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Makita 9924DB

Makita 9924DB

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Fantastic Incredible Bully Boy Machine!

Soo, I bought some forest Bloodwood Slabs to dress for a Bar & Outdoor kitchen.

I go to Bunnings & buy the $119 Ryobi EBS800V Beltsander & took it back the next day, Disaster!
The Toolshop expert asks what I am doing & I said 5 forest Slabs, he says OH!! you need the 9924DB but its $397 & I have one 40 years old. Funny about that, my neighbour has the same one passed on from his father bought in 1979!
I Bought it! and a pile of Diablo belts 36,80 & 120
This machine is a Beast & it does exactly what they say, Just Balance the belt at each break, Don't press down & book in for a Suna & massage! as the 36 grit takes a bit of holding on to

Date PurchasedSep 2018

For sanding wood fast this has been the greatest tool I own.

Belt sanders take a bit of practice to use as they remove material fast. I use this first and then a random orbital sander to give the finish. I have used this belt sander for everything - roughing tongued & grooved floor boards, sanding jointed timbers to an even surface, creating rounded edges after bandsawing, and even sharpening metal tools. To sharpen tools I sit it upside down and touch up drill bits and chisels.
The sander is light enough to work in and around your project and yet tough enough to last years. Mine has had new bearings, new brushes, new sole plate and untold how many belts and still going after 15 years. I am a carpenter and use it on site as a tradesman would.
Reliable, tough, and does what you need.
They are expensive but they will last the long run.

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Release dateMar 2010
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