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ME Bank Online Savings

ME Bank Online Savings

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It's a good thing I see little value in stealing.

I got sick of the fairly frequent give the customer the run around call centre - and I fired them, closed the accounts and said thankyou for not customering with me.

As the years have gone by, every few months, I get an email from them, telling me that a transfer from an account I don't have, to a company I don't do business with, has failed, because of a lack of funds in the account, and they send it from a no reply email address, with no phone number in it.

I have unsubscribed / told them to sort it out, a number of times, and it just keeps on happening.

This time I rang them - about 6 times, to 6 out of 8 departments, I told them ONLY the email address they were sending their emails too, AND to give them some incentive, I fed them some crap about transferring $55 million out of the bank, converting it to crypto currency and I have made it disappear, and they get the money back, when they sort out their issues, in their own time, without any further involvement from me.

5 out of 6 people - this went in one ear and out the other.... Living proof that the periodic table is wrong, and there are inert forms of life denser than uranium.

The 6th - I gave them the spiel, and then told them to send me an email when they have it sorted out, and just hung up on them.

It means they are going to have to leave their cosy seats and computer terminals, and go digging into their own network for a change....

Otherwise they expect you to tell them your name, address, account numbers.... "No we don't have them on the system... is there anything you can tell us like your secret pass word???????" After you told them you have closed your account with them years ago... at the very beginning.... AND the only current link is via an email address.

Naaaa - just feed them plausible crap and let them sort it out.

Let them work for a living for a change, in their own time.

The worst bank

I wouldn't recommend opening any accounts with them because they obviously couldn't careless about their customers and they obviously don't want your business so I definitely would recommend going to ANZ or Westpac where you are felt welcome and treated with respect.

Bonus Interest rate decreased with no notification

I complete agree with review from Jack from Sydney. These bank all the way to fool people around. How difficulty it is to notify existing customer that Bonus interest will decrease and now customers will only get 2.85% and not 2.95% before. I recently moved my money into ME Bank account but I guess I will take somewhere else now.
Cheat banks don't deserve my business.

Bonus interest rate variable without notice

Opened this savings account based on it being one of the most competitive total interest rates on the market at present. 1.30% base + 1.65% bonus = 2.95% all in. (Bonus contingent on weekly Paywave payment on linked Everyday account).

We noticed today (1st Feb) that the main website now states lower: 1.30% + 1.55% bonus...

Surely this lower rate is only for new customers, not existing ones right? We didn't get any notification it would be changing so assume it would still be the same. After logging into online banking to try and check, find that actually NOWHERE does it say what the bonus rate is that we are entitled to, they just state what it is at the start of each month for the month to come - typically put on the statement on or around the fist day of month. No entry yet for Feb however...

After calling ME to find out what the rate would be for Feb, were told that it would indeed be the new lower rate, it was changed today, and in fact the call centre staff had no idea until today either

Also informed that due to the "verbal nature" of the bonus interest, ME are under no obligation to either provide notice period to customers, or indeed even inform us of the change after they make it. The bonus rate can change or be withdrawn at any time, including mid-month.

Checking the Ts&Cs - and sure thing, they are all correct, they planned this from the start. So I suppose they got us this time.

At a time when interest rates are at all time lows along with wage growth and cost of living increasing, consumers are being urged to think hard and plan well with their savings; I don't understand how banks feel as if they can (and want to) get away with tactics like this. I was hopeful that ME would be different - who was I kidding!

Fortunately we had only quite recently opened this account. We'll not be moving any large sums over, we'll continue to use the RAMS Online saver, which despite not allowing withdrawals (causes bonus rate penalty) at least are required to give 1 month's notice in bonus interest rate changes.

Bonus Interest Trap

I had an Online Savings Account, which accrues bonus interest if you use TapNGo on their Mastercard "weekly". The interest is credited at the end of the month. The use of the word "weekly" is misleading and ambiguous, as you MUST use the card EVERY seven days to get the bonus. If you just average out four transactions per month, you'll miss out. The bank says it's a "loyalty" measure, but it really is a scam to avoid paying the interest - surely a loyalty measure wouldn't differentiate the definition of weekly in this narrow way? Stay away.

This bank is appalling in every possible way

I had my money with these incompetents for 6 months and that was enough. Every month there was a problem with the bonus interest. They kept changing the rules and finding excuses not to pay it. They are liars. They took weeks to reply to messages online. I kept asking for a statement and they kept using excuses re technical problems that never seem to end. Avoid them at all costs.

Online Savings Account - Dreadful and Incapable Bank

I've opened an online savings account that consists of two components : base interest of 1.3% and bonus interest of 1.75% . The so-called " online " bank credits only the base rate and no bonus rate at the end of the month . First month it took me 3 phone calls and 2 emails to resolve the issue . Second month and the same issue occurs all over again . I've decided to vote with my feet and to close the account . Very unprofessional financial institution with inefficient online systems in place . I'd suggest to stay away and to consider other banks .

Long term customer - moving on

I was annoyed and disgusted after many years of banking with ME to find that they would not continue their online savings interest rate for us on our three figure savings. Said it was only for new customers. They have not even replied to my email four days ago now. Pathetic service. We are going back to St George.
Good interest rate
No branches, inflexible, inefficient

Shifting goal posts

This account when it was first conceived was an excellent product, low fees, reasonable interest rates but over the last few years has become more expensive to keep. The bank only has one ATM in South Australia although you can use other bank's ATMs ME charge you $1 per ATM transaction better off with an everyday transaction acc. and an online savings.
Used to be a good cheap account to run
Now charge for every ATM use, there are cheaper alternatives around ME keep changing term and conditions


I like this savings account as you have ready access to your money while earning a fairly decent interest rate. The account is very easy to manage online and you have no fees to pay.
This is not one of the big banks and offer some great accounts like this one where you do not have to pay a single fee. It is easy to set up and easy to manage online. The interest rate on offer is not too bad when you consider you have instant access to your money and no set term or penalties to get it out.


We've never regretted switching our savings to this account. We know we are getting one of the best rates of interest around, and are with a good bank generally with their other products and services.
Extremely competitive savings rate, and as the advertising says, you know what you're getting, with too many other banks attaching gimmicks to their rates. No minimum amount required to open an account, and a really easy online application process.
The interest rate doesn't always move up (when rates are rising generally) quickly enough, leaving you feeling frustrated that you could be doing better elsewhere.

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