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Magic Hand Car Wash

Magic Hand Car Wash

2.0 from 23 reviews

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Windscreen still grotty, bugs still on wing mirror muddy marks on sidesteps and my granddaughters little handmarks still on inside windows, very disappointing, last time I used Magic Hands they were good

Purchased in December 2019 for $59.00.



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Gift vouchers Brought and were not Activated


Bought 2 vouchers for my children from Roxburgh Park only for it to close down and re open as Star on calling Magic they 2 new Vouchers however Magic Epping won't redeem them and the closet car wash is miles away lost 110 dollars. Staff at Epping Underground were rude and told us to leave as they want paying clients only well they lost so much business with us and our families.

Purchased in May 2019 for $104.00.

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CatSouth East Queensland, QLD

Bad job!


While the car was reasonably clean, it smelt strongly of cigarette smoke after it was done at the Carindale car wash... Horrendous! Can't believe I paid $50 for that! Don't go there!!! I certainty won't again.

Purchased in December 2019 at Carindale for $49.00.

Kieren dakes

Kieren dakesGreater Melbourne (Inner), VIC



It was time to finally invest in a overly delayed detail on my car, finally I decided to take it to magic hand car wash and all I can say is thank you for doing an amazing job guys they really take pride in their work and customer service



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Website prices not honoured


I took my car in for what I thought would cost $89. Superior wash plus steam clean of two seats. They told me I had to have a superior service plus. Extra $30. Seats were not the advertised $20 but were $45 each. They did a great job but I cannot help but feel I was conned. I wouldnt go back.

Purchased in November 2019 for $189.00.


traceyPerth, WA

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We have come here for a few years to Midland Gate facility and even though we think its overpriced have always been happy. Recently had our car done only to find their was water marks all over it, when we questioned all he could say was it needed a polish, yet these marks weren't their prior, nor do we have such marks after rain, any idiot could see they had left it without drying it. We have since tried to fix this with buying a chamois, but unfortunately it has been left too long

Purchased in September 2019 at Magic Hand Car Wash for $101.00.



Poor Attention To Detail


I will say great service but thats where it stops. Had to come home a re chamois the car as water marks left all over it. Says on website they blow dry the nooks and crannies (so to speak) so no water marks left on the car when driving. I can tell you they didn't. Had to re wipe down the wheels as smudge marks left on all of them. They say they gloss the tyres, I also had to re do those. Allkleen in bibra lake include door jams in basic wash for same price with a much better finish. Sorry magic car wash but you will never see me again and I definitely wont be recommending the north fremantle branch. Goodbye!!!

Purchased in September 2019 for $30.00.



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3 hours for a 20 minute wash (bar the roof)


This was a Groupon $39 voucher wash at Magic Hand Car Wash North Lakes. It took almost three hours - but I saw the car went in 20 minutes before due for pick up. If you have three hours to kill at a shopping centre, sure, no problem. Not sure how many people fit that category - I sure don't! Then they wanted to add $10 because it's a 4WD. It's a short wheel based vehicle - so we landed on the SUV surcharge of $5. Perhaps that's why the skipped the roof completely... I've asked my better half not to buy these again - just not worth the wasted time (plus the additional cost, and I'll have to do part of the car myself anyway).

Purchased in September 2019 for $39.00.


JennyGreater Melbourne (Outer), VIC

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Very disappointing


First time I have used magic car wash and it will be the last. They forgot to vacuum the right hand side of the back seat and the floor, which I asked to vacuum and they did. They were supposed to steam clean the seats but I don’t think that they did as the seats still have marks on it which I have had to clean myself. Would not recommend

Purchased in September 2019 at Cranbourne north.


AIGIGreater Melbourne (Inner), VIC

When a quote isn’t a quote - Cut n polish


If you don’t mind being told three different prices to get a cut n polish and don’t mind booking it under the assumption the agreed quote provided ($199) was confirmed as was the appointment, then you come back to get the work done to then be told the $199 is not not the cut n polish that would remove, water marks and swirls and that you you need to take out the $349 package and don’t mind to be spoken to as if youre the imbicile then this could be the place for you.

