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KitchenAid Pasta Roller Attachment KPSA

KitchenAid Pasta Roller Attachment KPSA

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Not what I expected...

Plastic guides for the metal rollers have 5 cracks after the attachment was only used 3-4 times. Unfortunately it was bought in Germany and apparently there is no universal warranty from Kitchenaid. Not impressed!
Loved it until now.

Purchased in January 2018.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Ease of Use
Cleaning & Maintenance

This was a very good investment - will never buy ready made pasta again

Finding our favorite fresh store pasta was getting more difficult. Hence we decided to explore home made options.

Managed to pick up the pasta roller and two cutter attachments at a great price from of all places - Myer. 30% off for a one day sale. $202.

Making the dough was a bit of a learning experience to get the right ratio of egg/egg yolk/flour. The recipe provided is useless, and we had no success actually using the dough hook. YMMV. Fork and hand kneading were fine.

The Kitchen Aid pasta roller worked a treat. Pasta was about 2 m long - so clear the bench and dust with flour before trying to use the machine. Do not put the cut fettuccine into a pile on the bench or you will have a reconstituted dough ball. We used the handles of wooden cooking spoons over a large pot to keep the cut pasta apart before immediate cooking.

End result was just delicious. How it will go over time is another question as the parts cannot be washed. In terms of taste, highly recommended.

Date PurchasedAug 2018

Makes fresh pasta a breeze

I love this attachment. I used to roll fresh pasta by hand but this makes it so much easier to get the right thickness for every type of pasta, noodle, flatbread and anything you want really. It is easy to use. My only word of warning is do NOT use the pasta recipe that comes in the booklet with the attachment - the proportions are way off.

Date PurchasedJun 2018

Can't fault this pasta roller

I love making fresh pasta with this roller, I find it extremely easy to use, even from my first attempts which I was very nervous about. It's all about having the right consistency with the dough and dusting a little flour on if it appears sticky. I was so impressed I bought the set of cutters as well.i use it regularly and don't buy dry pasta any longer. Have used it for many years. Fresh pasta and lasagna taste so much better, ther is no comparison. The roller and other pieces are quite heavy and sturdy, not flimsy at all.i expect it to last a lifetime.

Not worth the money - stick to mixers

I am a Canadian by birth & lived in a myth that all things kitchenaid were well made. With the exception of the mixer my experience is that all things kitchenaid are cheaply made & poorly designed! This includes the pasta maker. Made the dough dirty with greasy & dangerous with metal filings. And started too narrow. Don't be sucked into the myth!

Why is this so expensive, it is so cheaply built.

After a year of using my kitchenaid pasta roller, it siezed up an stopped turning. I however am quite mechanically minded however and decided to open it up and see what was wrong.

I was astonished to see how cheaply built it is. It is absolutely appalling. The secondary roller(the one that isn't driven directly) is a steel tube that just rides on a steel shaft, which is impossible to lubricate unless you pull the unit apart, had rusted and seized. It is the kind of mechanics I would expect to find in something bought from a two dollar shop. Secondly, the unit is sealed so when I opened it up I found a years worth of pasta scaps inside that can't be cleaned out without voiding the warranty and opening it.

It is 2013, use ball bearings in your product.

Expensive, poorly built, impossible to clean, seized up after a year.

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Pasta Roller Attachment KPSA
Price (RRP)149
Release dateMar 2012

  • MPN: 36273772
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