -German like. Would be interested in true story - my theory is that the Norwegians would rather kill them than sell them in their present form.

Was Excellent but now droppind to good

Due to medical reasons I eat these all the time. Had to search for them because Woollies and Coles stopped selling them. Found them in Super IGA in new packaging but they changed the recipe that has lost some of its taste. Still OK and enjoyed but not like before. Why do companies have to change the contents/recipe to less inviting, just to change the packaging and price? Is this the way they think that they saved money? People know what they like and if you change the product too much, people will stop buying the product as they won't like it or enjoy it anymore.

Taste and texture has changed

I am very disappointed - whoever is making Kavli crispy thin now have not captured the delicate flavour they once had - I still have some biscuits from before they changed the packet design - they have a more wafer like texture and a much less harsh flavour.

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Where can I purchase a case of 12 packages on line?
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It has been 3 plus years since the accident occurred. I would have thought that the company would have made alternatives for such a wonderful product (Kavli Crispy Thins). We ate them for over 50 yrs from Norway that were purchased in Canada. Will they ever bring them back again? Dennis Korop, NE Alberta, Canada
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Where can i buy kavli crispbread?
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I have not found it anywhere. Thin rye crispbread can be found at Harris Farm Market, but they are super crispy and pointy, most painful if you don't chew it properly. I am not sure if the company makes it any more. :(

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