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Kenwood Attachment A936

Kenwood Attachment A936

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Amazing Easy to use - Easy to clean!

I have an older version of this (all white) and I love it Once you have made your own pasta you won't go back to shop bought. The pasta only takes a few minutes to make, is so easy to make and tastes wonderful. I highly recommend this. I was hesitant about getting this in case it turned out to be just another gadget but I use it frequently.
easy to use and easy to clean.

Questions & Answers

if i use this with an adaptor for my new sense model will i still get good results?
1 answer
If it fits your machine I don't see why not. I'd be surprised if it fits though. My daughter has a newer kenwood than mine and we can't interchange some of the attachments.

Where can I buy one in Melbourne Australia? Does it fit on a 40 year old machine?
1 answer
Merrill I very much doubt this would fit a 40 year old machine. E&S Trading or the Good Guys would be able to order it in for you. But ring Kenwood Customer Care and check if anything is available for your machine if you are uncertain.


Attachment A936
Release dateJun 2008

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