Location was Glen Iris.

Purchased at Glen Iris .

Excellent service


I find the staff always friendly and the service is excellent. I am a monthly subscriber to the the Richmond manic car wash and have been since 12 months ago and only use this car wash for my vechile.


JTTGreater Melbourne (Outer), VIC

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Impressive - my car looks new again


After getting my car serviced at Kia, I was given a voucher for a free car wash at Magic Hand Carwash - Ferntree Gully.
I really didn't expect much - maybe a quick squirt with a hose. But wow these guys put in an impressive effort. First they hand washed then 3 of them dried, waxed and buffed. They even put tyre black on the tyres.

Purchased in July 2019 at Ferntree Gully.


sammiGreater Melbourne (Metropolitan), VIC

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Steer clear


Website $10 offer not accepted; told "not us" despite showing them the sms and email with same business branding. Guy walked away mid discussion as fellow with larger car arrives.

Quoted $220 for wash inside and out ... website shows this as $39.

Kept insisting it was "from" $39. Errrr ... sure....

Got offended and swore at me when i drove away.

Very uninterested and rip off merchants.

Location: Vic Gardens

Purchased in July 2019.

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Just went up the road to Bubbles. $50 .... so yeah. Won't bother with magic any further!!!

John L.

John L.Greater Melbourne (Inner), VIC

  • 2 reviews

Fantastic service


Experienced a great wash with good customer service.. Will definitely make it a regular occurrence with both of my cars. quick and reliable. Very very happy.. Keep up the good work

Purchased in June 2019.

Dave W.

Dave W.South East Queensland, QLD



Purchased in June 2019 for $700.00.


ChelseaSouth East Queensland, QLD

This is a joke


So I used a groupon voucher to get my car “superior cleaned” when I picked it up .. it’s was a real big disappointment could have done a better job myself. I had to pay $12 parking for something that wasn’t even up to standard the inside wasn’t even clean and then I was told they charged extra for dog hair.. - which I’ve never been told until now and I go here all the time. Not only that they lost my garage remote( it was just the power board) but still. Not really the point the only garage remote we have. Won’t be going to this car wash EVER again! Highly disappointed!

Purchased in April 2019 at Groupon for $40.00.


AnneCentral Highlands and Goldfields, VIC

very disappointed


Outside of car looked good from a distance when I collected the car but when I drove out into the sunlight could see swirls and patches that had been missed and windscreen not cleaned properly. Although the price list specified cleaning inside and outside of a 7 seater around the back row of seats was not touched at all nor were the seats. $85 later and I'll have to finish the job myself.

Purchased in April 2019.


JohanaSouth East Queensland, QLD

Terrible Experience


I paid for inside and out service (Westfield Carindale) and received nothing. It was a terrible experience. They clearly missed the interior part, they didn’t wiped, dusted, vacuumed or even cleaned the windows. My car also had a greasy mark that wasn’t there before.
I asked the manager to check it, so he took my car somewhere for 5 minutes and brought it back. When I had a look again I noticed that they only had cleaned the driver spot and the rest of the car still the same. All this plus a nasty smell of sweat that they left in my new car.

Purchased in February 2019 for $59.00.



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They had 2 goes, and I then had to rewash and polish to get rid of the swirls/ the scratches they's


I thought the premise of these places was they were better than a machine wash, and saved you time?
Took my car to Frankston for a wash, windows, and interior wipe over. The job was so poor you could barely see through the windscreen and they had missed entire patches of the car. I complained and rather than wash it again properly, they came out and wiped over the windscreen & dirty bits with a dry cloth. When I got home and saw the car in the sun light, I could see they must used dirty clothes (or brush) all over the car as there were light scratches/swirls all over the car. So I then had to rewash my car, and hand polish to remove the swirls.
I would've been far better to run it through a machine wash.


JamesVic, 3030

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$180 Car wash from hell


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